Join theCHIVE and Bullrun in San Francisco today!

When the good folks at Bullrun asked us to join them for the first leg of their insane super car race from LA to San Francisco. We said hell yes. If you live in LA and like cars and girls, you can send us off Saturday morning at 9-11am in front of the Dolby Theater (formally Kodak Theater). Leo, John, Rick and Patty will be there around 10ish.

UPDATE: Barring any incidents we should be cruising into San Francisco this afternoon and you’re all more than welcome to join the festivities at Club Rouge on Broadway around 10pm. See you there!

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  • SGT_Fati

    BORING! Cannonball, Gumball, or GTFO.

  • Barfing Rainbows

    Sounds awesome! Stand in a crowd of douches watching douche bags drive cars. Meh…

  • captainobvious

    Chive I was told this AM that you were in Incline Village in Lake Tahoe last night with the Bullrun!!! any truth to this??? If so and you didn't notify us that not cool!!!!!!!!!! Need to have a Chive party up here at the lake!!!!

  • Glenn

    Last November I helped a friend move from NJ to LA and it took us two days and 20 hours in a pick-up with a stop over in Denver. No need for a fancy sports car.

  • Nathan Swartz

    where the heck are the pics from this?

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