Asian women that have me wrapped around their finger (35 Photos)

  • bill

    wow #15 does it 4 me.yummy,yummy,lick

  • Tom

    Anyone know who is #15, #21, #30?

  • noelmarquez

    #23 #29 beautiful

  • John ackerman

    So awesome! Please find #13 and #31… NEED MOAR!!!!!

  • dennieyo

    i think i have some of her nude pics on my old pc sent by some groups on Yahoo #28

  • dennieyo

    #28 i think i have some of her nudepics sent by some group on Yahoo, Kisses on #31 i<3u 😀

  • Girl

    #15 Angelababy… If you think she is hot, search for her before and after photos of her. Lol

  • Dr. Evil

    I did the whole FWB thing with a Korean girl a couple of years ago.

    You know that whole thing about how Asian women are supposed to be demure and submissive in bed? She proved that wrong! She was a FREAK in the sack!

  • fresh.ta.death

    All born males. Still, would.

  • jun

    #32 peenkay all the way!!!

  • Keith_D

    Good Lord, these are always my favorite posts. Thank you, Chive. Seriously.

    And on that most, I do believe I need moar of #16 and #28. A LOT moar.

  • ramon

    chive, urge to fap but not sure how many were boys before girls.

  • nick0126

    #17 & #32 speechless!!!!!! moar!!!!

  • The Dude

    #16… for the love of ghawd MOAR!

  • nouu

    ching chang chong

  • Ricki bobby

    google hitomi tanaka…you're welcome.

  • Bob

    If I have to pick one, I guess #15 is the safe bet, but if not for her, so hard to pick.

  • ericg

    #1 DAAAAAAAMN!!! I love me sum angels with broken halo's

  • SS27

    #13 please please tell me who 😦 i beg you all

  • rell

    i'd tax all of them, this is one of the reason why i want to go into the Air Force or Navy

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  • poyraz

    ı want to asian girl pleassssssssssssssssssssssss

  • kevin

    love number 11 would take her in a minute

  • Johnathan Brown

    Asian women are for men who cant get–or is intimidated by–white women, White women are much more beautiful than any other race. Look at the pics above, it is obvious the asian women try hard to look like white women, dyeing their hair, lightening their skin with lotion, getting eye surgery, getting blue, green, brown eye contacts etc. Asian women, please stick to your dark skin, slit eyes, black hair and black eyes thanks.

  • ngenghou1962

    any of them can easily make me hard on !

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