The Chivettes with girl crushes, Megan n’ Meaghan (30 Photos)

So I guess this all started with the photo below. Meaghan J, the voluptuous Chivette from Northern Michigan took to her Twitter Machine and admitted to having a crush on Megan W, the beer guzzling brunette from Nebraska. I'm sure the Chivers would like to weigh in on the situation so…

Meaghan J's Twitter Machine.

Megan W's Twitter Machine.

  • Geo

    and the Chive is getting these two together for a shoot at the offices, rrrrriiiiiiiiiiggghhttt????

  • danno29388

    #21 Megan is right , you really do have some pretty sweet BEWBS! Chive On Girl. You always do it right.

  • Maverick363

    I like the one that always has a beer in her hand or in the pic shes awesome

  • Kyle Danger Bowman

    #30 makes my day

  • Zach

    so are they lesbian?

    • @meaghanjameson


  • DQ5

    #5 #29 Double WOW!
    #16 Gotta love a bra-burning, Rolling Rock drinking Chivette

  • TheSpartas

    #5 would love to see the unleash the hound version

  • Jwiggly

    wow both these girls are gorgeous but I can't help but be a sucker for blondes

  • bacon_bits

    Chivettes of the week. Do a shoot with both of them. Do it.

  • Jack o' lantern

    Bunch o' crazies

  • Roger

    I love this country.

  • andreasencj

    I think strictly for the good of America these two should meet up.

  • AFoz

    Meaghan J, if you ever move to Denver, CO, I will personally make sure you are not single anymore!

  • el profe

    #27… You're awesome, but get the box set. Seriously.

  • troy

    #9 pic she looks so cute

  • tnrchr

    Damn you both are gorgeous & look cool. Seem like y'all would be great ladies to have a few beers with!

  • USMC8654Justice

    tig ol bitties

  • Anonymous

    You drink shitty beer.

  • Hayden Andrews

    Wow all I can say is wow to all of this.

  • Brandon

    At my school, with a good bottle of tequila, we call this post a Tuesday night. I might be jadded but this isn’t really a big deal.

  • george

    okay the second meaghan lives in Edmonton… I sweat to god she does.

  • JoePockets

    I remember when #19 hit and I've loved that pic ever since.

  • Tito1223e

    She's Pointing At Her Pussy Not The Beer!!

  • Tito1223e

    She's Pointing At Her Pussy Not The Beer!! #28

  • Highseas Drifter

    The Sexiest Look EVER!!

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