Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • joeyjojojr. shabadoo

    #15 is so awesome

    • Megan

      Looks like she needs to make herself a sammich.

      • The Truth

        no way… awesome body. don't be a jealous

        • chicago_animal

          Lol. If you like girls who eat a saltine for dinner then go ahead and jerk off to this skinny bitch.

          • Matt137

            I love girls who eat saltines for dinner.

          • Matt137

            Because I'm lonely and desperate for someone to have sex with me.

            • Matt137

              Wow, you're cool. Just use my name to make comments and make yourself feel better.

          • Slim Jim

            don't threaten me with a good time.

      • fuckSammiches

        God I hate when people spell "sammich"
        Just looks so fucking retarded.

        ^This troll has succeeded

        • cheeseSammich

          i think sammiches are grate!

      • Milk Steak

        I love me a girl with some curves! So this particular one is not my slice of pie.

    • likethat?

      yea 14 and anorexic……..real awesome

      • its_forge

        If you think that's anorexic you haven't seen anorexic.

        • Lotus

          She looks underweight, teetering on the edge of unhealthy

        • nah brah

          she looks really damn skinny either way.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Image search Norma Stitz, NSFW but you'll thank me later.

      – Fan testimonial: "Damn it Paula, I just opened your "sfw" in class…I sit in 3rd row of a 20 row class. Someone definitely saw me checking out boobs."

      • likethat?

        haha now i know why some women are anorexic

        • tcee

          you assholes are crazy; she is unbelievable.

          • A. Medstudent

            Just a thought for people saying "anorexic!" Look at her arms. You can tell the best difference between a slender girl and an anorexic girl by checking out the tone of her arms. As someone becomes malnourished they'll lose muscle mass along with or even preferentially to body fat. Elbows get nobby, biceps start to look stringy. Looks like Kermit's arms.
            This young lady has well-developed arms, her face looks full, and she has boobs. She looks pretty healthy on a quick once over. (To say the least)

            • DrGarnicus


            • guest

              well said, i agree completely. the only part that alludes to any undernourishment at all is her hip bones sticking out…but that is more the shape of her pelvis i would say.

              oh well at least we all have different tastes. leaves some for me.

      • 13Aliens

        I'll thank you now… That's a whole lotta Norma!!!!

    • ShaneBogue

      I agree NC chiver for years. this is my first comment. just for her…

      • Kristen

        I'm sure she's flattered and now you'll have the opportunity to slide your cock deep inside her ass…you ignorant fuck.

    • Herp Derp

      I would disappoint her so hard.

  • douche baggins

    #48 dar is early, and I ❤ it!!!

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      San Diego Represent!

    • Douche McBaggins

      I'm still pissed this guy stole my name

    • Usa retard nation

      Using photoshop to write down chive on, on so many random google pics need skills!

    • https://www.facebook.com/taothoma Tao Thoma

      Dare I ask even moar?

  • Alvin

    #6 mother of god what a hottie

    • Red

      Gotta love Nova Scotia chivettes!

    • Cameron

      I really hope she lives in Halifax.

      • Moosehead Chiver

        Amen, brother. Would like to cuddle up to her on this rainy day!

      • Patches

        Yes. I am sure she will see your anonymous comment on her photo and immediately write the Chive so she can somehow determine your identity and come fuck your brains out, all because she lives in the same city as you.

      • nah brah


    • Art


    • Doc

      For the love of god … MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/rpconnell Ryan Connell

      Louisiana guy here, I volunteer to keep her warm in the winter. That woman is absolutely amazing.

    • Nick

      Nice….Representing my home province well. MOAR!!!

    • BigC

      Your a goddess…please move to alberta…mmmm

      • Patches


    • NS Chiver

      Wooo! A hot NS Chivette. I'm from NS and have two chive shirts, come over and I'll show you them XD

    • HaliChiver

      For the love of god and bill murray please find her!!!!!!!

    • Waldo

      Makes me proud to be from NS too!

      • Chris

        Mother of god!!!! I hope that's what the new generation of women are offering when I get back to newf.

      • Nouseforaname

        Sweet zombie Jesus, what a rocket, girls from the east coast are the hottest!

    • North

      I love being from Nova Scotia. Way to represent! KCCO

    • newscot

      Representing Nova Scotia well. Chive on from Halifax!

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      Is it just the Doctor, or is it REALLY emasculating when a guy uses the term "hottie" ?

  • guthrie

    #44 DAMN

    • Duber

      Great way to get back. Break up with him, get skinny, and show your 1/2 naked pictures for the world to see? Makes a lot of sense.

      • its_forge

        Makes perfect sense!

        • Lotus

          Sounds like a revenge plan concocted by a pissy middle school girl.

          • Gnole

            That plan is tried and true Lotus. Do not knock the plan!!!

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Fuck you This! Is! The! Chive!!1!

        – Fan testimonial: "P.S. Feel free to use this as a tag line."

        • tralfaz

          U.S.A ….. U.S.A !

      • chicago_animal

        Yeah at least go to a Site where we can see your bare ass. Show it all off if your really proud.

