It has been a while since we took that trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • ChrisDG74

    #30 – HA! Had that very beeper. Same color and everything.

    • Hutch

      LOL! I did too

  • Elliot Kneba

    Jetpack was awesome, especially the Christmas edition!

  • Grodon

    #29 Never mind that; I remember renting the VCR with the movies! In it's own stylish samsonite suitcase 🙂

  • tv_paul

    #27 Hot then and maybe even better looking now. Platinum MILF.

  • Nolan Patrick

    #29 whats this DVD you speak of?

  • Oooo

    Who is #27 ?

    • BRAD

      THAT IS CINDY CRAWFORD, THE MARILYN MONROE OF MY GEN! CLASSY SEXY SMOKIN HOT!!! I used to watch a stupid fasion show on MTV jus cuz she was the host

  • GJI

    You have no idea how long I have been trying to figure out the name of 'Jetpack!' Bless your heart!

  • Dana Xu

    #32 For all that is time

  • Pwnapotamus

    #35 OK I get it. I misspelled it asshole.

  • monocogger

    #32 still the best batman in my books.

  • Jennie Krueger

    #34. I give you my brother. Lol! Thanks Bob for posting this!

  • Trailer Ray

    #9 I love Norman Rockwells work. #14 I spent almost all of my childhood playing nhl 93 on sega genesis.

  • thatskiinggirl

    #34 Is chuckie cheese going to pat that kid on the ass?

    • thatskiinggirl

      sorry, Chuck e cheese

  • Best Game Ever

    Oh my gawd is that After Dark Games? #15

  • Falthor

    #1 BEtamax FTW! one of the first cases of the better technology NOT winning out. well I guess it was Beta own fault for trying to be the only people making it on the market while VHS allowed Multiple companies to manufacture their own player.

    • Zirra

      Good call. That early toploader Sanyo has to be around 30 years old now.

  • Pow49

    #13 "it stinks! "
    #22 "razzle dazzle…"

  • GB_

    "Why'd they get rid of the fighting? It was the best part of the old version."

    "I think kids were hitting each other or something, man."

    "Yeah but you know what? You can make their heads bleed in this one."

    • guest

      great great movie SWINGERS good job GB_

  • the_mike

    #2 Could name everyone without any hesitation.


  • the_mike

    #22 He's heating up!

  • Minha Lenha

    And the clock shows 12:00. Classic!

  • wkdfrog

    #17 3 More years is all I'm saying before I best have my working hover board (preferably with power and not pink)!

  • the_mike

    #26 Commodore 64, my first computer. Now I can use an emulator and play all the games on my phone. Wow have times changed!

  • Minha Lenha

    Hell yeah!!

  • Fred

    Wow….. ton of good ones here

    • Hutch

      I still have one of these at home

  • Fi773l

    #22 He's on fire!!!

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