Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

bfm and kcco fireworks lead v5 Just in time for the 4th of July, KCCO and BFM have returned!

After being sold out for 2 months, BFM and KCCO’s are back! We want to thank our manufacturer for working around the clock to get this done.

They won’t last long as y’all know. Best of luck and enjoy meeting fellow Chivers this 4th!

Green KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray available RIGHT HERE.

Also, as many of you know, our dad custom crafts amazing Chive Portable Cornhole Boards. A (very) limited number is in stock right here.


  • Big Eazy

    i think im addicted to buying CHIVE shirts. BFM og, KCCO og, KCCO paddy's, KCCO black, BFM orange, hawaii/alaska shirt and a KCCO poster? shut up and take my money it's worth every penny.

  • Wheeziec

    Managed to get 3 green & 2 BFM! Me thinks my fingers have increased in speed since my husband went away to work!

  • xxsevendeucexx

    Dammit I just want a bfm shirt!!!! errmahgerd

    • J to the Z

      you have to be on top of the site few mins before just in case they decide to sell early.

  • Exman2099

    Got 60 of them….selling for 50 each……………………………………………………………………….April fools

  • Global

    Errmehhgerrd what a day chivers! 4 black KCCO 2 3D BFM! For myself and friends don't worry not a eBay picker! I think you need better friends that will order for you. We all said that if we get them we will buy all of us one. We could have ended up with 16 KCCO and 8 bfm but I was the only one that made it out the chaos alive.

  • *C*H*I*V*E*R_28

    Went through once to get my BFM and actually got it, tried my luck and went through again after I found the rare BKCCO, got that too!!! Now to test this bullet proof rumor, luck don't fail me now.

  • A NL Chiver

    Finally, a BFM and a Black KCCO t-shirt are going to cross the Atlantic ocean and will be mine in e few days

  • UberHuber

    SOLD OUT ALREADY!?! What is this bullshit?

    • regal 79

      They were sold out within 8-10 minutes. Would have been quicker but site was having trouble…

  • Trolololo

    Great ! No chance for european to order – why you only got 10 t-shirts in your stock ? Cotton is a rare-material these days ?

  • chris

    this is the 3rd time ive tried and still no luck. WTF!!!! I contend that when the chive gets a shipment it contains no more than 5 shirts TOTAL!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/HookEmChef Dustin Edwards

    Did anyone else not get email confirmation? I usually get at least 2 of them almost immediately after ordering, but I didn't yesterday even though the transaction was charged to my account.

  • J to the Z

    a nervous wreck yesterday, awkward feeling in stomach…..waiting for the moment….then BAM!!! Landed the Special Edition Premium Black KKCO shirt for myself and one for my smokin hot baby. Then……..BAM! Black BFM shirt!…….Then……BAM! Gray/orange BFM shirt! Then…lady luck on my side….was able to get my girl the same Special Edition Black KCCO shirt in nice and tight small size for her…… Woooo Hooooo! Good day today. This just made my week and I am now an accomplished Man….Chive on baby

    • J to the Z

      oh yeah…disregard the double entry i wrote there. no coffee yet…running little slow….Yet Chiving was still my first thing to do this morning. And it's friday……oh yeah baby

  • Dev

    Got a Green for me, my gf and a BFM for me as well!! Stoked

  • sjg678

    the most upsetting when it sells out in 9 minutes!! Damn clients walking in at 2:45!!!! DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S CHIVE TIME?!?!?!?!

  • sjg678

    …i'm taking the day off next time. eff this noise!

  • chadsays

    Watched and waited, was on-line an hour before. Time came and ur piece of crap web site was jacked. Do you only make one at a time? Web site is awesome but your t-shirt stock sucks! I mean ur getting $24 a piece! Come on!

  • KRiggs513

    Military KCCO's available right now, be quick, your welcome!

  • Shazzbot7

    Snagged a Green KCCO ,a black BFM, tickets to the TED premier, and most importantly a Bill Murray LAUGH poster. Such an awesome week – Thanks Chive, you guys are legends

  • http://twitter.com/electroleum @electroleum

    It really shouldn't be that hard to keep an utterly simple t-shirt in stock.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkemper1 Jon Kemper

    There is a store here in Edmonton, Alberta selling KCCO and BFM shirts. Not sure if they are legit, but anyone near to WEM , its on the lower level by the Santa Maria replica. Right in the doorway

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