The Chivettes with girl crushes, Megan n’ Meaghan (30 Photos)

So I guess this all started with the photo below. Meaghan J, the voluptuous Chivette from Northern Michigan took to her Twitter Machine and admitted to having a crush on Megan W, the beer guzzling brunette from Nebraska. I'm sure the Chivers would like to weigh in on the situation so…

Meaghan J's Twitter Machine.

Megan W's Twitter Machine.

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  • Josh L

    #9 and #13 just made my day.

  • tv_paul

    #11#17 I hope these two kids get together and give it a chance (as long as they tape themselves or send in still pictures to the Chive that is)

  • thatguy

    #5 #25 They would make great babies.

  • whyme1973

    #5 #21 #30 This is just fucking hot. Post pictures from your upcoming sexy pillow fight, please.

  • comall01

    #5 #7 Meaghan loves beer, has great boobs and her last name is Jameson… Marry Me?

  • Whoopi_G

    #5 #7 #13 Fuck…you win the internet. Please take all my money.

  • workingbruin

    Someone should make a chat roulette for Chive

  • @meaghanjameson

    For the record, I'm straight. I just give credit where credit is due

    • tv_paul

      Well you can experiment a little can't you?

    • AtlChiver

      It's all good. Thanks for being a good sport. Chive on!

    • Dan

      Not sure if happy or said. Chive on! Also black is back right know!

    • Fish


    • Chris

      I have a lot of man crushes as well, and I too am straight.

      • mathieu

        No, you're not.

    • Done

      Bump for Ciera!

  • Aksarben

    Proud to be a Nebraska and B1G Chiver today way to go Midwestern Chivettes! NOw seriously Kiss LOL

  • Franklin1138

    #24 You lost me at "Rolling Rock." I'm firmly in the Meaghan camp. #5.

    • thatGuy

      I think you not understand.

      • Franklin1138

        No, I get it…I know it's not a "pick one or the other." I'm just commenting (and therefore turning it into one).

        • Chivette

          How's that working out for you?

          • Franklin1138

            I should've just kept my mouth shut. 😀 I'm learning life lessons everywhere.

  • JizzorDie

    Do you guys need some scissors?

  • DBL A

    Nebraska vs. Michigan Oct 20 @ Nebraska……Nebraska vs. Michigan St. Oct 27 @ Mich St……………

    Girl Crush Meetup?????

  • texaschiver


  • Yup

    Moar ! Hand bra ,burn bra , no bra , any bra, moar!

  • High Chiving

    Lezbehonest. I would , I should and I could… Watch that happen….
    Chive ON LADIES


    Mos def the blonde over the brunette.

    • NKOTB

      I think I missed the whole point.

  • Neal

    Oh i could get lost in Meaghan J's eyes…….. OH GOODNESS ME! im HI-Fiving your ass's because i approve!

  • Ciera Schoen

    Megan…. Nebraska chivette?!? I wanna meet up, now I have a chivette crush!!! Sorry meaghan, not tobsteal your thunder but I'm calling dubs if they don't work out

    • pickleman77

      Lemme get this straight-you're hot AND you occasionally pinch hit for the other team?? You, my dear, are the stuff of legend.

      • Ciera Schoen

        Lmao.. I "experiment" but I'm pretty sure these girls are real lesbians.. If you checked their twitter!!

        • Ciera Schoen


          • Too Bad

            Check the comments. Meghan says she is straight.

        • pickleman77

          I know. That's what makes it so awesome. Straight women who "experiment" are the best. Oh, I have family in Omaha and Lincoln, so I can also say your state is pretty OK too.

        • pickleman77

          Hey, BTW, are you on Twitter?

    • JamesRodriguez

      dyke! shame on you..

      • Ciera Schoen

        No shame on dykes… HOMO-phobe!! Bet I could get more women than you've ever seen!

  • Nate Howe

    #14… MOTHER OF GOD

  • Keith

    #11 so tempting…

  • Brian J Castro

    #30 yep….i dont have a twitter but now i'm considering signing up just to see the awesomeness that will come out of this
    #17 #5…

  • AlbusQ

    Umm those are friends of mine and, aside from being quite attractive, they're awesome people. Not to mention loyal Chivettes. So, goodbye.

    • Whiskey Rose Knight

      Are you replying to someone? I think you are getting thumbs down cause it sounds like you are rebuffing all of their awesomeness with the "goodbye."

  • AlbusQ

    Meaghan & Megan are great Chivettes and make my days brighter every time I see them on the Twitter machine

  • RLN

    Speaking as a proud (and cute) lesbian, this entire post just made my day awesome to the max. Thank you Chive, and thank YOU ladies!

  • Panda

    #9 Your smile makes me smile
    #19 I would like to join you on your porch swing

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