Pagani Zonda R in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

  • bored


  • nepster

    I must have accidentally clicked on The Throttle.

    • mbns

      I must say, this "Cars belong on The Throttle" shit is getting really old. TheChive is for wasting time looking at cool images. This post falls under that category.

    • Do0zer

      I miss the old days where thechive wasn't full of immature jackasses.

      Bring on the car posts Rick. If some of you don't like it don't click on the post. Pretty simple.

    • MarauderV8

      You must have misplaced your man card.

      • Suck me dry

        suck me dry

    • albert

      shut up

  • 756wrx

    My dream car!

  • CCJosh

    think about the bewbs that car would pick up

  • Steven D Murray


    • CCJosh

      your bedroom is one huge glory hole isnt it?

      • Carlos Rodriguez

        This comment wins the internet.

        • The Po Po

          said nigga who stole said bike ^^

    • Daryl Elliott Wright

      did they steal you Alizae too?

  • Dick Salad

    Sure its fast… still looks like a toy though…

    • Thomas D.

      ….and what's wrong with that?

  • passwordistaco

    Sorry about your penis.

    • Chim Richels

      Ah, the obligatory 'small penis' comment from another tard.

      You've CLEARLY never driven a high performance automobile. Especially on a track. THAT takes gonads.

      But then again, we all know the true test of manhood is some dork drooling on his Macbook over a fucking green KCCO t shirt.

      Nothing says 'large penis' like a frat boy wearing a Bill Murray t shirt.

      • Hippie Hipster Not

        Don't forget the lame tattoos and designer beer

        • Iknoright

          and talking about tugging their pencil-dicks to attention mongering 6s and 7s.

      • tapsnapornap

        Thumbs up for you, Chim Richels

      • passwordistaco

        Ah, the obligatory 'sum up someone's entire existence from 4 words' comment from the holier than though righteous asshole.

        You've CLEARLY never met me so why do you presume?

        But then again, we all know the true test of manhood is patrolling the internet waiting for the opportunity to ridicule a stranger.

        Nothing says 'large penis' like a tool attacking strangers online from the comfort of their local library. Your 30 minutes are up someone else gets the computer now.

  • dantheman7

    #24 = pussy magnet

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    Shouldn't this be on the throttle?

  • Chim Richels

    I had the pleasure of 'seeing' a Zonda at Cars N Coffee in Irvine last year. It's NOT street legal in the US. Was working it's way to Canada. It was trailered in and people were allowed to fap to it.

    I've seen, and fortunately, driven, all manner of exotics and vintage cars. I can say that I've NEVER heard a car with such an amazing exhaust note. The sound coming of this thing was like Andrea Bocelli and Jesus doing a duet. I was perfection. And the interior is something to behold – Horacio Pagani is a design genius. Just look at the farkin' steering wheel! Pure sex. Second only to the Spyker C8 as far as most beautiful interior.

    • LS2 Goat

      its a mercedes 7.3L V12

    • Jammers

      You had me until the Spyker C8 Comment… are you blind?

  • ilovereddit


    • MEH!

      go fuck off your firsts on reddit

  • Bud

    The level of doucheness is directly proportional to the size of the spoiler. Douche level of this guy = Lebron James

    • JPL

      You sir have the car intelligence quotient equivalent of a 1994 Honda Civic. You absolute flagrant lack luster understanding of physics and aerodynamics should eb punished physically. You are criticizing the spoiler size of a car that laps Nurburgring in less than 7mins!!! Seems fitting your name is Bud…you probably think Budweiser is the litmus test for good beers. Go back to watching NASCAR

      • Bud

        Easy there fella. Sorry if I hit a nerve but I find it hard to believe that this spoiler isn't a little over the top. I understand the physics behind spoilers but having one that is a solid 2 ft above the back of the car without much of an angle what-so-ever has to be at least a little for show. Either way, take a pill, slide back under your truck and enjoy your Friday.

        • JPL

          You find it hard to BELEIVE? With all the engineering that went into this car you find it safe to assume that the team of engineers that built this car would magically “forget” to calculate what the optimal spoiler size, dimension and angle would be?

          Oh wait…why am I arguing…you must be one of those people that find evolution hard to believe as well. Facts, theory, measurement, experimentations…lets all forget these…and go with you opinion Bud.

