I STILL miss college…. (55 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Metal.Runner88 Richard Powell Σχ

    #24 MOAR! Also, Chive meet up/float at Texas State before the semester kicks off?

    • https://www.facebook.com/atombombblonde Kt McBurnie

      Chive float? YES please! 🙂

    • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.newton.37 Douglas Newton


  • togaen

    #2 #9 um… yeah… I'll be in bunk…

  • James

    #24 Rep for Texas State. Above the Alkek teaching theater side I believe. And hell yes to chive meet up/ river float!

  • nuccabay

    #9 ya theta chi

  • nuccabay

    #47 – did the same thing, the kid next to me was like, dude are you wasted right now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.newton.37 Douglas Newton

    #24 MOAR!! Hit me up we can hit the square some time!


    #28 GO DUCKS!!

  • _me

    #29 come on!!! MOAR!!!!! AND FIND HERRRR!!!!!

  • theman

    HOLY SHIT!!! #29 BEAUTIFULLL!!!! MOREMOREMORE. find her now.

  • Bobcats

    #24 As a loyal Texas state chiver we need moar!!! And yes to the chive river float meetup!

  • Frosty

    #34 Best. Class. Ever. Of All Time…

  • Keith_D

    #17- Find AC/DC girl and the one right next to the refrigerator
    #44- Find her!

  • david

    #17- you can rock my world anyday 😉

  • signmeup0003

    Dear Texas state chivette (# 24) who are you?

    sincerely a current texas state chiver.

  • TCHI56

    Love seeing Theta Chi represented in pic #9

  • http://www.facebook.com/lee.bryant3 Lee Bryant

    Dear #24, i too like to sneak around the Texas State campus. The thing is I'm in a wheelchair and the Texas State campus is MIGHTY hilly. Will you push me around????? PLEASE??

  • Albert

    #29 find the one on the left!

  • BigO

    Bobcat alum here, glad to see things haven't changed much. KCCO!!!

  • nerpnerp

    You STILL miss college because you are an immature douche! You'll probably wear your hat backwards and sandels with shorts until you're 40. Grow the fuck you pathetic little child.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.pollock.7 theycallmedaddy

    #10 i think i found the new trophy for my fantasy football league!

    afterthought: #29.. i'd love to be this hand

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