Hot Right Now: Sh*t happens sometimes (30 Photos)

I STILL miss college…. (55 Photos)

  • danny

    #17 has been on the chive before FIND HER

  • DangerMuffin

    Woodward at copper?? hell yeah!

  • Shat_Thrice


    You make life livable. GO BIG RED

  • Dave

    #42 Kia ora and CHIVE ON!

    • Dave

      LOL #40

  • cme_red

    #28 GO DUCKS!!!!

  • Damien Loki

    #44 This brings back memories, one day me and my buddy Momo were bored outta of our minds so we decided to burst into random dorms, shout and scare the piss outta everyone and then leave, we stopped after we walked into a scene eerily familiar to this

  • Daily Hot

    And when someone will ask you: Where did you study?

    Keep Calm and Carry On with thechive

  • fendermallot

    #28 GO DUCKS!!

  • CanucksRule

    #9 – instant hard-on.

  • Michael

    #26, bit of a grandma ass to be honest..

    • elb

      ssh..don't pee on their parade, they all think any chick who shows her ass = hottest thing ever.

  • Fuck me

    #14 totes lesbo! Lol #34 gotta love human sexuality class 😉 haha #44 wonder what they are striping down for…;)…i like the elephant

  • Bob

    #2, #9, #17, #24, #26…College sucked, but I miss these kinds of things.

  • bob

    #2 #26 we need moar fantastic !!!!

  • Gallus

    #3 – A tradition at *your* school? Hell, I thought everyone did that!

    #26 and #41 – What *I* miss about college. (That's about it, though.)

  • Petey

    #41 finally a chivette from my home state!!!!! Moar plz!!!!

  • big g

    #44 why is that trunk on the elephant so empty!

  • banger

    #17 funny sexy girl does the hair match the drapes 😉

  • Jon

    #24…Finally a Texas State Chivette!

  • ichabod

    #54 SFA! Graduating in August!

  • AAC

    Find #29

  • do it

    #42 show yourself Pittsburgh needs to make a strong showing

  • Will Peck

    #24 From a class of '10 alumnus, go Bobcats! Also, nice rack.

  • @mizdictator

    #5 Those are my Boys! I'm so proud of them. :]

  • Fresh

    #9 i can tell the blonde one has a chinstrap fetish

  • John

    Whoop to the fellow Texas A&M Chivers!!!

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