Someecards are twisted genius (22 photos)

We've partnered with the folks over at Someecards to print their hilarious anecdotes on t-shirts. They have so many funny designs, that we don't know which ones to print. We're going to start with 4 designs and we need you help choosing. Sound off in the comments if there's a design you would like to rock.

Let us know which designs we should print on t-shirts in the comments. Thanks!

  • Tim

    #1 paint me like one of your French girls

    • Dan

      Let's just keep that someecards off the shirt, eh?

    • This

      #3 #5 #6 #12 < good ones

    • AB

      Not sure i would buy any of these, but the "French Girls" comment almost made me choke on my coffee

      • Mort Goldman

        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHAH I know right!!!! NEVER heard that one before!!!! Holy shit they should pay that guy!!!!

    • @CSmith0203

      I hate to be "that guy"…but: some have already been done. Even if I were to buy these I'd rather buy from theChive…depending on the price and if they do some different cards than bustedtees.

  • WinningLikeSheen

    #6 is win.

    • Grammar

      Win is not a noun. Try again.

      • PagingDrDickey

        Win can be a noun, person ironically named Grammar

        • Bill Murray

          then it should be "a win".

      • wdh

        Charlie Sheen made it a noun. Get with the program.

    • Nate

      I would buy this

    • Oltimey

      This one is shirt worthy!

    • stock194

      Best one!!

    • John Fisher

      this one

    • Katie

      #6 for sure

      • Uncle Mercy

        I agree with Katie! THIS is the shirt!

    • BRapper


    • LizLaRue

      Definitely my fav!

    • Guestopheles

      Plenty of win

    • Rose adeline


    • Jessengel

      I'm with you this has been my favorite e card for a long time !!

  • Alex

    #8 and #12

    • PeterRabbitts

      #12 for the win!

  • james

    #6 #12 #13 for sure!

    • Emily Celeste Gosling

      #13 I agree!

  • the_mike

    I'd wear #16

    • Matthew Hall

      #16 FTW!

    • Toba

      My favorite by far!

    • Aisha

      That one is my favorite

    • Michelle Saucedo

      OMG i lol'ed at work… crap…

    • Groggy

      I'd totally wear #16 and #12.

      At the same time, even.

    • Vic

      I need this shirt

    • Elliot Atkinson

      #16 was the best. #3 and #6 were good too.

    • Paul Youman

      Brilliant #16

    • # 16

      Definitely the best.

  • Brian


    Here here!

    • Felcus

      I laugh out loud every time I read this. Because it's true.

    • NDChiver

      Pretty sure I can speak on behalf of everyone in North Dakota when I say hell yeah to this! Your a smart man Brian. Chive, I need this on a shirt!

    • Courtney


    • Karl

      Would buy several.

    • Shawn

      I would buy this one!

    • genki desu yo


    • BeardownAz

      Winner. I'd buy.

  • clenis


    • Justin

      I'm with this guy. I have seen WAY better than this lot

    • jron

      yeah these really aren't that funny or clever. i got a smirk out of a few but they have way funnier ones.

    • tic

      I laughed more this morning seeing

      if (AccType.ToUpper() == "Admin") { }

      than at any of these

      • Someguy

        I agree, Put that on a shirt and I'd wear it!

  • ChestRockwell

    #12. Yes i would. I would also buy the shirt!

  • Chiver J

    #15 and #4 are epic!

    • jreddy23

      Agree completely that #15 is a must.

    • Jordan

      Lets get high school drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ricky

      Theres a fine line between high school drunk and getting your stomach pumped! And i enjoy dancing with that line!

    • McIrish

      #4 & #15 Agreed.
      Plus #3 & #8

  • BostonChiver34


  • Troll

    #5, #11, #16


    • f1junkie

      #5 ftw

  • Pwnapotamus

    Not a huge fan.

    • sidthird

      better than some of the others that have for $ale

  • MattKL

    #5 and #7

    • manilovefilmsdylan


    • Global

      #5 should be a Chive shirt. Because that's what they do with their site. Making fun of themselves maybe?

  • RYAN

    Dear God,


  • Cats of the world

    Find the one that says "you will make some cats very happy one day" and make that a shirt.

    • Meowza

      I need a new caturday shirt!

  • macro100
    • Felcus

      Cool link bro.

  • Nicolas Ferraro

    #3, #6, #12

  • Toby Latham


  • ColaChiver

    #8 is awesome haha

  • Matt

    #5 #7 #13 #16 do it for me!

  • Brendan

    #12 and #16

    • Chris

      Forever alone

  • Kodos

    #9 #6 #4 #3
    that is all

  • Ketut

    I vote #6 fer sure

  • The Salmon of Doubt

    2, 12, 14 ,16. Best of the lot.

  • Aaron

    Let's get High School Drunk! Hahaha!

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