Lisa Ramos is using the Twitter Machine properly (27 Photos)

Lisa Ramos got her start on America's Top Model and she's just starting to hit the big time. Her awesome Twitter Machine right here.

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Posts like these make me think I should use my twitter more……

    • Bigdogg

      Posts like this prevent me from standing at work….

      • r@f

        #18 She's hot but this pic is not a good look for her.

    • Birdhaus32

      i should use my twitter for just this reason. and to let her know that as long as i have a face she'll have a seat

    • Ron Swanson

      sure thing. just be sure to hand in your man card before you do.

  • NavyBoyTate

    #26 yay gap. This girl has an amazing body I'm gonna use a word I don't throw around a lot….beautiful

    • ouchie


  • whyme1973

    #3 #8 Fuck.

    • Rick

      She's a knockout. But when she is next to Melanie I don't even see her. #7

  • whyme1973

    #16 Makes me want to spend the weekend in bed. Damn.

  • SAChiverSteven

    #3 So F#cking Hot!

  • KingThing

    WOW!… Absolutely Beautiful!
    Oh…To be a part of that sammich!….

  • anon

    #10 ohilly d!!

    • Chris

      Do the Cat Daddy!!!!

      • Mego

        That PDS was awesome. PhillyD rocks and these girls are stunning

        • Chazz_B

          indeed =P

    • @theterryburke

      he's a huge chive fan. it's about time he gets posted!

    • Lex Williams

      disappointed in him for the hover hands tho…

      • @theterryburke

        it could be intentional

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #8 and us boys love you

  • BigPup

    #3 That. Look.

  • Knockout_Ned

    #10 Guy: Hey! Take a pic with me?
    Ladies: Ummmm, sure!
    Guy: (in his head) Don't look stupid. Don't look stupid. Don't look stupid.
    *snaps photo
    Lisa: Ok! What do you think?
    Guy: Can we take another?
    Lisa: Double hover hand? Really?

    • mathieu

      Bitch please, Phil is a Boss!

      • C N Things

        The Nation agrees!

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Man, you guys are being tough on steddy Neddy today…. I guess I'll resort to thoughtless comments like, "MOAR!!" or "I like her!" or "Fuucckk!" & maybe I'll get some love….

          • Martin_McFly

            You're comments are clever, good sir Ned. But I think it's the staking out a comment spot until you can come up with something clever to say, and the editing of your comments that may be garnishing your heavy dislikes.. I know how you feel though – like when I make a grammatical error, or something I typed didn't quiiiiiiiite make sense, I sometimes try to fix it to avoid looking like an asshat. But it truly is something to be done discretely – for the Chivers are paying attention, and will call you out on it.

            Keep Calm, Keep up the Witty Comments, and Chive On!

            • Ned_Plimpton


              JK, man… KCCO

              • Martin_McFly

                Now THAT is some funny shit, right there.

    • Cody Klein

      You clearly didn't see the pillow fight and other awesomeness with Philly D sir. Mr Defranco is the shit.

    • AIDSgetem

      You're never funny. In fact, a group of us gather around the computer at work to laugh at your pathetic existence every time there's a new post. We know you're going to bomb, and more than likely it will be in this dopey, script dialogue style. Thank you for making us feel better about ourselves.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        You're welcome.

        I'll overlook your hateful/unnecessary comment though… I know it's gotta be tough being married to your cousin.

        I guess I'm wasting my time on this site. Don't feel like being part of such a hateful community. Thought that wasn't what the Chive was about. Oh well…

        KCCO one last time from your old friend, NP

        • AChiver

          You just have to ignore the haters Ned. Fuck 'em!

          • Aluver

            "haters"? what are you, 12?

          • NotFunnyNed

            Don't ignore the haters Ned. We really don't like you. Your new name is Not Funny Ned. Two of us are accomplished screen writers. Your jokes are so bad we're actually writing a script about you. We'll let you know if it gets picked up.

            • Knockout_Ned

              Wow… Obsessed much?? Funny because I'm an accomplished screenwriter too… Oh, and If your script does get picked up, I'll be sure to sue your ass for my cut.

              Knockout_Ned… The commentator formerly known as Ned_Plimpton

              • NotFunnyNed

                Why did you change your name? Trying to build a new brand since this one tanked?

                Also, NotFunnyNed would have been a better selection. I'll let you have it. If you're not understanding, maybe I can put it in that dopey dialogue so you can grasp it.

                NFN: Hey stupid, take my name!

              • EatShitNdie

                What have you written Ned? There's no way you've written anything professionally with that dialogue above.

                • Knockout_Ned

                  Why do you say that? I didn't know who the guy in the pic was. If he was just some bloke, it would've been funnier.

                  Even Aaron Sorkin has written some garbage.

                  • NFN

                    Not Funny Ned is currently being shopped around, hopefully we get picked up for next pilot season.

                    The first episode, the lead character will refer to himself as "Steady Neddy." If that don't bring the laughs, NOTHING WILL.

    • Kanye West

      That shit was just not funny man.

    • kingspade97


  • Martin_McFly

    #25 I love a woman who isn't afraid to eat meat

    • Saskguy26

      like a boss

  • SAChiverSteven

    I don't see enough Ass!

  • Dave

    All hot but if I had to pick one it would be #25, thats my kinda girl

  • nutter

    #15 biggie smalls is the illest.

    • Jak

      If that's biggie, then how old is this pic?

      • Lawrence

        I think you missed the boat there…

      • Atom819


    • KillerCody

      It's Notoriously Fabulous B.I.G.

  • Cali_Dude

    #3 Wow, #11 Wow, which leads me to day WOW. The rare and elusive pre-breakfast boner has poked his head up.

    • Cali_Dude

      Leads me to SAY, need coffee

    • Samhedi

      That's kinda sad. I'm 36 and I can pole vault out of bed every morning.

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #16, #25 – Not bad. 😀



    • Macro

      You're not important enough to have a signature. Knock it off.

      • SuperDanMan4290

        Funny you say that… You consider yourself important in your everyday living life. Do you? Do you not have a nickname or online name? Your name probably isn't Macro is it? Why tell other people to "Knock it off" if there is nothing to knock off? I may not be important in your opinion…that is fine, but I am important to other people…I think you know where I am getting at. A person who isn't important to one person, but considered important to many, that is more important to me than just you trolling the web telling people to "knock it off" when it is my given right to express my opinion on a online blog/website.



        Have a good day Macro. 🙂

        • Bill Murray

          pipe down, francis. no one cares.

          • SuperDanMan4290

            that is why i put the smiley at the end…i wasn't mad.



            Your movies are great. 🙂

  • whyme1973

    #25 Obviously enjoys a mouthful of hot meat.

  • Kodos

    Yeah, BITE IT, BABY!!

  • Randy

    Whenever I look at this #14 I wish I had a bucket of water handy

  • Jeff

    #3 & #14, Lisa you are a very beautiful and sexy woman!

  • Bender

    #23 Melanie Iglesias is incredible, despite the drawn on eyebrows.

    • Jak

      Easy to adjust attitudes

  • @JDS2041

    I thought she looked like one of the girls in the flip book video!

  • misschris

    #19 There's no way to say this without sounding creepy, but she really does have a pretty mouth. 😛

  • echogeo

    More pics like #8 por favor.

  • stonewall_79

    #23 Love them both.

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