    • Say Cheese

      Fix that grill and you'll be unstoppable.

      • Dylan

        Personally I think her grill is cute.

        • its_forge

          2nded, that's an adorable bite. Like Shiri Appleby.

      • FixEm

        Agreed. She must be British

    • Mack

      Clearly she got her pump on

    • Ryan

      Why do they always work out after you brake up? God forbid they do while you are together!! 😛

      Look good though #44

      • Derby

        Ho Ho! Ryan nailed it!!

    • tkokilroy

      YOU broke up with HIM. why would you sulk? WOMEN CONFUSE ME

      • D-Wiz

        all you need to remember is: crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy cats crazy crazy crazy.

        • HatBomb

          Can't forget the cats.

        • ladderzombie

          Thank God for Barney Stinson who explained this most underestimated feature of women to us.

    • Dan

      Girls always want to get sexy AFTER they break up… Why not while we're dating you???

      • http://www.facebook.com/cassandra.boulanger Cassandra Boulanger

        Usually because they're cheap and mean. In the beginning they want to buy you gifts and hang out. Next thing you know he's making you stack wood and go out to parties with their friends and invite you haha so yeah I'll get skinnier and date one of your friends

        • Dr_Batman

          Someone's got sand in her vagina.

    • stonewall_79

      I hope all girls follow your example.

    • DukeofYork

      Looking good Doc!

      An old bby friend 😉

    • K-9

      She's a butter-face!

      • beenthere

        BF but on a Rock-hard body… hard to complain!

    • Mmm_Ciao

      I'm not entirely certain if that's a swimsuit or just matching bra and underwear, but either way I like it. Where'd you get it?

    • bdg

      Your body is rocking,but I LOVE the smile!!!! KCCO

      • Jen

        just broke up with my BF last night. I am actually headed to the gym in an hour. you go girl!

  • JohnD

    #15 Ho.ly. Shit!

    • F_L

      too cute. dont know what to say.

  • HOOK

    #29,#48 Lean and Lovely

  • Yup

    #3 damnnnn

    • kbutt

      Thats one hell of a big sex toy.

    • tehbox

      you do know thats one of the fucktards from Jersey Shore right??…. more like moooooooo

      • Hugh

        Why should anyone know that?

  • whyme1973

    #6 #9 Fine as hell.
    #20 I'll play your handcuff game.
    #44 Damn you are sexy!
    #48 Moar is good. Thanks Sexy.

    • 88 cents

      Just the ones I had in mind!

    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      Chivettes are getting exponentially hotter… and it doesnt fucking suck thats for sure

    • Falthor

      wow all these other hot women were in the post? my brain stopped working after #9


    #29 amazing.

    • Jed

      Full video on Youtube:

      Impressive control over her body and balance.

  • Prince Albert

    #20 even MOAR please #19

    • Guest

      *nod* Yeah, that is definitely a woman with the right kind of mindset. Not to mention toys and body. Yum!!!

    • SMT


    • G$farmer

      I respect a girl that doesn't ignore the pleas of the chive masses! And Gorgeous black panties & handcuffs…WOW!!!

      I might as well go home because I will get nothing more done today.

    • sheoncebelieved

      she seriously needs some furry handcuffs, those are so much more comfortable yet serve the same purpose

      • https://www.facebook.com/taothoma Tao Thoma

        If you've got some, post a picture 😛

    • JESSE

      come to Boulder for beautiful views and hot sex on the 4th of July… America

    • CO love

      MOAR for an Aspen chiver

  • Kodos

    "Right you are, Ken."

    • Megan

      MXC!!! ❤

      • Wiley

        Fucking love that show

      • AlxH

        i think you mean Takeshi's Castle

        • Kodos

          only in Japan

        • Visitohr

          Takeshi's Castle rocked, loved the headbutts on those big ass rollers

    • Sabrina

      I miss MXC. 😦

    • fritodog

      Dont get eliminateeeeeedddddd!!!

    • Lower

      Get it on.

  • HatBomb

    #20 handcuffs, need I say more?

    • YouAreHot

      Who is lucky bastard who got to take these pictures? The unforgivable things i would do to you… damn.

      • https://www.facebook.com/taothoma Tao Thoma

        I'm still just choosing to believe in my mind she took those herself.

    • Hell yeah!

      No, you need to say "MOAR!!"

  • AtlChiver

    #27 I could have used a few of these today!

    • sfb101

      ABSOLUTELY! I wanna stack of them

    • Guest

      Are you going to make these available for order Chive?

      I'll take a thousand.

      • Jen

        you can buy them now by using this thing called Google to find them…

  • Wanted

    #10 take heed, chive

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      #9 I definitely saw a nipple!

  • http://twitter.com/HBSS82 @HBSS82

    #6 MOAR!!!

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      what a stunner

    • Tommyboy

      Chive on NS girl! Love from: the city of Halifax

    • thetech2

      more please I am living there right now and we should see more of this beauty

  • st33

    Typical. Don't work out when you have the boyfriend…but hey, now you're single, gotta look good.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Hey, you gotta admit he has a point!….

