Soooo…. you got wasted (28 Photos)

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  • Michael Marquez


    Partying hard…..they're doing it right.

  • aaron g

    #18 vegas shows no mercy…rookie

  • Mike

    Uh ok

  • Maik

    #1 Waking up with a penguin in the room , that´s a tuesday..!

  • Kt_Leigh

    The Delt house at University of Kentucky!

  • http://Koyamon.p Koyamon.p


  • Philip Alvarez

    #2 is a win for sure, look at those hotties

  • Skinny

    #14… Go C.A.T.S…!!!

  • Dev

    #28 fake

  • John


    Would love to be in this guy's place, even if they're still clothed!

  • Stravo

    #10 What a bad ass rocking the swag pack!

  • b3nje909

    #28 makes me want to vomit

  • LOL

    I don't get why is it that people in general celebrate and reward such behavior? but ostracize those who say something about how embarrassing it is.

  • Steve

    #28 ugh her face has to be resting on the inside of that bowl… hope there's no poop stains.

  • M4jestic

    #2 good for you… good for you

    #17 I bet something personal happened afterwards

    #28 yep, you really got wasted

  • bkfrijoles

    #2 not sure if its really awesome chest hair or if they just had a really shitty marker… the world may never know

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  • SadeShadz

    #11 Jackpot!

  • Buzzin_Neon

    #24 reminds me of a guy i used to know that everyone called "stew" (he was always so high his brains were stew)
    he came over one night to watch a movie and hang out. we watched a movie. over 2 hours later stew says, "so are we gonna watch a movie or what?" dude.

  • FuckThisShit

    #18 What he did in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.

  • Dylan Braun

    #14 Go big blue

  • Bob

    #2…Find the chick on the right. NOW!!

  • Emily

    #15 is that a Lone Star beer I see?

  • Rusticle

    #17 Damn bro I hope you capitalized on that & not just for a pic.

  • Jeremy Hall

    #28- thats not where you sleep two chicks, #20- has the right idea but failed

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