Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • tireboy11

    #49 your body is just too much. Those hips!!

  • keef

    That is all

  • Jon

    #46 Good luck. Fuck <insert disease here>. Send moar pics.

    • https://www.facebook.com/melissa.oraghallaigh Melissa O'Raghallaigh

      Home today! Will send moar with an update tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    #49 oh my god!

  • Poke4Life

    #46 – Voluptuous Chivette for the win!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/melissa.oraghallaigh Melissa O'Raghallaigh

      Lmao! Never been called voluptuous! Thanks?:)

  • NOLA

    #26 NOLA Bulls!

  • Poke4Life

    Damn It! #49 FTW!

  • cl33per

    #41 i refer you too #42

  • Sprayer02


    • ilovereddit

      that was already said, and already mentioned /r/gonewild. But you probably didn't read anything and just wanted to yell. And isn't it Chivettes? What is a CASED?

      • Twitch11

        Gonewild are all fat, attention seeking juvies now! I used to scroll gonewild and sometimes upload but i now find it hard to source out anything decent to look at! Between the 40% dick pics, the 50% fat chicks postin with the title 'Heard gonewild likes curvy girls?" of which 90% are juvies anyways, the remaining 10% are actually worth lookin at or chattin too!
        Reddits for lonely fkn nerds and they can have it! So go back and stay there!

        Keep calm and Chive on people and dont let trolls get the better of you, your only feeding them!

        • Bill Murray


  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #6 Is that Eva Angelina?

  • Stunned

    #49 is the hottest girl on this site!! She needs her own post. Just sayin

  • guest

    Maybe some truth. #48 was posted 6 hours ago on Reddit, one hour ago on Chive. I like Chive's layout better though.

    • 13Aliens

      saw it on three Tumblr posts on Wednesday… even Reddit pulls from other sites…

      everyone will have their preference on where to view the regurgitated content…. KC&CO

  • TpJmmy

    Now it should be easier to view the video. I think it's hilarious!

  • madville

    got my bfm . and three black kcco's. it made my day anybody need a black one email me at josezac_118t@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/261563127268457/ Kris-ATL

    Awww…How cute! We have the angry nerds talking about how awesome they are for knowing what reddit is!
    A little PSA for ya- If you wanna see ACTUAL girls, try getting out of your Mom's basement every once in a while.

  • mbns

    #40 That jerk in the back didn't jump! He ruined the whole photo!

    • LOHS 08

      You sir have a bad sense of humor. Im sure the guy in the wheel chair, Brian, would smack you in the face for that.

  • yessir

    The Chive does steal,but its not from reddit….they are to lazy to even filter pics from there….they just get there pics from http://www.izismile.com..truth brah.

  • Josh

    #14 #46

    Surgery Sucks…. Hope all goes well ladies

  • JAD

    GOD FUCKING DAMMIT #49 is smokin and #20 is why i love the internet

  • G Singh

    #45 in HQ Please! Loyal Chiver!!

  • heavy

    #22 slayer!!!!


    #49 dafuq, this woman deserves her own gallery. make it happen or else. Por favor señor.

  • Nick

    #29 Austin, Tx!!

  • Anonymous


  • Beau McFaggy Pants

    It sounds like you need a good power fucking right in the ass

    • ilovereddit

      Doesn't everyone? What else do people do on a Tuesday night?

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