Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • nuccabay

    todays DAR was extra great due to the success of obtaining a BFM 3D earlier

    • Australian_Chiver

      I too got my BFM shirts ordered but sadly I missed out on the KCCO's I so desperately wanted
      oh well next time

  • DrMa7moud

    #6. Drop it … Please ?

    • Tim

      Yeah…drop my goo in her titcrack.

  • tBaynes

    why do you come here?

    • ilovereddit

      used to be a chiver until I learned the sad truth about it.

      • ilovereddit

        I meant until I learned how the Internet works!

        • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

          if you knew how the internet worked then you wouldn't be complaining about "stolen content"

        • ZacHart96

          this isn't code you moron, read the upload agreement… also, thechive would not be dumb enough to watermark a copyrighted photo. Do you really think thechive would set themselves up for a lawsuit, when you actually understand how the internet works, in's and out's, you'll quit trolling. If you don't like it, try and set them up for a suit. I dare you, these millionaires are not idiots. Your efforts are worthless and we're not leaving.

          • 4798

            you mean the same guys that spelled "whether" as "weather"? nah, they couldn't possibly be that dumb…….

            • http://www.facebook.com/zac.hart Zac Hart

              That's your argument?

  • bob_the_cook

    #49- Wow, she has really taken the "MOAR" thing seriously


    • Ned_Ryerson

      unbelievable body on this one. would love to see the face!

    • MSM

      Girl's got the curves that never end

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

      she has a bangin body, cant get sick of looking at those curves!

    • MonkeyMadness


    • macro100

      im gonna need you to go ahead, and uhhmm… gimme moar..ok? yea thaaaanks

  • PDiddily420

    The lesser known cousin of the keg stand, the keg floor lay.


    • want this dress!

      i want to be this girl shes kicking ass!

    • Aaron

      I imagine this is what that idiot Nate Kaeding does before every playoff game.

    • Ian

      It is the adult version of the sippy cup. The Keggy Cup

      • GMoney

        I think this is the same girl from the newly single post yesterday…and if so maybe this is why. haha White girl wasted on the floor of a basement covered in keg beer. Good for her.

  • Lolz

    #24 fair trade …

    • DrGarnicus

      What does that make her then? yuk yuk yuk 😉

      • The Way "It" Is

        Say yuck as much as you want, but this is to some degree at the core of every single marriage and/or other similar male/female relationship. Men are generally much more driven to want sex than women (though plenty of chicks enjoy it) and women are psychologically driven to want economic security. We can provide what they want, and we can provide what they want. Bottom line — to some extent every woman is putting out for money. Sorry if you don't like it, but them's the facts!

        • DrGarnicus

          Didn't say I didn't like it, just offering a humorous quip.

        • mickey

          …and he didn't say "yuck", he said "yuk". Humour is lost on some…

  • Kyle

    #45 I'm going to build a tree fort on that island and invite #49

  • MatadorPride

    #2 HOW DO YOU DO!!!!!

  • Kodos

    Because Fuck You, that's why..

  • Banned Wildwood Man

    Kerry? Nope, too skinny to be Kerry

  • Drew M.E.

    There is one important thing that Reddit does not have. That one important thing is chivettes, and don't you EVER forget that! So go back to Reddit and I will enjoy a merry burnsday without you and your thoughtless comments.

    • make it happen


      better and more revealing than chivetts

      • Wantomas


        Better and more revealing than redditettes

        • Just Sayin'

          Neither better.

      • ilovereddit

        yep.. if you have been to /r/gonewild then you would know it is better. But most of the people here want to talk shit before they even go on reddit.

        • Tom

          I'm good here thanks. Can't we all just get along?

        • mike~

          reddits format is awful and oh yeah fuck off nerd

        • Chiveisbetter

          Spent 5 seconds on reddit out of curiosity since I had never heard of it. Hated it. Chive is better. You mad bro?

        • Chivette1

          You can keep your porn, and we will stay here and keep it classy! Chivettes are the HOTTEST women on the net.

