Nice cars left for dead (72 Photos)

  • Turkish

    This breaks my fucking heart

  • Anthony Hadley

    I'ts like going to a grave yard and the graves are all dug up and you can see the hollowed out body.

    I mean yeah I get sad sometimes when I see amazing cars get blown up on tv, but that's for entertainment. I'ts hard to see cars just left to die…

  • l0ptbuk

    This post made me cry

  • eAddict

    I went project car hunting a few years back. ran into a lot of cars like this. Many folks, in fact MOST of them just can't let go of them no matter what the condition. I think if they did let the cars go to someone who would rebuild it then they would see themselves as a failure. Sad that they would rather have a car rust out from under themself vs someone working on it and enjoying it.

  • GR8 Scott

    I would prefer to see an entire post of Paula in a thong and pasties than to view a gut-wrenching gallery like this again.

  • Sad Panda

    This post makes Panda sad

  • thesmokingfrog

    Welp, that brought a tear to my eye. Especially since I'm currently looking for a cool project car, and I'd take quite a few of those.

  • Samantha

    some men just want to watch the world burn

  • justme

    The Porsche in # 50 is where I lost it. This is my dream car. Well not this one but you know what I'm saying….

  • LuketheTerrible

    whatever. so what? plenty of junk for wrench heads to putz with whenever they want.

  • 0331

    This post, well, I wept and died a little inside.

  • TonyBono

    I will make it my personal mission to fix that DeLorean, travel back in time, and show each of these car owners the error of their ways….

  • John

    This post would make my father in law cry, god rest his soul.

  • Pete

    Chive should post where these cars are. And then we the viewers might be able to buy them and repair them. I would love to know where some of them are.

  • Pete

    Where is car in photo number 2?

  • TCSthesecond

    #32 an airport parking lot?

  • Alan

    #34 I just died a little inside 😦

  • MosSef

    This doesn't happen over night, so who would do such a thing? I never understood the "let's keep the CARcass on our lawn and watch it rust over" mentality. In other news, i wish I had the funds and know-how to restore any one of these autos. 'Twould be a dream come true.

  • PubicJones


  • Dastrdly

    This post was actually, physically painful.

  • Michael

    Most of the Ferraris depicted have been recovered/restored (except for the wrecked red 550 with the six exhaust pipes). The Cobra Daytona coupe used to belong to Phil Spector, and was auctioned for over $1MIL – that car was also fully restored. Those Lamborghinis (especially the Muiras) are VERY valuable and I doubt they are currently sitting in those conditions anymore….

  • anon

    Consumer trash is consumer trash….

  • Ispeakchive

    depressing…….please don't do this again

  • jode72

    There should be a government agency that removes automobiles from abusive and neglectful homes, like they do with children.

  • Alpha_Dog

    #4 #36 #39
    This is a travesty…

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