          Cheers mate!

          • Bud

            Lots of assumptions in there via the above text. Would you like to guess my height as well? Enjoy being angry.

            • JPL

              Thank you for point out where my pervious text was. After being dragged down into your vortex of ignorance, out of my own vollition i have to admit, i had forgotten how to follow i a linear dicussion thread.


              • Bud

                Miss Lippy's car is green, Billy likes to drink soda

        • Thomas D.

          "I find it hard to believe that this spoiler isn't a little over the top"

          You mean the first thing that jumped out at you as over the top was the SPOILER? I do not take offense to your comment, because I think "over the top" is paramount to anything named PAGANI. Regardless of it's insanity, I think this is a beautifully outrageous car.

    • chim richels

      You know zero about cars.

      Google 'downforce'. Learn something.

      A big wing on Zonda F (track only) car? Absolutely necessary. A big wing on a '98 Civic 'hard parker' – ridiculous.

    • S L

      Its a race car you moron. The bigger the spoiler, the more downforce it has, the faster it can corner.

  • TorontoStoner

    Cars, cool. How 'bout instead of cars, which are just cars, you put together a cutting room floor gallery.

    Since it's 11:11, I'm gonna make that wish.

    Your move, Chive.

  • duke

    like top gear says, its an amazing, totally useless car….not street legal, and not allowed on most tracks because its so loud….still would love to have one tho, its insanely fast and looks amazing imo

    • Dick Salad

      Yea no shit, build something impressive within the confines of legality. How hard is it to be creative when you ignore the laws every other practical car manufacturer adheres to.

      • tongystunter

        by hard, i'm assuming you were meaning to say expensive

        • chim richels

          Yes, hard.

          Google Pagani's carbon fiber work and how the weaves line up. It's fucking epic.

  • neXx

    – #18, ALL the millions of dollars spent on that car & the scribble (etch) "Zonda R." ::smh:: shameful.

    • ColaChiver

      You know what's really shameful? The fact that you just said "smh". What are you, a thirteen year old black girl?

      • neXx

        – hell yes.

  • boob_cuddle

    Love these car posts chive! Damn that carbon fiber body! #11

    • Christian Ellegaard

      Says a lot about the car that the carbon fiber front splitter has been cut to make room for at tow-hitch.

  • Beaker


  • ljjjjjjjj

    shittiest car ever
    audi or bmw, becouse enough place for bewbs inside

    • guest

      Exactly. You and your huge man boobs would never fit in that. what a shame…

      • ljjjjjjjj

        that's because i'm a true 'merican. america > rest of the world. fact. now suck my chessy nuts.

    • Chris KCCO

      BMW is shit. Audi is way bettee but even better then that is Pagani.

  • MrN00DLE

    one word, WOW!!!!

  • mbns

    I've driven one of these!!…. in Gran Turismo 5… But, it was fun there!

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

  • emm

    I watch Top Gear with my mum and I have got to say.. when I first saw this car a few years ago I thought it looked like a praying mantis in car form.. I know its amazing but (even though its not on the same level as the Zonda) I would pick an Aston Martin DB9 any day over this.

    • Chim Richels

      Then you would be stupid.

      You would choose a $200K car over a $2M car?

      Smart. Can you manage my finances for me?

      • emm

        I would be glad to manage your finances, I cant image there would be a lot to do. I think having a $200k car that is legally to drive isn't stupid btw.. Plus DB9's are frieking gorgeous.

  • El Jeffe

    I think they should list some of the tech specs. on here

  • @BlackBoxDsgn

    Though I would share. This is the Top Gear Review of the Zonda R with Jeremy Clarkson driving. There is also I 5th Gear version with Tiff Needell if anyone wants to youtube it. Both are very good.

    And here is the Offical Pagani Teaser for the car

  • Guest

    Isn't this what The Throttle is for?

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      And just what do you THINK the Chive is for?….there's "some" people that like cars in this world or so I've heard…..too bad you clicked on this post….sorry to have wasted your time….you can go back to playing World of Warcraft, or searching for the latest Apple news story…or some new picture of Kim Kardashian for you to beat off too…After all the internet is ALL FOR YOU isn't it?

      • Tru Chiver


        this should be on the throttle though.

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