      • JarikCBol

        Some of us are not looking for the reveal. There's magic in the mystery or some such nonsense.

      • suckit

        girls there look like trailor park skanks, visited just for curiosity, would take any of these chivettes over any of the trolls there. Where is this guy getting his stats 20% this 40% that i say reddit is 100% trash, go back to the hole you trolled from

    • Skeeter Valentine

      Yes! Because there is NO WAY that Reddit has average-looking attention whores sending in near-nude shots because they are sad their boyfriends dumped them and their fathers never loved them….yay Chivettes

      • Chelsea

        love that this comment got one of the most votes up. lol chivers are retards.

        • Rodi is a cunt

          I can tell by the thumbs up that the average Chiver did not get that

        • Chivers

          All we saw was "yay Chivettes".

    • ilovereddit

      no… we have our "gonewild" and that is much better. How many chivettes have you randomly met and dated?

      • Swagger

        None, they're too busy sucking off John in TheChive offices so they can get a few pics on the internet and maybe roll out to a "Chive meetup" for free.

        • Just a Chiver

          You guys met on Reddit. Congrats! Chive on!

      • its_forge

        You love it so much, go there. And stay. And don't come back here because obviously you hate it here. What are you like nine? Fuck the hell off already.

        • ilovereddit

          haha what if I was nine? You would tell a nine year old to "Fuck the hell off"? Manners dude, you need them. 🙂

          • its_forge

            Says the fuckhead who comes to TheCHIVE to shriek about how they steal as if anybody at all gives even the tiniest miniscule iota of a shit.

            • ilovereddit

              I still don't tell children to "Fuck the hell off", you might need anger management. Have you looked into it?

              • Stotzie

                What have your parents taught you? Nine year old looking at naked chicks on reddit? You know what theChive is that reddit isn't? It is a community. Chivers and Chivettes are just like one big sexy family.

            • Ron Swanson

              actually, he has a point, so: yes. you don't speak for everyone. pipe down, grandpa.

    • 9843y

      reddit has attention whores too. and?

  • Mcchocolate

    #31 simply stunning

  • http://alwayscivil.blogspot.com BostonRugger

    #48 I like your take on boobies. And I love boobies.

    • Miff

      Jolie you say mmmm they mentioned you.

    • tv_paul

      Nice a "Role Models" reference. I'm wondering if the kid is checking out her whispering eye?

    • Tomas

      Ok, who here heard in their head, "Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?" xD

    • Bryan

      You're telling me that if I cry on camera, my village gets a new school?

  • sfb101

    Face shot please!
    Finally got a shirt…:)

  • dopetoker

    Bitch you look suspect


    #2 #6 #41 #49 HELL YES AND MOAR!!!!!

  • Retired Navy

    I got a picture of that booger

    Wouldn't have happened if she stayed in the kitchen

    I hope no one was behind her

    Laughing so hard the beer almost came out my nose!

    • mickey

      #19 Why?…you apparently have never fired a weapon like that before…

  • DrGarnicus

    #49–lovely. Dig the corset…that is a corset, right?

  • ThatJoshGuy

    #45 and this is where we traded our virginity.

  • make it happen

    what this country needs is wet panty wednesday

    • the_mike

      It is Thursday captain.

  • Andrew

    #49 moar!!

  • Az4life


  • AtlChiver

    The attention whore is strong with this one. KC&CO. Some people just don't get it.

    • Tru Chiver

      he must be a chivette.

  • the_mike

    I really have to wonder why the haters stick around here if all they are going to do is proclaim their inability to understand how the internet works. Go cry about how all piratebay does is let people download stuff that other people created.

    Oh yeah and Boobs.


    • the_mike

      Then again, I just showed a heavy dose of irony. The internet is full of people bitching about stupid stuff. I should learn that part of it.

      Oh well, fuck it. KCCO.

  • Mike

    My boner wieghs a ton

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