Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

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bfm and kcco fireworks lead v5 Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

After being sold out for 2 months, BFM and KCCO’s are back! We want to thank our manufacturer for working around the clock to get this done.

They won’t last long as y’all know. Best of luck and enjoy meeting fellow Chivers this 4th!

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

Also, as many of you know, our dad custom crafts amazing Chive Portable Cornhole Boards. A (very) limited number is in stock right here.


  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.mooney.77 Joshua Mooney

    Waited all day then clicked to order and bam…system crash. Kept reloading the page and they were sold out:-( oh well kkco. Great rush trying to order one though.

  • Alex

    I'm flat broke so I couldn't get any. And I was really looking forward to this!

  • rstabbs71

    Maybe someday these shirts will go on sale when people who are working all day and can't use the company cpu to order them will get a shot at them. Oh well guess I missed out for the 10th or so time.
    I was lucky enough once to get a BFM when the link was hidden in the DAR, maybe they should try that again with the KCCO shirts, stop announcing them 3 days in advance and give fans who check the actual pics out a chance?
    Been trying to get one for my wife ever since she gave me a kidney a few years ago🙂
    Time to stop bitchin and

    • Global

      They had a link in Wednesday's DAR for black KCCO.

  • shirt less wife!

    I was one of the first to get into the chivery to get my wife and i shirts. Your site wouldnt let me get a womens small for some reason. I got a BFM shirt but she lost out on a KCCO shirt! HELP!

  • JFreeze92

    I’ve been a fan of the chive for over two years and trying to get a shirt for over a year. I always run into problems. Either the system crashes, or i don’t get the email, or you are sold out before I even get a chance to order. Where i work im not allowed a cell phone because of the flammable gasses i fill. A YEAR!!! I give up. Guess I’ll have to go to eBay.

    • Global

      As long as you get on 10 mins before and keep refreshing page you'll get one. I rushed to get mine and was refreshing consistently and it kept crashing as I was ordering but I kept calm and kept refreshing and I got one. Plus I went on 1 hour later an they still had a full size run of KCCO in a secret place. If you chive as much as you say you do you should have gotten the hints. *hint always watch the DAR!

  • TyA

    Wow I looked at 11:59:59 hit refresh and three seconds later sold out!

    • TyA

      I guess using and iPhone from a field isn't the best idea

  • Steve

    Good fucking lord, normal people are at work at 12. Changing this fucking selling schedule so that people other than college kids can get one.

    • >.>

      I been saying the same thing!

  • dasDaName

    I don’t get how hard it is to make a couple of million shirts in a couple of months

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.keller.52643821 Mike Keller

    Boston/NY chivers – I have an extra Med DAR shirt and Large Black KKCO shirt. Have the original packing slips and shirts have never been worn. Ordered them for a friend who also got theirs. Willing to part with them for what I paid (price/s&h – not crazy ebay prices) would like to give them to someone local. I currently live in Boston, however am going to the meet up next week. Hit me up.

  • bears54life

    i have never had an issue with ordering, i have managed to get the green kcco, the dar shirt, bfm 3d, and today the legendary black kcco!

  • E-Rok

    Going on 4 yrs of being a Chiver and I just got my first shirt, BFM!!

  • PaiganBoi

    The site kept crashing for me. By the time it was running smooth the KCCO shirts sold out. I did manage to snag a BFM 3D though.

  • Jbruce

    I have a XXL KCCO military navy shirt that I bought for my cousin who is in the navy. It's way too big for him. Only worn once to try on. Want to sell at what I payed. I'm in Nashville.

  • Patches

    Ooooh look at me, I'm a fucking loser hipster douchebag who needs a shirt with an advertisement on it to fit in and be cool! If I don't get the right shirt all the other internet nerds might not like me! I better spend a lot of money on this shirt, and complain bitterly if they sell out before I can get one! Maybe someone of the opposite sex will talk to me if I wear the right shirt!

    • https://www.facebook.com/LizBWilson Liz Baxter

      Don't be mad, you'll get one someday

      • Macro

        I guarantee someone of the opposite sex will talk to you if you wear one. Every single time I have worn mine out in public I get at least two KCCO comments at random.

    • Aaron

      If you don't like it…..then why are you posting….other than that KCCO Patches….and add some chill out to that.

    • J to the Z

      why you mad man? I know if you'da gotten some like I did this morning…you'd be a little more at ease. But it's ok…you need to vent and it's understandable. You'll get one next time. Oh and by the way….it does make you cool…and by the way….girls would talk to you.

  • stephg

    So far I'm 2/2 on the chivery. Got a st patty's day KCCO and then got myself a black KCCO today😀

    • https://www.facebook.com/LizBWilson Liz Baxter

      Congrats! I'll just be over here pretending not to hate you😛

  • https://www.facebook.com/lau.ringo Ringo Lau


  • ChrisW

    Woohoo got mine 2 minutes before the sale started. KCCO BABY

    • Global

      Me too! Gotta be committed if you want it bad!

    • TyA


  • Kim Etzerodt

    So, should one just visit Fantasy World, where you will actually produce enough shirts to meet demands, for once?

    It's a bit depressing to see these shirts being constantly sold out in minutes just to keep demand going.

    • Macro

      They lose their allure if everyone gets one so easily,

  • Chivette

    Woohoo I finally got my black KCCO! Made my work day, soooo happy :]

  • Dreski03

    Black KCCO in the baaaaag! Thanks BFM 3D😀

  • Craig

    Finaly got a KCCO and BFM 3D for me and the man who got me hooked on thechive my future bro in law. Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Got black KCCO, BFM, and olive drab KCCO!

  • Rick

    Got black KCCO earlier this week and BFM today! God damn it feels good to be a chiver!

  • mro

    AARRGH. If I were a tiny man I could've gotten one, but the XL sold out in less than half an hour and my iphone reminder didn't alert me.

  • DCC

    When will the wallets be back in stock?

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