Women WHO could snap me like a twig.

    Watch your grammar.

  • Underhill

    Hey! My oldest daughter can dead-lift 182. Her three little girls hang out at the gym.

  • Ent420

    I would gladly inseminate #23

  • hooray

    #20- disgusting. Repulsive. Her clit is bigger than the average penis. Oh wait. Reverse that.

  • illWill

    #25 I'm actually pretty impressed

  • Houdini112

    I have respect for all these ladies who work hard to keep their body in shape

  • husker cub

    The scariest gallery EVER!

  • mukesh

    these pole dances have a lot of skills

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  • cheer4lite

    #28 Arnolds Twin Sister????

  • mattS0423

    I'm sorry… but for the most part All of these women are sexy…

  • Tru2thefew

    #2 #5 #9 can break me anyday

  • Ohiogirlchivette

    #12 NOW KISS!!

  • David

    All these women are amazing love it

  • Kay

    Shout out to my crossfitters!

  • Mike

    #28 is that Brooke Hogan

  • bombom677

    #25 Ass cheeks of steel!

  • naill

    #15 Its all about the angle. The guy is sitting on the wall shes holding his legs..

  • bcgasman

    nope. NOPE.

  • Crankytex

    My boner is scared.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Deso @M_Deso

    How are some of those even possible??

  • Dude

    These are all odd looking kitchens.

  • Eduardo

    Usually I like these but not this time

  • Steve-O

    this is just downright disturbing

  • Karl

    More. Love strong women. I would do them allllll!!!!

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