Get back in the game with some sports bras (20 Photos)

  • J.D.

    #11 thanks for curing monday blues!

    • Iceman2509

      Stared at this one for a long time.

    • Bheld

      #4 one of these things is not like the others…

  • intmid8or


  • NavyBoyTate

    #8 By the facial expressions….I think she farted

    • @bdonmoyer

      Interesting, I just assumed @OJessicaNigri farts still smelled like cotton candy.

      • Tru Chiver

        i assumed they smell like poop. nom nom nom nom nom

    • MC Robins

      Girls don't do that

      • Boom!_Headshot!

        yup. they just toot

    • djp

      Charlie Sheen is everywhere.

  • Lunch_Box

    Need to burn those sports bras.

  • Jeff


    • dork

      if you don't count the other three people…

    • Dick

      … and retarded

    • goaheadandhate


      • Jeff

        First again

  • NavyBoyTate

    Oh and bring back yoga pants please!!

    • stonewall_79

      Second that and more fit girls!!!!

      • Lotus

        Three times a week isn't enough?

  • Wow

    #14 #17 HOTT!

    • fact


  • edgarallanboh

    lucky #7 looking good

    • Mark Poli

      good is an understatement.

    • Uh oh

      hottest of the batch.

      • totz

        no doubt!

  • AdamBaldick

    #1 Is a Smokeshow

    • G Simmons

      wanna tongue that snatch….

    • Jman

      Can comeone find this girl?

  • G_Had

    sport bras, FLBP, mind the gap, goodbye spring,… if only everyday could be monday. wait no, what?!

    • MattKL

      Up is down, black is white! Dogs and cats, LIVING TOGETHER!

  • Jezdezpez

    #7 yum, we need more of her!

    • Taylor

      I agree…way MOAR of her around here!

  • William_Murray

    WOW.. I need to go to the gym… maybe after the DAR

  • JPPO

    Not just the bras; all those tummies are yummy…

  • BGrimsleyII

    #6 We want to see what that sports bra is supporting!

  • Westen

    #14 Ya I would ride that like a money on a moped!

    • DaddyD

      Your taste is good. Typing skills … not so much.

  • Still_MisGuided

    #14 #10 OOooo Weee smokin, gonna hafta run to the bathroom really quick

  • Matt Curley

    I LOVE Mondays thanks to the Chivea!

  • James Ramos

    Damn… another amazing category! #1 moar

    • Ash

      Her name is Lauryn. She writes one of my fave blogs

  • awhite2020

    I can't pick just one to comment on! They are all great!

  • Danno Maurer

    #9 #14 #18 #19 #20

    Only flat chicks wear them???

    • IICoLt45II

      …and they are way to hot for you

      • Danno Maurer


        If you're gonna troll…troll the right way

    • Ryan Lambert

      You could probably fill out the sports bra better, huh jugs?

      • Danno Maurer

        Might be best to keep your fetishes to yourself there juglova. You may get random calls from fat dudes who want to model their sports bras for ya. Unless of course you're into that kind of thing. This is the Chive after all. They'll likely have a post of those guys just for you.

        • Danno Maurer

          Lovin all the haters. People hate truth, especially when it interferes with their perceptions of reality and proves them wrong. Please click the thumbs down if you're a hater who has had their reality proven wrong. It shows me that I've made an impact. I'm here to disturb the comfortable and to comfort the disturbed.
          <img src=""&gt;

          • Pirate

            Your facebook profile says to me that you are a serious and important person who's opinions I should take very seriously. Grown ass single man with Mortal Kombat characters as your timeline background.

            • Tru Chiver

              really? sounds like the average chiver to me……..

            • Schnizz

              Nice work pirate

            • Danno Maurer

              Your lack of facebook profile says to me that you are scared to reveal yourself online and therefore only troll knowing you can hide behind such a great name. Did you come up with that yourself? BTW if you saw my profile then you'd know that photoshop is my paid hobby as a married father of 2. Or perhaps reading isn't an option for the less intelligent pirates out there. Keep trollin!

              • Danno Maurer

                Crap that was meant for Pirate. Sorry Tru…that was my mistake. I own up to mine. 😉

              • Pirate

                It isn't that I'm scared to allow people to see who I am; it is that I am smart enough to not allow people that I do know how fucked up I am by throwing around hate speech in a comment section on a random website. Even if I were to log into this website under my facebook address (which not even the owners do, because it is a stupid fucking idea) you cannot get any farther than seeing a picture of my wife and I.

                As for the father of two/paid photoshop whatever, I didn't bother to get past the fact that 1) you have your entire movement and employment history for like 40 years listed on your timeline 2) basic info says "male". Not married to, not proud parent of, not anything. Sorry I didn't bother to full on stalk you; I didn't see the point. 3) who the hell pays for photoshop work?

                As I said before you strike me as a Very important person who I should take Very seriously. I apologize for not doing the due diligence to accurately gauge your family status and hobbies.

                That is my fault, I will try harder in the future.

                • Pirate

                  Oh shit my name! I forgot that part. My name is Pirate because I didn't care. I'll give you a point. From all of the people I see on here named Pirate I'm sure it got confusing which one you were talking to.

                  Book 'em Danno.

                • Danno Maurer

                  Tattoo artists pay for photoshop work.

                  • SMT

                    good one! you really got him there!

                  • Pirate

                    I was going to continue this and mock tattoo artists paying someone else for random photoshop work but it isn't even worth it.

          • Lotus

            Yeah not impressed with all the fit girls posts either. I mean they always were posted once or twice a week but nowadays its a fit girl post a day, post something new please.

            • smear

              100% agreed. if people want to see this shit they can just google it.

              • barefootjourney

                if people want to see any shit they can just google it… theChive just googles it for us.

                and apparently danno missed #8 #10 #11

    • techno_viking

      #5, #10, and #11 disagree.

    • zzyzx

      My wife has DD's. She wears sports bras all the time because she's fit as fuck too. Your point, my good sir, appears to be moot.

  • soft taco juice

    #2 #9 #14 although I think everyone of these ladies is spectacular

    • Jasper

      #9 is dangerously hot. Ridiculous body.

  • violent peas

    Suddenly feeling motivated to get off my lazy ass and go for a run after work…

    • VaderWRX

      Every time I run I come across at least one of these girls. God bless workout gear!

    • JPPO

      I do it every morning and when you see those girls coming to you is very motivating…

  • Jeff

    Love to go for a run with #3.

  • Jezdezpez

    also #2 looks like it'd be Gap worthy.

    • Jasper


  • Thomas Luman

    #2 MOAR!!!!

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