It’s a glorious Hump Day (72 photos)

  • Clutch101

    For a ass man this is the best day of the week!

    • Rodi


    • Hummps!

      I think you mean for "any" man. Love da hump day!

      • Clutch101

        If you want to get technical, it should have read "For an ass man, this is the best day of the week!"
        I was referring to myself in the post… nobody else thanks.

    • xavi00

      maybe more important than sexy chivettes to me now.

    • Daniel Tosh

      It's time for a HQ Hump Day

      • vinnychae

        fa sho, its all about that ass

        small asses, big asses. as long as its nice than its all good.

    • Realist

      besides pics like at no#25 where they feel like they need to photoshop the pic so much it actually becomes comical.

  • beanie

    hump day…mmmmmmm

  • jetrome

    I keep hitting the Tap It button, but I keep going to Tapiture….

  • boob_cuddle

    #4 #24 #45 wow look at those cheeks! Also Wtf chive many recycled pics.

    • Hawksnester

      Agreed, many recycled that were already recycled.

      • tv_paul

        True, but this is recycling I can get behind.

        • sfb101

          I see what you did there…:p

    • Hmmmm

      Not sure if you're happy or mad…

      • boob_cuddle

        Hence suspicious fry.

    • thebeefinjector

      You Have EPIC taste! also #26

      • boob_cuddle

        Thanks. There's nothing better than cheeks you can get a good hold of. Yes #26 deserve credit.

  • douche baggins

    #15 #64 I ❤ hump day

    • Macro

      #4 is Jamie Koeppe.

    • Brian

      We need the return of Things that Bounce

      • liv

        #51 who is she? Find Her! Moar!

  • Breau mc faggy pants

    I don't Remember putting on skinny jeans today, but holy hell does it feel like it!

  • Jason

    #3 might be my pick.

    • WreckJames

      She has some broad shoulders for a lady hahaha there may be a reason you cant see the face

  • Bob

    And a glorious hump day to you sir.

    Repeats….leave em in last weeks post.

    • Matter of Fact

      No shit. At least fifteen of these pictures were in last week's post or the 'Mind the Gap' post. Ruins the creativity of the whole thing.

      • Lotus

        Lol, "creativity" he says

  • CanucksRule

    #69 – yum.

    • KCCO


    • Matt

      Never, ever gets old.

    • nate33uc

      great ass, but canucks definitely do not rule

  • kevinwills

    outstanding no production here lol

  • Happy Chiver!

    #20 WAHOO!

  • Knockout_Ned

    This was eerily similar to my reaction to #8


      This gal has realyy got it!

    • Please Embed

    • derp

      black cat tuning girl

  • AB

    #24 FTW!!!!! Oh, and someone can Find Her please

    • DutchDude

      Priscila Escobar??

    • danno29388

      Priscila Escobar. Enjoy!

    • Todd

      please please find HER

  • tv_paul

    #37 Is this an open invite? I was always told "If the backdoor is open… feel free to come on in."

    • True Story

      That's also what rapists say.

      • tv_paul

        Oh my god, I got this from Mister Rogers! It makes perfect sense now why he was always changing his shoes when he came back to his house.

    • Sizerp

      Claire Finlayson

  • Jeff

    #4 I have some quarters I'd love to bounce off that luscious hump!

    • Macro

      Canadian! Jamie Koeppe.

    • Jb Van Camp

      I couldn't agree more, amazing hump! Also #24

    • Filbur


  • Juschlln

    I love me some hump day so dont get me wrong but def too many repeats this week

    • echogeo

      Repeats are perfectly acceptable in Hump posts. They can repeat #52 all they want.

    • Snake

      Yeah, all the repeats make it pretty weak.

    • Whorebait

      Do you say that to your girl when you see her booty? "Meh, seen it, REPEAT!!", just enjoy them 🙂

      • True Story

        It's like a song on the radio, or a village whore, when played too many times, it gets stale. A lot of these asses are stale.

        • Whorebait

          Then you sir, do not know how to appreciate beautiful things.

          • tiki bciht

            no, he's right.

          • Lotus

            Yeah, fuck new pictures! We can stare at the same hump day post until we die!

  • J.D

    Didn't get past her, wow

    • pointless watch

      If I would marry her, I would have an affair with her butt!

  • Aaron Wine


    • Rodi

      Meh??? Meh?!?!?!?………….. GTFO!

    • dedonkey

      Meh?!?you obviously have no appreciation of these fine humps/your expectations are unrealistically high or the the simple answer……your gay.meh?!?away off this planet with ye……

  • RealZoo

    #4 #7 #26 #64 Hurray for Hump Day!!!

  • Jackson


    love those see-through undies!!

  • Phil

    #56 Yum, and thank you for your booty!

    • yep

      um, do you see what i see?????

    • Jonas

      am i the only one who sees her lips?

      • Bryan

        nope your right, there's alot more than booty in this pic…winner

    • rapt

      Would love to see more slip up's like this

    • Jb Van Camp

      I wish they'd send a pic like this every time I had to pay my FPL bill, make it a lot easier to swallow.

    • James Ramos

      Yes thank god for showing the knuc!

    • soft taco juice

      Am I the only one who saves a darkened picture like this and then uses a photo editor to brighten it up just for a better hump experience?

    • Tomas

      June 27, 2012… a day that will live in infamy… The Chive gives us a Twat Shot. B)

      Larger version:

      ………….. you're welcome. 😉

      • James Ramos

        Good job sir! Definitely see the knuckle in there! Making Chivers happy today.

      • Jack

        And..thank you. Photoshop, Image, Adjust, Levels and WOW.

    • Makster87

      FIRST thing i noticed was the lack therof underwears….amazing… MOAR MOAR MOAR of this chic. MY god.

  • mathieu

    #4 is Perfection…

    • jakeofhearts

      is that thing shopped? good gracious!

  • Ricardo Neves Machado

    Those are some fine humps, but #4 and #25… Those are the real deal.

  • Brad

    There are some beautiful women on this site. Wow.

  • Jeff

    #34, I'd climb the stairway to your hump!

    • Jeff

      I forgot to mention that your hump does look heavenly!

    • bdg


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