Cat Saturday (34 Photos)

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  • crazydog

    #4 lolhumans?

    • dawgbone


  • Gallus

    #27 – That's my little female kitty. There is no teling what the heck she will choose to chew on next.

  • Soapy

    Fuck you, braindead moronic apes (aka Bill and The Joe Greene)

  • BooRadley

    #10 " I got called a cheetah during the test"

    • MonkeyMadness


  • Matt Gabrielson

    #22 The cat is about to swoop in and gank him.

    • Matticus

      Silly …..nobody can gank a frost mage….

      • Miguel DeQuadros

        I'm trying to figure out what game that is… Wow?

  • 224y4srhetje

    #27 looked just like that trying to learn the piano

  • epomerance

    #10 this seriously gets me every time

  • Garbageman

    #9 good way to squish your cats tail

  • PooDrew

    #34 Professor Meowingtons!

  • Dein

    #5 that's the Same look I get when. I see Boobs.

  • mrjimmyos

    #16 Technically I'm reading this on my birthday now, it's funny AND sad 😀

  • Blanch

    Great line up today! Best one in a minute. I always look forward to saturdays. Love you chive!

  • Wrench

    Chomp sticks???

  • xclueme

    I need a baby tiger .

  • Danielle

    Mac, your cat obsession makes you even dreamier.

  • Cozzymodo

    They should call this "Caturday" instead of "Cat Saturday".

    • @liarsdiary

      I think that was the original name of 4chan.

  • Eve Smile

    Funny cat :)) I love cat :))

  • TMP

    Where the hell are these audio ads coming from?!?!? Wake the whole house why don'tcha!!

  • ReyesIvy

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  • Kato

    #22 Cat + SWTOR = Epic Win!

  • Pics4you

    #5 wanted to say " WTF" lolz 😀

  • Ostee

    #3 "I can taste the humans blood already" "Lets eat the fat one first"

  • Caz Bliss Armour

    #33 Hahahahahaha… I laughed so loud my roommate thought i went insane…

  • TheJoeGreene

    Fuck you Mac, you worthless cunt.

    • Bill Murray


      • AssHoles

        Don't be a dick.

    • Pit_Boss

      Seriously? Why be such a douche? Just don't read the post if you don't like it. Absolutely nothing good comes from comments like that and they are not funny.

    • epomerance

      Not very Chive-like.

    • JoeGreeneIsADouche

      You may need to re-examine your life, TheJoeGreene. Being a full-time, 100%, Grade-A, 24 X 7, USDA Douche is not really a worthwhile way to spend your limited time in this world.

      Good luck not sucking in the future!

  • LoBugg

    #16 awe!! So many to choose from. I love cat Saturday. 🙂

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