Steampunk girls are a whole different breed (24 Photos)

  • hakai20

    I know a lot of people have said so already, but I'm still gonna say it myself.

    #8 is a cosplay of Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. Not steampunk.

  • Jack Sparrow

    #9 and #14 look like wax sculptures

  • troy

    Most of these girls look fukn sensational. This style of clothing is smokn hot. the girls look gorgeous. MOAR please.

  • cre3zy

    # 25

  • eral

    There are several shots of Kato from She's very talented in addition to being lovely.

  • @rixiebhelle

    #8 Is Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Not steampunk !

  • ar tee

    it would be a summer pleasure to know more about and to have a special gallery for

  • Christian Ellegaard
  • Houdini112

    I never heard about steampunk before,it looks a lot like mad max,but the girls are stunning especially #3

  • Heathen

    #4 that's one mean lookin' dude

  • Ed Jones

    Wow! After I viewed this series, I researched Steampunk, and I think I are one — at least a fan. But, I had to look at number 1 three times before I really noticed the fellow with that lovely. Isn't that supposed to be Bobba Fet (sp?)? Just curious. Such lovely ladies.

  • Jesse James Caddell

    YUNA IS NOT STEAMPUNK. what the shit.

  • Max


  • Mario

    #2 more

  • AJB

    Who is number 12, I need to know

  • DMV

    Find all of them.

  • Travis Phoenix Birch

    #5 and #7 could make me very happy

  • ryankarisma

    #8 Not steampunk..Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Still Hot. She is MY Fantasy ^_^

  • @IsSheADaughter

    #30 is amazing. I think she's the prettiest of them all.

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    Some of these are barely steampunk. Good slideshow, nonetheless.

  • wkdfrog

    #25 What's up with her nipple outline!

  • bigbooty

    anyone know who #15 is?

  • Chesters Mule

    #2 #7 – Mother of God…

  • David Polito

    FIND THE WHITE HAIRED GIRL IN 19 and 21!!! i think she's in 11 and 13 too but the angle makes it hard to tell

  • Mort Goldman

    #9,#11,#13 Cute!

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