It has been a while since we took that trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • Alex

    #27 yep, can just agree, still one of the hottest hotties… go 'merica

  • filthyslob

    #2 find the governor

  • filthyslob

    #26 still have it still works

  • Kaitlyn

    #10.. I used to makes those all the time.. Of course I couldn't do one now for the life of me! LOL

  • Blowme

    Bob, I'm glad you've gotten a butt-load of comments for your post, but this is worse than something Mac would post.

    "Though nostalgia galleries are one of my favorite weekly posts, it is consistently one of the hardest ones to put together."

    Do a better job. You're being paid to make these posts. Grow a pair of balls and do some research. Stop asking for tits and slacking off. Yeah, it's awesome you guys are alcoholics and have an office that can stare down rollerblading chick's tanks. Find your own nostalgia and stop slacking off if you want to post nostalgia. Pretty much every pic in this post was super fail.

    Also, the whole "lol we can't sell you shirts cause they're sold out" crap is retarded.

    Ask a guy who chives every day and never gave a fuck about a shirt anything.

  • Daniel Richards

    i remember when we used to take trips down memory lane…

  • rose

    we have #20 at the arcade in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. :]

  • jvd

    #15 – cant figure out what game that is from?! help!!

  • hernan

    #29 HA I remember when I rented BETA

  • timmy4383

    #34 Why is Jerry Sandusky playing dress up?

  • davo

    lol i am listening to the prodigy when i scroll down to #28

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  • Ed Jones

    #9, #29. Talk about memories. #9 could have been my oldest daughter. She didn't take any bs off anyone. Now she's a counselor. #29. I still have a bunch of vhs.

  • edontheedge

    pic # 7 I'm using that piece on a very old TV for my play station 2, it was the only way I could get it to work.Chive On

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