Steampunk girls are a whole different breed (24 Photos)

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  • jinnx

    Omg. I need one to keep in my mou…. Err pocket 😡



  • moar boar


  • Roger Dodger

    really hot, but walking around like that in public would make you look like a real asshole

  • danny

    #7 by far the best girl on here!!! sweet baby jesus gimme moar!

  • Ally

    It took me like 3 views of this gallery to notice, but is #8 really steampunk?

  • Anonymous Coward

    Mostly looked at the boobs

    • Richard Mayhew

      Then you missed the point. Steampunk, as a genre, is all about beautiful women showing as much as they can while fitting into a great Firefly-type aesthetic.

  • Lee

    I'm not even into steampunk but this is still the best post ever.

  • Poke4Life

    Not sure what the fuck this is, but you can't argue with the results…

  • -k9

    Ok my wrist is really starting to get sore ……

  • RiceMunch

    I love being a nerd!

  • amaricrawrs

    #8 is Yuna of FFX-2 not steam punk :p

  • Canadian

    #26 by far the most beautiful!

  • dragon30

    and i'm done thank you chive

  • Sean Higgins

    holy mother of god…..

  • punk'd

    #3,5,9,11,13,19,21,22 are the same girl. Her name is Kato.

  • Dave

    Look up Kato on Faceboook

  • cheeseSammich

    #25 and #29 – i like my women pale!

  • Koros

    OMG all this girls look very hot 🙂

  • johkur

    WOW times 30!

  • Marquis de Carrabas

    My Fiancée and I went to ConTemporal this weekend in Chapel Hill, NC. It was its first year; a full-on Steampunk convention. John Strangeway is the Fett man in the first pic. If you're into corsets, breasts, and lots of drinking I would HIGHLY recommend going to a convention nearby. And believe me – there are dozens of these things a year all over the country.

    Don't miss DragonCon in August! (Although that's not a Steampunk-only convention there is TONS of cosplay there.)

  • Rich Graff

    Until today I had no idea what Steamounk was nor had I heard the term before. After seeing this post I am stil not sure I understand it. I think I could like posts like this if they were posted a little more often.

  • Still_MisGuided

    #2 #5 KNOCKOUTS!!

  • Kaelen Brede



  • GregS18348

    Keep Calm – Hard On

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