The story of Spencer West who overcame incredible obstacles to achieve greatness (35 Photos)

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  • tacos117

    He may only have half a body, be he's more man than most people I know, including me.

  • Anthony Gonzales

    Spencer West = BAMF

  • Chive-a-licious

    Now there's a guy who grabbed misfortune by the horns and pounded its asshole. Spencer West for President.

  • .Krookz

    Holy crap!

  • DB Conor

    Holy moley. I now feel like a wuss for ever taking a sick day, not to mention an elevator.

    Move over Adam, there's a cooler West in town.

  • Alexaa

    truly inspiring. so proud of his achievements. KCCO 🙂

  • HotMomma

    Amazing story! Truly inspirational. And I agree I will never complain about working out or climbing stairs ever again. If he can do it, I can do it. KCCO!

  • decielito

    so… you're telling me reddit has this??? . . don't think so – – – The Chive is Awesome. so is Spencer!


    DUDE YOU FUCKIN ROCK ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Guest

    There should probably be some love for his parents and family also. They told him that he could be whatever he wanted, but they also got him to believe it and inspired him. I think that in addition to these remarkable activities, the fact that he is smiling in nearly every picture speaks volumes about him and those around him. And a toast to his friends as well.

  • nick

    he climbs a mountain on his hands and most of us wont do it with two good legs.

  • marcus

    hey man, you are awesome. congrats to your parents for raising you right.

  • The Incredible Story of Spencer West. Read This. Now. « Synapses

    […] Spencer West’s story with 42 photos. […]

  • Pops23

    And here I am trying to decide if I should go to they gym today, if I had 1% of this guy's determination I wouldn't be the fat ass that I am! Thanks for putting things in perspective Spencer!

    You sir are the epitome of a bad ass!!


  • funbus3131

    well i feel like a lazy piece of shit. this guy rules

  • Dave Hannett

    If you look up the definition of Hero in the dictionary you should see this man's picture. It's stories like this that truly inspire people.

  • elguapo80

    wow!!! I've been feeling pretty down lately becuz of failing a huge board exam. not only has this inspired me to not give up but also to stfu and stop feeling sorry for myself

  • Jaime

    Impossible is nothing.

  • rcorrino

    When the zombie apocalypse comes…. I want this man having my back.

  • moeshere foxdale

    Now yall…There is a boss….Word

  • Patriot_Matt

    Seriously, way to go man.

  • 54adam

    Smiling in every picture. Amazing.

  • Sieggelwald

    #39 It looks like Portal. So incredible.

  • Zoron

    creepy 😐

  • epomerance

    It's people like this that make me realize that complaining about petty little things doesn't even compare to what some people have to go through and they are probably happier than we are.

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