Photos captured at just the right moment (40 Photos)

  • unstablegirl

    #9 It stings something fierce when you get some in your eyes. Believe me.

    • Schnizz

      Well, you're the expert

    • Bruce

      Pics or it didn't happen

      • ProveIt!


    • Kristen

      Well if you were'nt so fat that a guy was afraid you'd bite his dick off, then maybe he'd be a gentleman and cum in your mouth…but you're a fat whore…so that's out.

      • Poke4Life

        Who pissed in your cheerios?

      • Zuke

        Cat fight? Maybe?

        Also, it's considered gentlemanly to blow in a chick's mouth? Because if that's the case being a gentleman is far less difficult than I ever anticipated.

    • lfgd1978

      I think I like you now lol……. also why not inside the mouth? all over the face is dirtier and somehow more exiting for the men I know but I think that girls next door wont let you do that on a regular basis.

  • cambo196

    #3 ultimate photobomb

    • Arseny M

      probably, the only good thing that came out of that picture.. look at that harsh light..

      • Kristen

        Give it a rest, Ansel Adams.

  • Ginge

    first hellyeah

    • Tom

      Do you do this when grocery stores open, too? Seems a little odd to wait for a business to open its doors and then run in and yell "first" for no reason. Retarded, right? Websites comments sections are the same. Don't be retarded.

      • hggh

        if ginge actually does run into grocery stores when they open and yells first wouldn't you have to respect him more?

        I for one would laugh and accept him into my family

        • DaddyD

          Tom's analogy isn't quite right.

          There are many people waiting outside the grocery store. When the doors open, we all rush in to inspect the merchandise. Once we've done that, we head for the checkout counter.

          Ginge has been waiting with us. In fact, he has been sitting there for hours waiting for the store to open since he lacks a life. Then he goes in along with the rest of the crowd. Instead of checking out the merchandise, he goes directly to the checkout counter and yells, "first!"

          What's worse … much of the time he isn't first. He's just some asshole standing in line shouting first because he is too dumb to realize there is someone already in line ahead of him, someone who has taken the time to view the merchandise and make a selection that contributes to the joy the rest of us get from shopping.

          Why should any of us "respect" that behavior? Accept him into your family, and get him committed before he does any real damage to himself or others.

          • No U ju


            ignore these douchebags Ginge. good job.

    • Ginge

      Dear Tom, as a twenty three year old man your comments do not hurt me but imagine if i was a young child maybe thirteen or so. Your trolling (which is a faceless cowardly bully tactic to those who are unaware) could have upset this person imensely causing them to possibly hurt themselves or worse because it has happened before as im sure you know. So please refrain as it is not smart and some would no doubt call retarded and do something worthwhile to contribute to the world around you, KCCO

      • matt

        it's just annoying really thats all. no hard feelings. i'm sure little kids wouldn't make a fuss out of it or feel offended.

      • kigero

        Ginge, as a 31 year man I think that commenting “first” while knowing it is inviting a negative response, which by definition is trolling, dissolves you right to the higher ground . If you find it the high point of your day to claim “first” (but being completely wrong) then fine, but you also know the response will be negative so don’t whine about it. Just grow up.

        • Ken

          Says the men with a batman tattoo.

          • ken


            • kigero

              Ken, Wonder Woman and Superman are on there too and *Batman

      • truthserum

        LOL – nice Ginge.

        Keep up the good work and Chive it on up!

        Ah yes, and lol to hggh too

      • Tom

        What's sad is that I assumed you were a child, maybe thirteen or so, but turns out your a 23 year old man that knows better. I doubt that calling you retarded in the comments section on was ever going to invoke suicide. If that was enough to cause someone to off themselves then they have a lot more issues than hurt feelings on the internet. Stop being retarded.

        • Punchy B

          Dear Tom,

          You're funny as shit. Keep up the good work. We share the same sentiment.

      • DaddyD

        Dear Ginge —

        Tom's comments weren't meant to hurt you. They were meant to help you. Claiming "first" is trolling at its worst. Take his advice.

    • WhatTha

      You should really work on setting some higher goals for your life.

    • Go Hoosiers

      Phuck Phirsters – – – worse than hipsters

    • lol

      10 bucks says "ginge" means "ginger"

      • Grammar


  • beserker


    id love to see their reaction after!!

    • MattKL

      I have a dream, that the splashes knocked their tops off and whoever was working the camera got that. It's a small dream, but a good one.

      • hggh

        i'm in summer olympics mode: the guy on the right would get a perfect score except those toes need to be pointed!

      • Found Johnny boy

        The back left one is john. Operation find him completed

    • Timmer

      Find all three of them chive!

      • lol

        You mean 2? I only see 2 dudes.