    • Burns

      beat me to the post!

    • Ander

      Good point. Women, just like men, get comfortable in a relationship and stop trying too.

      • Kodo

        but us men always look good, so we don't have to try B)

        • Dr_Batman

          Damn right, Kodo.

    • Samhedi

      ExACTly! THank you! Just wait until she gets in another relationship, pulls the rip-cord on the ol' Inflate-O-Ass, and then whines all over again when they break up.

      • mike~

        Ya one time in college I broke up with a girl because she never wanted to go party she just watched movies. Day I broke up with her she went out to a party.

        • Kristen

          You're a lyin' motherfucker, Mike. You never had a girlfriend, and you've never been to a party.

      • Anon

        EXACTLY! Just wait until some random guy on the internet sees a picture of her with one sentence and completely judges everything in her life and calls her crazy or lazy!

        • Banana_man

          I see what you did there.

      • chicago_animal

        Don't worry she will get pregnant and that's why she gains weight.

    • Woop

      Why do women bend their sides when they take a photo? Drives me insane. Stand straight like #6!

      • Dylan

        Bending to the side creates the illusion that their midsection is thinner, because it creates a narrower profile.

      • Uncle Knuckle

        Even the chick in the painting behind is doing it!

        • Asolare

          Please tell me that was sarcastic

      • Odd

        Odd body..she never worked out a day in her life..

  • Bud

    #21, that's no rain. It's a space station!

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      And it's aftermath.

      • Guest


        • Bud

          No douchey grammar correcting under my post please.

        • unmecenfrance

          and if you're going to correct grammar, make sure you know what the hell you're talking about first; i.e.: it's = it is, as in "the correct spelling of after math (it) + is + aftermath", thus "it's aftermath [not after math]….f***ing uninformed grammar nazis

          • beans

            FAILure to recognize subject and predicate. Don't worry, it happens, even to the French.

            Hey, is "douche" French?

    • fed

      my first year abroad was in Duluth, it was there that I became the person that I am today. kcco my fellow duluthians…

      • Oltimey

        Surprise you didn't add the photo's of Grandma's restaurant and Target's parking lot. K.C.C.O. from Thunder Bay.

    • Squirrely24

      Thats crazy the top pic was in my old neighborhood and its the only section that was paved.

    • TylerDurdenUMD

      For oltimey, here you go. You'll get a kick out of this:

      The area they cover is just sick, especially when they're going through a parking lot full of mostly-submerged cars.

  • hggh

    #37 man statues get more action than i do :/

    • Ralph

      Bronze yourself and stand still in public.

    • Adam

      I recognise that statue. Perth, Western Australia chivers represent!

    • Dr_Batman

      Lucky friggin statue..

    • http://www.facebook.com/filthypirate Ryan Hartman

      As a Perth resident, I think we need more of Perth Chivette.

    • Tim

      i walk past that statue everyday on my way to work. where was i when this was taken. That statue is getting a high five tomorrow haha

    • http://twitter.com/scottotd @scottotd

      Chive on Perth!

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #20 – I like the way you think :).

    • chicago_animal


    • Timmay


    • Guy

      These two guys don't get laid much.

  • Nick M

    #44 and #48
    MOAR MOAR MOAR…please and thank you!!

    • chicago_animal

      It's MORE. Are you retarded or just a follower of idiots who spell words like Kewl?

      • Nick M

        Are you just a fucking jackass? Do you feel better when you have to correct people? Its just a saying dude, no big deal you know…please remember to Keep Calm & Chive On!!

        • Barney Stinson

          STFU. it sounds retarded.

  • whyme1973

    #15 Fuck.

    • Ispeakchive

      I see your fuck and raise you a fuck : )

  • Larry

    #6 #20 #44 #48 you ma-ladies are very hot.

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #39 Itty bitty titty girls need love too.

    • TheUChiver

      Which one is Susan?

    • DAve

      The one on the left looks cuter anyway i think (well i can only see like half her face but still!)

    • Barf

      This, this is true!

    • RCP

      they just get love doggie style cuz there's isnt much to play with in face to face positions.

      • Woop

        Did you get here in the delorean? I thought we evolved past your kind now.

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      It's all about the hump anyways

      • BUrgandy

        fkn A right Torre, tits, no tits could care less but have to have an ASS

      • chicago_animal

        Yeah if flats has a big ass Im more into her then the chick with plastic in her body.

      • DrGarnicus


    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Anything more than a mouthful is waisted.

      – Fan testimonial: "To those who ask: Paula: the troll Chive keeps in its basement that sometimes escapes and wreakes hilarious havoc all over the comment section. Adored by (very) few, hated by many. – pile0rocks"

    • Kodos

      And they have vaginas!

    • Dr_Batman

      Well if you add them together and divide by two..

  • dantheman7

    #15, #20, #44, and #48 So Fucking Hot! Keep up the good work.

  • essandem

    #3 latest invention on display at the S&M Time Traveler's convention

    • tralfaz


      Holy shiiit!!! somethings wrong with my new vibrator!

      • doodski

        wtf to the both of you…

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