Photos captured at just the right moment (40 Photos)

  • Bradyized

    #12 creepy. #33 Awesome

  • Jacob

    #14 – Warrior Dash Ftw. Going in september down in Missouri.

  • Uplim

    #14 I think I'm failing to see what's perfectly timed about this picture….The man looking right at the camera and posing during an obstacle race? Thousands of people jumped over that little fire. I would hope the professional photographer could shoot someone jumping over it

  • Jezdezpez

    #33 Hmmm, find her.

  • Tripp


  • CaptUnderpants

    #14 "Arrive, raise hell, leave." -Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • CaptUnderpants

    #21 Got your nose!!!

  • James

    #6 I'd rather wear the mud than that terrible jersey

  • Rahul Sarraf

    #7 is the only one that made me laugh

  • Will
  • Kevin

    #1 I saw it happen yesterday near the HB pier those girls had some skills.

  • JohnD

    #9 looks wrong! Peter North Style

  • Darren


    That is my dad and his two dogs!!! How funny! My dad made The Chive!

  • Squiddie

    #30 AUGH! NO TEETH!

  • Taryn

    #21 – Got Your NOSE!!!

  • SARmedic

    #10 Nice form there Phelps.

  • Pics4you

    #38 Truly perfectly timed photo… Lolz

  • lostmittenregistry

    #30 Tony Parker???

  • gus

    #6 note to self, no mcdonalds and draft beer before a game

  • Grodon

    #6 Where will you be when you realize you forgot to take your immodium

  • Keri

    #14 … Is that the guy from Destination Truth? |:

  • 25thID

    #25 That's right, take it dry!

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