Nice cars left for dead (72 Photos)

  • seth

    This gallery makes me sad.

  • BoredMedic

    Anybody else hear Sarah Mclachlan in the back ground while scrolling down?

  • TheTexan

    All those Vetts and Jags……hurts my heart. Why do people let them go like this. Barn find rebuilds are clearly not a dying a breed.

  • Daniel Doc Carr

    Where is that 3.0 CSL?!? I will find you, and I will restore you… #25

    • Matty

      Easily my favorite beamer. The only two that come even close are the 2002, and the original M3.

  • Randy

    #39 is a replica…damn I have a huge frown on my face after looking at those pics.

  • dude

    #34 I invoke my right of intervention theft! Idiot…

  • S2kid

    #39 is not an F40, it's a Pontiac Fiero conversion.

  • Brent Misfeldt

    #13 #50 BREAKS MY HEART! so sad!

  • tony

    I'm going to kill myself…

  • jon

    if you can get through this without almost coming to tears you have no heart

  • Visitohr


    Opel/Vauxhall GT 70's, I had one. Got stolen. Sad panda.

  • whitt

    I want to cry now, thanks guys!

  • Filmsincolor

    First time I've cried in years. Very sad

  • LBKewee

    #70 Cerbera Speed 12?

  • jason

    #20 find Her !!!!!!!! I have the $$$$$$ please please please I will give her a home and get her on the road

  • Daro

    #3 #10 I want to cry =,(

  • Mr. Obvious

    To the owners of these cars that left them in such a sad state, I hate you. I hate you with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. I hope you are all sent to hell and anally impaled by hood ornaments for all eternity. My heart is broken. Going to the Throttle to cheer up.

  • Fred Goss

    Saddest. Post. Ever.

  • Mons


    this is a crime!!!!!!!

  • Douglas

    70% of these cars have all been restored, one of the Stingrays even has a book published about its restoration.

  • Codyyyy

    Who ARE these people who can let this happen.

  • DG1984

    This is the saddest thing I think I've ever seen posted on here.

  • thewanderingeye

    #2 #10 #38 #57 damn near made me cry…

  • Kenneth

    This thread made me very sad. It mostly consisted of me saying " NOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? YOU DON'T LEAVE A LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH OUTSIDE!!" and many other sad cryings. some people just don't even..
    Chive, Please have a restored car thread now, I'll send you one of mine

  • Poke4Life

    Seriously, who does this??
    #2 #4 #15

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