World’s Ugliest Dog 2012 Contest — they’re all winners to me (17 photos)

Via nationalpost

  • Macy

    #1 isn't even ugly. Just a pug sticking its tongue out. It actually made me smile. The others are all scary though. I couldn't live with them.

  • Vikthor Lobo Torres Rosales

    #8 i lost my eye in nom bby!!

  • MeatRocket696

    They should have this contest for humans.

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    why would anybody even want to have a world's ugliest rat contest?

    wait a minute…

  • 2bit

    #12 makes me laugh… Reminds me of a lady I used to work with

    • Polygonpoop

      Looks more like a rough coated Brussels Griffon with a poor trim, than a chinese crested.
      They're supposed to have short trim, and a long beard (show standard anyways). This one has started getting grey fur, suggesting it is not a youngster any longer.
      – I prefer my two Bruss Griffs with furry legs an long beards… much more wookie/ewok like… and with a proper trim they're not ugly…

  • SARmedic

    That contest is less than a mile from my house. I hate Saturdays because they have cars racing around the dirt track until eleven or so, sounds like a dragstrip. On the upside, the fireworks are almost here and I have a front row seat from my upstairs balcony!

  • nuccabay


  • janedoe

    This is such a wonderful way to represent my home town

  • Otis

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All God's creatures are special.

  • Kevin

    KCCO from Petaluma

  • Boosucks

    I think most of these dogs are soo cute!! On the other hand, Boo, that buttfuck ugly Pomeranian on FB…

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