Pagani Zonda R in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

  • Jester

    If I won the lottery, I'd buy on of these and deliver pizza's in it…

    • I don't know

      It's not street legal.

    • Chim Richels

      In Europe perhaps. It's not street legal in the US.

  • whyme1973

    #26 That smile says it all.

  • Jenny Torres

    O so sexy!!!!!

  • XL22

    This sure isn't boobs…….

  • MTG

    Too bad every time it breaks it costs upwards of $10k to fix anything.

    • Christian Ellegaard

      Especially since it says a lot about the car that the carbon-fiber front-splitter has been cut to make room for at tow-hitch.

  • Roger Dodger

    did the throttle close down or some shit? i like cars and all but i like tits waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay moar

  • Shawn

    #17 That interior is sickkkk

  • BigSchem

    Among the streets, pot holes and construction here in Michigan, that car would get torn up in a matter of minutes

  • ColaChiver

    Anybody got the specs on this thing?

  • zimzum

    i'm throwing my wallet at the screen but nothing is happening 😦

  • Daryl Elliott Wright

    Totally digging the occasional throw in of a car post. Yeah thats what the throttle is designed for….but its a good palate cleanser in between hilarity and T&A. Well played. Plus the Zonda is sex on wheels.

  • SumCat

    #7 I'll take that Porsche across the floor from this one please.

    • Chim Richels

      You would take a 'relatively' mass produced $200K GT3 RS over an entirely hand built super rare $2M car that will most likely appreciate in value? Smart. Manage my finances for me.

      • SumCat

        A. Yes.
        B. I didn't originally say that I wouldn't take this one. I'd be happy to have it. However, if I had to pick one, I'd take the relatively more practical of the two. Useless car is useless to me, and aint nothing wrong with a Porsche.
        C. To be one hundred percent honest, if a nice used Evo IV were an option I'd pick that out of the three. Why? Because I don't want a car that I poop bricks over after a June bug smacks it on the highway. I like what I like, so neener neener.
        D. You left your "manage my finances" comment on someone else's comment, you unoriginal bastard.

        • Chim Richels

          Do you get the flat brimmed hat and DC shoes BEFORE the Evo or after?

          • SumCat

            Ha! Touche´.

            We gotta straight shoota here.

            This reminds me of the joke…

            What's the hardest thing about rollerblading?

            Telling your parents you're gay.

  • Bman12688

    #19 i take it there is no Airbag… but then again, at Ridiculous Speed, would u even want one as you smile a mile through your windshield?

    ps. Pagani's Huayra is going to be a blast on Top Gear when it happens.

  • penguin slayer

    #10 cos topgear rocks.

  • Poke4Life

    I'm sure this care is a piece of engineering genius, but I can't be the only one who thinks it looks fucking retarded…

  • Brandon

    I like the newly added car gallery once in a while. Not that I didn’t already love thechive but change is good. Keep it up.

  • jaynugg

    most people dont seem to realize this car is hardly track legal…good luck picking up chicks with a million+ dollar car you cant drive anywhere..

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #15 I don't know much about cars, but does the entire hood just separate from the car? It seems like quite a feat in itself just to get that off of there. I guess a team of highly trained mechanics just comes with the territory

  • MacNCheesePro

    Guy in a Supra: "What's the retail on one of those?"

    • tapsnapornap

      "More than you can afford pal, Zonda…"

  • Anonymous

    ty ty ty!

  • Matty

    The Zonda never made much sense to me till the Zonda R. As a track car its gorgeous. Lets hope Pagani can do it again with the Haaar….the Huuarr…..the new one.

  • albert

    #18 nuclear power jet engines ON! pussy magnet ON! alright we're ready to rock. I could just imagine switching everything. To turn it on and hear the dragon roar.

  • doogie

    i love this car. to bad its not legal in imsa, fia, scca, or any other sanctioned racing series.

  • majorfathead

    This car has been my dream ever since I saw my first one (Top Gear) If I could have a car wish it would be for one of these. I know you cannot drive it on the streets and even most tracks but dammit I still want one. It is a shame that last year was the end of an amazing era! Ok I've whined and drooled long enough. I know a Veyron is faster but I just don't care! KCCO

  • perfectman

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    Has anyone seen the Pagani Zonda R? Well if you haven’t here are some awesome pics.

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