Tickets available now for theCHIVE NYC Meetup!

The entire CHIVE and BERRY crew are making the trek from LA to party in probably the greatest city in the world, New York City. We've rented out Slate Bar in the Flatiron district a week from today and we hope to see ya'll there!

Where: Slate Bar - 54 W 21st St (between 5th Ave & 6th)
When: 7-10 PM
Price: $60 which includes all beer, wine, and booze
Entertainment: Probably a world renowned DJ, or at least a really really good one.
Stipulations: Guys, if you buy more than 3 tickets, at least one of them has to be for a GIRL, with a vagina. Gender will be checked at the door without rubber gloves.
We have 40 discounted tickets set aside for the badass firefighters and police officers of NYC. CLick HERE to purchase tickets.

Disclaimer: As with all Chive meetups, there are no corporate sponsors and we don't make a dime off the event.
We could only get a venue for 500 people so space is limited and tickets will go fast. After 8pm, tickets can be purchased at the door BUT it's a one-in-one out scenario so you'll have to be patient.

Tickets can be purchased HERE

UPDATE: All tickets SOLD OUT

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  • Evillarry

    $60 dollars in NYC is 4 drinks and a tip. Great deal!!!!

  • NYC Chiver

    Sold out already??

  • errh

    does anyone want 2 chivette tickets?

  • RUhigh

    I'm not even from New York and I know $60 is a smokin' deal. I would be there in a heartbeat if somebody would front me a plane ticket from Oregon.

  • @lackofabetter

    People Complaining about $60 all you can drink are the people who never buy a round when its their turn.

    • sjd

      True story

  • Joseph

    There was no warning! I've been waiting for this to happen since you first started planning it months ago, and tickets go on sale when I'm away from the computer? That's a tease.. Please get a bigger venue, you know you'd sell out of more tickets in a heartbeat!

    • Nikki

      so when they posted yesterday that tickets would go on sale at 1pm, what did you think they meant? would you have liked a personal phone call?

  • The Chird

    Got mine….hot damn!

  • Ferngully

    Flying in from Texas to go. Just got my ticket!


    • Tim

      You're FLYING all the way from Texas to NY just to go to a bar for a couple of hours? Seriously? How hard do your friends and family laugh at you for this?

      • Dr Awesome!

        That's DEDICATION! I'll see you there – bought 2 Chiver tix & turns out the other person probably can't go anyway… there won't be a hundred people outside willing to take it off my hands, haha.

      • Ferngully

        Yes I am flying in from Texas to go to a party. While I'm in NY I'll also work so I get to expense the whole trip. So go fuck yourself, Tim. Who's laughing now, I get to Chive on for FREE!

        Try keeping calm, Tim.

  • ChiveUK

    To all the $60 haters, 60 quid is cheap (even by British standards) for an all you can drink event! Sadly I'm way to poor to pay for flights/hotel/etc to make it, and looks like tickets have gone!


    • Sunshine Joe

      We need a Chive meet up THIS side of the Atlantic!
      Make it England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland…it'll still go down a fucking treat!

  • Jeff A

    Just got mine. 2x Chiver ….. and I am bringing a Chivette too. Another 10 bucks is nothing. Check back just because it says pending does not mean you still cannot get tickets. Patience just paid dividends.

  • DillonSocorro

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  • KeepinCalm

    I'm sure Indy chivers would be happy to host on your way back to Cali

  • Fish

    $60 a ticket is cheap. If ya break it down that's $20 an hour for all you can drink. Do the Marh and you'll realize that's great deal! If you still have a problem with that and have a problem with New York, then stay at home.
    Keep Calm and Chive the Fuck On!

    • Shark

      Easy buddy. KC and don't sweat the haters.

    • Hammerdick

      Yeah! Do the Marh fuckers!

      • Fish

        *Math. Hammerdick, nobody likes you

  • An_tonio

    Its going to look like St Patrick's day that night with all the green shirts haha
    I'm hoping some chivettes burn their bra's that night

  • Timberman

    60 bucks for an open bar….. That is awesome!
    BTW… II'll never get a chance to attend but I would welcome the option to buy a ticket for a member of NYC finest. Heck, if we can build a house for a vet, we can get a few officers drunk! 🙂


    • Chiver#238976

      As a member of NY's Finest that is going, I thank you for your sentiment! KCCO

  • An_tonio

    I have an extra unopened large KCCO shirt if somebody want to buy it. I should of bought a medium.

    • Josh

      I want it!!

  • Walker878

    Have fun all at the sausage fest of men who go on this website. Oh and the few chivettes you may have there, who will probably be ugly as hell since there not getting all ready to take a half naked photo for chive, that's the few that actually submit there photo and are not photos taken from other web sites. Anyways have fun with your online friends!

    • Walker878

      I think I'm missing something and I'm awfully angry!

  • John Jofre

    $60 for an Open Bar really is a bargain in NYC of all places. Think about the work the Bros at The Chive are doing to even put this Meet Up together. I got my tixs and It should be a great time…cant wait to be there. KCCO!!

  • JNYC

    Tickets are still on sale. I just bought 3 @ 2:14 EST.

    They are put on hold for 15min every time someone goes to the website. Just KCCO and keep refreshing.

  • Arielle

    Hey Chive!! I was wondering, may volunteer firefighters buy the special tickets? Thanks!! 'Hoping to come visit you from Canada. 🙂

  • Fish

    $60 a ticket is cheap. If ya break it down that's $20 an hour for all you can drink. Do the Math and you'll realize that it's a great deal! If you still have a problem with that and have a problem with New York, then stay home.
    KCCO MuthaFuckas!

    • Jeniffer

      Fish, you sound like a broken fucking record! We get it: Do the math, it's a great deal.
      Now please enlighten someone else…over and over again.

  • Mike Keller

    I got mine at 1pm est! They are still available. hit refresh.

  • Mike

    If the bar tab is picked up, what is the $60 for? I mean, it's cool they pay for the drinks, but where is all the money going? To the bar? I'd feel way more comfortable if I knew 1/2 of it or something was going to a good cause.

    I live in NY, and won't be attending. Not that $60 is a big deal, but the driving and the rooming etc… just all adds up.

  • Ali

    I'm in!!

  • hi there

    CHICAGO MEETUP NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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