Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

bfm and kcco fireworks lead v5 Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

After being sold out for 2 months, BFM and KCCO’s are back! We want to thank our manufacturer for working around the clock to get this done.

They won’t last long as y’all know. Best of luck and enjoy meeting fellow Chivers this 4th!

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

Also, as many of you know, our dad custom crafts amazing Chive Portable Cornhole Boards. A (very) limited number is in stock right here.


  • Whtevr

    You fuckin kidding me?! Already sold out?! Fuck it, I'm going to eBay.

  • deadmau5dani

    woo black KCCO for my deployed friend and one for myself! 🙂

  • Danimal

    That was easy! BFM and a BFM 3D for myself and got a KCCO for a soon to be Chivette I work with. Kept Calm and kept hitting that refresh button!!!

  • Happy Chivette

    Woohoo! I literally sat at my computer for 2 hours watching the countdown. I was worried that the womens KCCO's would sell out before I could purchase any, but I was able to get two greens and one black – in small! xD

    • Staylor

      I did the same thing!….praying that no one at work would come and interrupt me….would just have to say:
      ——> GTFO 😀

  • Jjnajarro

    Finally got my BFM 3D!!!!!!

  • Jjnajarro

    Got the wrong size for my wife!!! Fail have an extra BFM girls med T. Hit me up if ud want it

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonandbellasmomma Jennie Krueger

      I have a large if you want…

  • Staylor

    I ordered a BFM ladies, BFM 3D mens and a green KCCO! SOOOOOOO excited. Best adreneline rush I have had since college! So good….I need a smoke now…..aaaaahhhhhh! Well worth the two day countdown. The double monitor screen was also a great help! Chive on!!!

  • Barkley

    Trying to remain calm but hell! Been waiting forever to get KCCO and B.F.M shirts…… The second they are available and it says " we are having tech. problems. I keep trying with the same result until 10 mins later is says sold out! ….. Just breathe….. What now?….make my own?

    • Dan

      Your time will come. KC&CO

  • Lippy1

    Well i gues the third time a charm for me I got two green for me and my wife we will wear them proud here in Montana!

  • Black KCCO

    The fact that there is a difference between every person on the Chive and a "true" Chiver means the entire business model works because there are people that make the site far more than it is. Is a true Chiver someone who follows every post, spends money on merchandise, accepts like-minded people, and supports featured charities? Sounds like a fan of a professional sports team…

    • David

      Actually I find that most "true" Chivers show up in force when there is a cause, don't troll the message boards, very rarely are negative and just have an all around mellow attitude. I've met several Chivers due to these shirts and have yet to meet anyone that I didn't find pleasant. Often the first conversation is about how strangely fun it is to finally score your first shirt. Just my opinion. KC&CO buddy!

  • bamathrasher

    I was able to get a BFM, but no dice on a KCCO for my gf. This will probably end my relationship… fuck it, Mr. Murray > her.

  • Scott77

    Had the order page open all day long, when the time finally came I was ready to go hulk on the chive because the system crashed!!! No worries, I KCCO'd and everything turned out amazing, got my BFM grey, blue, 3D and BLACK KCCO!!! these will go nicely with my other chive shirt. Good haul from the greatest site in the world! Got a shirt now for everyday of the week now!

  • addysmommy

    ahhh got two for the boyfriend and one for me! so pumped! kcco

  • Livin' Legend

    I was tempted to try for more shirts this time since they're so damned rare, but as I got my green and black KCCO and both BFMs last time around, I thought it only fair to step aside so hopefully some shirtless Chivers and Chivettes could get the goods.

    So how long did they last this time?

    • Chive On

      You sir rep the Chive well. Green only lasted about 20, BFM and black about 30, but plenty of Chivers not keeping calm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonandbellasmomma Jennie Krueger

    I have a size larger BFM for her if you want it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonandbellasmomma Jennie Krueger

      Not larger, large.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonandbellasmomma Jennie Krueger

    Will we be getting the shirts before the 4th, John?

  • j.spitz

    just got home from work to see this; wicked excited and then BAM! sold out. Patience is a virtue….

  • Alex

    Got a BFM 3D for me (already have BFM, green KCCO and Black is on its way too) and got a green for my girlfriend and one for a friend that can't order from work.


  • Aaron

    Took forever to be able to check out but I finally got through at 12:20 and got my fuckin KCCO

  • https://www.facebook.com/justin.flores.9216 Justin Flores

    BFM And KCCO Awesome!!! Jumped on the work computer at noon and made my boss pay me to order them! 🙂 awesome day

  • hmoob

    got a black kcco after 10x's trying to check out…cleared to go!

  • Matt

    This is manipulative bullsht, and I'm so over it. I love the website, but I'm sick of being "gamed" by the Chive this way.

    • Tya

      How can you get mad? Have you never had a screen freeze or website have problems? I've waited for days

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.mooney.77 Joshua Mooney

    Waited all day then clicked to order and bam…system crash. Kept reloading the page and they were sold out:-( oh well kkco. Great rush trying to order one though.

  • Alex

    I'm flat broke so I couldn't get any. And I was really looking forward to this!

  • rstabbs71

    Maybe someday these shirts will go on sale when people who are working all day and can't use the company cpu to order them will get a shot at them. Oh well guess I missed out for the 10th or so time.
    I was lucky enough once to get a BFM when the link was hidden in the DAR, maybe they should try that again with the KCCO shirts, stop announcing them 3 days in advance and give fans who check the actual pics out a chance?
    Been trying to get one for my wife ever since she gave me a kidney a few years ago 🙂
    Time to stop bitchin and

    • Global

      They had a link in Wednesday's DAR for black KCCO.

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