You burned your bra yesterday to wear a hand bra today (36 photos)

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  • Mischievous

    #21 #40 #45 most excellent. Gorgeous chivettes at their finest.

  • @hanalively07

    Thank you so much! Much love from me, Hana, Chivette #37

  • bob

    #45 absolutely terrible. u my lady, are an idiot…

  • Dub

    One of the best posts I've seen on here. Ever.

  • Tcaddy

    #2 in the words of Ron Burgundy "I WANNA BE ON YOU.”

  • chena

    …..#2….best of the best….

  • crazydog

    The universally accepted word for peace, love, and happiness should be BOOBS.

  • Kev

    #2 that body is sublime. good to see youre keeping your room clean!

  • 670

    For the love of boobies could we please ask you ALL to move your DAMN HANDS AND ARMS PLZZZZZZZZ

  • Danno Maurer

    Save your hands…use mine instead

  • Blind_Eye

    #2 FTW!



  • Kdog

    Wow #2 is so f@$&ing sexy yummy need more of her.

  • iXOredheds

    #45 For some strange reason I want to li li li li li lick you like a lollipop!

  • Ian

    #4 is heaven.

    • ShaBoygin

      Thank you, I was wondering when this beauty would be given her spot in the comments. MOAR!!!

  • kjgibbs2

    There needs to be a NSFW version of theChive. I always wonder when looking at these, or sexy chivers, or burned bra, how many they get sent that are amazingly NSFW that we never get to see.

  • KRiggs513

    Military KCCO's available right now, be quick, your welcome!

  • Gun_guy

    #37 ruined it for a minute
    Then #38 nip slip brought it back!

    • @hanalively07

      How did I ruin it for a min?


      • Gun_guy

        Sorry. To ME you are just way too skinny. But that is MY opinion.

  • Jared

    #2 that is beutful

  • loyal chiver

    This was the best category …ever!

  • chris

    sweet jesus…Chivettes you just made my day! You're all beauties

    • @hanalively07

      Thank you.

      Much love from #37

      • chris

        IMO you looked sexier with dark hair :}
        Still you're stunning, bon chance in your career mon ami!

  • Tex

    #1, #2, #3, #15 New favorite Chive post

  • Drake

    #45 tasty tats!!

  • Evelyn Rodriguez

    Sometimes I grab my own boobs because… Well because I can.

  • Gravity

    Handbra not hand push-up bra sillies :p

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