Girl, stoned out of her mind, decides to climb the electricity pylon (4 Photos)

  • Jeff

    there is no way in hell that weed made her do that…if she was super mega stoned she wouldnt have gotten off the couch…let alone climb an electrical pole…I know this for fact…because right now I am on the couch…and have absolutely NO plans on climbing any electrical poles for the rest of my forseeable life.

  • Bob H

    Lucky she didn't pop like fuse, and take her rescuers with her.

  • Dave Thomas

    Q: "how did she not get electricuted..A: did you not read it was the Czech republic ?..those power lines are for show….like the gas stations…

  • Madkalibur Sama

    It's actually kind of irresponsible to post that she was smoking pot and got that way-there's literally no way she smoked pot and acted like that unless someone topped it off with something a LOT more harsh.

  • Sarge

    I call bullshit – there's no way that weed does that

  • mike litoris

    u dont hallucinate on weed this is retarded

  • stan

    i call bs. she was doing something other than weed. that bitch was on acid.

  • dennieyo

    nice bridge by the way bahaha 😛

  • Jax

    Why can't we just let Darwinism handle this shit?

  • thats bullshit

    This is complete bullshit, there's no way that it was just weed she was definitely fucked up on coke or pcp but no way in hell was it just weed

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  • Perry

    I spent whole freaking weekends smoking probably much stronger Dutch white widow cannabis, and I know a lot of other stoners. And they never do stuff like this. You know why? She probably had something else. You DO NOT HALLUCINATE from marijuana. Never. Ever. And you don't get overconfident either.

  • Perry

    You just get… laid back. Tired even. A bit giggly the first few times you do it. And the munchies afterward. But climbing stuff, shit no.

  • ivana k.

    4hours? i hope she packed some munchies in her backpack!…
    by the way,im a czec girl i have been smoking weed since i was 11 ,i never had a hallucination from it. that shit was laced!!! Another reason to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!! who wants shitty laced crap!! i want to know my weed is 100% pure!

  • Jusi (CH)

    i would

  • amplidudes

    cannabis does that to her? no fucking way …

  • Baddrugs

    "Now imagine if we legalized cannabis…"

    yeah! I'm with you on that!

  • EverydaySmoker

    Not weed… bathsalts, weed will not make you think that a power line is a bridge unless the paper that joint is rolled in contains large amounts of liquid LSD. Trying to make weed look dangerous again, stupid tabloid media.

  • gary bentlage

    yes how did she not get electrocuted id like to know

  • jim

    She wasn´t smoking weed for hours. She did some amfies or shit like that. She wasn´t electrocuted, because they turned it off in time. She wanted to commit suicide because of her bf… Guys, you know shit.

  • Gary Bentlage

    i this series of pictures is a hoak cant believe a person could do this they would be toast

    • Ivana K.

      she's didnt ground herself, totally possible,look at birds who sit on the wires. They're fine!

  • Luke

    That ass is electrifying!!!

  • Chatterfreeze

    There's no way she was smoking weed. She had to be on like shrooms or some shit.

  • propaganda

    bullshit. antidrug propaganda.

  • Joey

    Two concerns:
    Where can I get that pot?
    She is hot.

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