  • Anjin-San

    #31 must… save…. beer…

  • Tim

    #9 money shot

    • Jak

      Brazzers strikes again

    • Quagmire

      All right..

    • Schnizz

      Skeet skeet

    • Si1entStatic


    • DirtyChar

      I thought the same thing.

    • Dr_Batman

      Haha I have to say the guy in the back really makes this picture.

    • Rawr

      Bull's eye!

    • Zuke

      Guy in the back's like "Meh, I've seen better."

  • MattKL

    #33 Find her!

    • JamesD

      Maria Fowler from the english tv show " The Only way is essex" full of girls like that 🙂

    • PedroMandingle

      Maria Fowler, former Page 3 girl and reality tv star in the UK

    • mojo77
      • buckinut51

        Thank you!

  • Armando Ayala

    #9 man chowder all over her face

    • Jak

      Baby batter

    • coldace

      angry pirat 😉

  • Sean

    #38 Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it's forgivable to go ass to mouth.

    • DarthM

      Heh, I knew it!

    • Zuke

      You never go ass to mouth…

  • dezzy

    headless horse…man #24

  • a small giant

    #25 suprise butt sex

    • Hideo

      Any random guy + guitar or microphone = girls going completely apeshit

      • The Andychrist

        Even Uncle Herpa Derp?

        • Tru Chiver


      • Zuke

        Orly? Then could you explain why I'm a random guy with a guitar and there are no girls in the vicinity going apeshit? Or is a stage required too? Because I don't have one of those if it is.

    • Ryan Thompson

      exactly what i was thinking

  • asd

    #12 don't let the demon out of the bubble!

    • Big Daddy

      Reminds me of a Little Sister…

  • hggh

    #2 how in the hell did someone do that? that is so fucking awesome!

    • G.O.D.

      Jesus did it – because he LOVES you hggh.

  • bundles

    Just me or is this kinda disturbing???

    • Joshua Heilik

      Yeah she was seriously being hurt in this photo. Can we find out how she's doing now? Find Her!!

    • Johnny K.

      Surprise buttsex… Hope the Nickleback ticket was worth it…

  • myself

    #2 and #16 Just amazing timing.

    • gosmallboobs

      what's happening in #16 ?

    • Bill57

      its amazing cause its timed and the photo was captured at just the right moment

  • kihg

    Don't do it Charles , it'll be all over the tabloids

    • 1C451

      One of our British Chivers has to know who she is. Anyone?

      • Csquared303

        who ever she is CHIVE NEEDS TO FIND!

  • bigd

    #6 taco bell before the game, bad idea

  • hggh

    #18 herpa de derpa

  • Michael

    <img src=> #4 #29 These 2 photos give me a special feeling<img src=>

    • WillIAM

      that tonight's gonna be a good nite! BLACK EYED PEAS ARE BEST BAND EVER! LED ZEPPELIN IS FOR FAGS!

  • Visitohr

    #5 Lol, derpp

  • USA

    Photography of #15 is illegal.

    • Capcocheese

      Oh bullshit. How do you prevent people from taking a picture of something that is flying in airspace over millions of homes???

    • Kodos

      no it isn't..

      those engines might be shot, though

    • Dotson

      I'm in the USAF and work on a very active flight line. I can assure you, taking pictures of military aircraft is NOT illegal.

    • TonyB

      I flew on this type aircraft for several years while in the Navy and have countless pictures of it in the air. Its not illegal to photograph the outside of it. BTW, it's a Boeing E-6B Mercury aircraft based our of Tinker AFB.

      • Hendy

        I actively fly on this aircraft and have been for almost 5 years. It is in no way illegal to take photographs o the out side.


      Sounds Like Your AN ILLEGAL IDIOT!

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 "the worst shit of my life"

  • rickacha

    #4 fake !

  • Schnizz

    #33 Pervy old dude taking pics in bottom left

    • Hutch

      This is the pic from the Pervy old dude from the front

  • Joe

    #11 – what the heck is that?

    • Rippersub

      It's the bucket hanging below a helicopter used to fight forest fires. And it's not really captured at just the right moment. Most pilots involved in fire work could see this sight 100+ times per day.

    • Alan

      It is a firefighting water bucket being carried by a helicopter. The bucket can be dunked in a lake or other body of water and be refilled very quickly. Then the water is dumped through a remote valve on the bottom. The picture was taken from the helicopter.

    • Joey Pecoraro

      The rain after Adele set fire to it.

    • Oldviolin

      It's called a bambi bucket

    • Capcocheese


    • Dave

      Its a UH-60 dropping water from a Bambi Bucket on the High Park fire in Colorado. Picture was taken from a Nebraska National Guard helicopter by a Nebraska crew chief

      • SKEEBLER

        You know so many Tings!

        • Dave

          I know, right?

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