• fail


    • ColaChiver

      I use to like Keith Stone….Now…I want to shoe him how to tie a fucking shoe and punch him in the face.

    • how funny

      my response to this video…
      unfortunately there are still people dying of starvation, but i mean ey…everything has a reason.

  • john travolta


    • fail

      Na na na na hey hey hey. Fail big time

  • Turbodude


  • JimmyB

    DC is my hero!

    • fabio


    • casanova


  • BeerMan

    This is some true Mission Impossible stuff… Y u no let Tom Cruise drive?!

    • therealsnowman

      He couldn't reach the pedals…..

      • Tru Chiver

        hahahahahahahahahaha tom cruise is short. justin bieber looks like a girl. sarah jessica parker/julia roberts looks like a horse. lady gaga has a penis. still a better love story than twilight. thumb me up nao! KCCO

  • Sir Stig

    Leave it to top gear>>>

  • Hunter X

    He's NOT catching a ball at 178 mph. That's the speed off the club face after impact. The ball is probably travelling around 60mph by the time it reaches the car. It's still a good feat of TIMING…but not as advertised.

    • UncleDave

      You must be fun at parties.

      • Hunter X

        Yes…I can predict what is going to happen to Darwinites like you when you say, "Watch this!" That way, everyone has their cameras ready to post to the "Soooo you got drunk last night" gallery.

        • UncleDave

          I was wrong, you really are quite funny when you put your mind to it.

          • Barf

            Hunter – 1 Uncle – 2!

  • charlie sheen

    Thought he would be started from a dead stop, not the same.

    • Mike

      Find me a car that accelerates to 178 mph almost instantaneously…….Were you absent that day in physics class?

      • charlie sheen

        Have you ever heard of hang time? That ball is in the air for at least six to seven seconds, I've seen modified vipers do over 200mph in the 1/4 mile in about seven seconds, dumb ass

        • charlie sheen

          Oh yeah and did you fail physics? The ball is definitely only going 178 for a split second, constantly decelerating until the top of the parabola and then it may get some momentum back from gravity. Definitely not back to 178mph..

  • Nick

    finally!!! something thats made golf interesting

  • passwordistaco

    The hard part is hitting the damn golf ball!

  • pickleman77

    WTF?? I don't recall authorizing anyone to use my car for making a damn video!!

  • Static

    as Hunter X said… his is not a 178mph ball catch… hell he did even catch it. all he did was land it in the seat. I want him to CATCH IT!! lol (Still cool)

  • Mikeg01sf

    The guy above me is a douche

    • Mike's mom

      The guy above me is the result of me getting gang-banged by a group of monkees who escaped during clinical trials of the effects of Ecstasy. He flings poo at work and can't hold a job.

      • Mikeg01sf

        *Yawn* Meh. 4/10. Try harder.

  • Matt

    Umm. For that matter I could stand where it comes down with a catchers mitt and catch a 178mph ball. Same thing?…

    • TDH

      No. You standing on a golf driving range with your special helmet and a baseball glove, pointing at the sky like Tattoo calling out "da plane" is not the same.

  • Minha Lenha


  • North

    As per usual…excellent use of the Top Gear test track. Those cars are sick, but I'd rather the coupe

  • Brian

    I need to have that much money and time to burn on stewpid shit like this.

  • Jason O

    Apparently some of the Chivers thinks this is amazing. Shiny objects and laser pointers also keep them busy for HOURS.

  • jamie

    I'm calling BULLSHIT !!! And who gives a shit? Golf is NOT a sport.

  • Anon

    First world problems/games/stupidity

  • mbns

    I wonder how many dings the body of that beautiful car has from the balls he didn't catch. And from the camera mounting brackets lol But hell I'd still drive it.

  • jamie

    Thank You Anon, unless you play it on a field or a pitch ….. it aint a sport!!! So SUCK IT golfers , fisherman, bowlers, dart throwers, runners,and nascar rednecks

    • Murray Wilson

      Not sure if trolling or just a fuckwit…

      • Mike

        I'm going to go with "fuckwit"….

        • HatBomb

          I'll second it, fuckwit.

        • Jezdezpez

          yea, a definite fuckwit. These types of people who "have everything figured out" are usually the ones on welfare soaking the system. The bottom feeders who did not get past grade 9 because it was too hard.

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  • jgos929


  • Alan Deikman

    These guys have a lot more time and money on their hands than I do.

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