What could be more beautiful than a whole minute of Alison Brie gasping? (Video)

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It’s totally SFW, but if your speakers are too loud you might have some ‘splainin to do. Via Ziccup’s youtube page here.

  • Kut

    First *gasp*

  • Haptic

    Community is Amazing!

    also: Allison Brie is hot.

    also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49fFwB3giaA

    That is all.

  • suck me dry

    suck me dry

  • ed (that is all)

    A minute of my life lost…

  • Matt

    Yay! Finally video that works without Flash!

  • Christina

    She is my girl crush. I adore her.

  • simo542

    I ask you…have you EVER seen a more available mouth in your life?

    I think not.

  • ChiveMaster

    Good lord. I need a good 3.7 seconds with this girl.

  • Derek


    That is all.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    more like about 40 seconds, but she is the bees knees.

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