Nice cars left for dead (72 Photos)

  • therealsnowman

    #32 Gathering a bit of dust/sand from a sandstorm = 'left for dead' now, eh?

  • Jameswastaken

    Literally hung my head when I saw #25. Such a beautiful, and uncommon car to just let rot away.

    • Matty

      BMW 3.0 CSL. Honestly one of my dream cars. It makes my heart ache.

  • Ryan Brown

    #3 and #67 make me sad.

  • What an open goal

    Somebody call Discovery Channel. There's enough for an all new car pimping series.
    3 seasons worth of crap television just sitting there.

  • tapsnapornap

    Will the owner of #9 or #72 please contact me?

  • XL22

    I liked this car post way better then the other ones. I am sure someone one day will get ahold of these beauties and fix them up.

  • 87buick

    It's time for a friendly game of find her…. And a new addition called restore her

  • Jimbo

    #44 I'd buy it.

  • Patrick Piecha

    #2 i have to hold back my tears… damn


    #59 Please identify this car for me… is driving me nuts.

    • left 4 dead

      it's an old jaguar

    • group44

      Jag xk-120

  • fibonacci5150

    #5 right?, I remember that episode. Put the covers back on!!!!

    • BillBrasky

      Chasing classic cars

  • Guse

    The cost of restoring #21 would probably be bigger than just buying a new one.

  • flibble

    Sorry Chive, but again. why is this not on The Throttle??!

  • Chicago Sean

    One man's trash…

    • jacues

      in south africa we also have assholes who do this.they will rather see it rot away than to sell it to someone who will look after it.assholes like this need to be burned on a stake

  • NeelsvanPK

    Thanks. This ruined my day, turning me into a sobbing child.

  • XL22

    Chive army we need your help! Who remembers the soda/pop SURGE? Well we are trying to bring it back please check us out!

  • Nebraska

    What kind of car is #6

    • Do0zer

      1939 Graham Coupe

      Cool hotrod straight from the factory. Came with a supercharger, aluminum heads and pisons! In '39 that is unheard of.

      • _me

        You are the best, thank you. It made pouring through all the comments worth it.

    • Chadd

      1938 GRAHAM

  • BrandonV

    take all the cars!!!!

  • frantic

    why does my heart feel so bad…

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    Where can i find them? I will give them a second life, they all deserve!!

  • Helmet4

    #19 Tuckaseegee River in North Carolina

  • Harmonica33

    thechive making me cry again

  • spliggs

    Please tell me where to find those Miuras, and I'll give you my left nut…

    • Dex

      Yeah, people are going nuts for the corvettes and the mustangs, but no mention of the lamborghini miuras until page 2? This is the original supercar! Those are very rare and need to be restored – right up there with 300SL gullwings.

      • spliggs

        Cheers bro – I'll go halfsies with you on 'em.

  • Regis Auger

    one man's junk is another's dream…

  • Andy

    Ill have the AAR 'Cuda and the RoadRunner please! Drool.

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