The brilliantly irreverent Louis C.K. (14 Photos)

Louis is widely known for pleasantly harassing his Twitter followers. I propose asking Louis the most absurd question possible on his Twitter Machine.

He'll probably be majorly inconvenienced by a flash mob of questions, but who cares? Let's see if millions of Chivers can evoke some sort of bizarre response.

Louis' US tour dates recently went live on his website. - That's not a paid plug, but if you've never seen Louis live, you should.

Louis’ Twitter Machine.

  • thomas

    Never made it past #4, my stomach hurts I'm laughing so hard

  • baaammm

    #2 amen to that

    • Lou

      'merica…. where obesity reigns supreme

  • TNT

    he's a douche

    • baaammm

      Are you a Christian against masturbation?

      • TNT

        oh hell no .. he's just an arrogant left wing liberal douchebag

        • SantaChrist

          Just born without a sense of humor, apparently

        • Holy Shit WTF.

          #10 I wouldn't want to talk to your ugly kid's either.

        • msee

          …and he isn't funny.

          • tiki bciht


      • Pants Pudding

        He's probably just a douche against funny

    • KO617

      He's brutally honest, something most self-conscious people can't endure. Not everyone sugar coats every word that comes out of their mouth, and I love it.

      • Beer man

        He's the next george carlen.

        • Adam

          No. No he's not. Funny, sure. But Carlin was on a whole different level. Groundbreaking was Carlin. Played out is Louis.

          • dzldk

            let me guess, you think dane cook is funny

            • Nishtai

              Are you serious? He says George Motherfucking Carlin is funnier than Louis CK and your next line of reasoning is "let me guess, you think dane cook is funny"?!
              Dude, go get a clue. Louis CK is "Pee in your pants" funny. Carlin is a Goddamn legend. CK has some big shoes to fill. And if you told him he's the next Carlin, he'd probably spit inside your mouth and fuck your labrador

    • Bob

      you're a douche

    • ColaChiver

      You're a douche.

      • ColaChiver

        Yeah, what Bob said.

        • thom

          Why can't someone not like him? You guys aren't very tolerant.
          He has some wit in there, but for the most part I am not to into him either.

          • @McBeastie666

            why can't I not like the people that don't like him? huh? ever think of that?

            • Jaives

              Why go into a Louis CK post just to say you don't like him? Go not like him somewhere else. You go to the chive and not like him or BFM or Teddy Roosevelt, then expect chivers to open a can of whoop-ass on you.

              • @McBeastie666

                why respond to my post when I obviously do like him?

                • @McBeastie666

                  what is happening here? I like the guy.

    • DDD

      Suck a bag of Dicks!!!!!!

      • Holy Shit WTF.

        How exactly do you do that?

        • Joslin

          One at a time my friend…one at a time.

          • me sucka

            Maybe I'm tired but that was one of the funniest things I've read in a while

            • bag of dicks expert

              agreed… haha.

        • Holy Shit WTF.

          Is it a plastic bag of dicks all mashed together like chicken parts. Or is it a paper bag of dicks like a bunch of baggettes sticking out the top.

    • Child Please

      So what? He's an asshole. That's your complaint? I know plenty of assholes that aren't this fucking funny.

      • Jen

        man, i love internet arguments!

    • sean

      you're stupid

      • silly pants

        you're a silly dummy head.

    • drok14

      I'm with you on that. and a damn hypocrite. the last pic is him saying turn off facebook because it is a complete waste and useless, but yet he is constantly on twitter. Way to be a typical hollywood douche, saying things both way so everyone likes you and just hope that everyone doesn't catch on. He should be our next president, he would fit right in with all the bs politicians.

      • jo mama

        responding to tweets is a lot different than face stalking your ex girlfriend at 4 in the morning when you're drunk….

    • Chorel

      If by douche you mean god among men? Then yes, he's a douche.

  • mason


    I hope he's got his Twitter alerts turned off today


      I asked him why thechive steals from, how about you??

      • Tim

        izismile has %100 original content? Incredible.

      • Uncle Knuckle

        Go to izismile and stay there. We are sick of your bitching.

      • Chorel

        Every site steals from every other site. DEAL WITH IT;.

  • ChrisDG74

    #12 – LOL. Andrew, does Channel 5 News know you sent that?

    • zzzzzzzzzz

      i live in Cincinnati and strongly believe it to be the greatest city in the world.. except every other city in the world (other than Pittsburgh – that place is a shit hole)

  • Huddo

    #2 spoken like a true American, right there. In Europe, the meal is over when the plate is empty, that's before you're full.

    Still, leaves space for more beer!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      …which is the whole point.

      Food is what we need to stay alive in order to keep drinking.

    • suck me dry

      in europe you also eat dick shaped foods cause you're all a bunch of little cock suckers in fancy clothes but not a pot to piss in.

      • spaceace

        Suck me dry.

      • nevermore

        what are you, twelve?

      • Huddo

        Europe? Me? Oh I'd love to visit again. Thanks for being another American stereotype that we're all embarrassed about…

    • Anon

      Whatever, western Europe is just as full of fatasses as the U.S. so don't be pretentious about it

    • patov40

      Sorry dude, but I voted you down before reading your last comment. I can get behind that kind of thinking! I will now log out of my user name and upvote you a couple of times as a guest. Cheers! B)

      • Huddo

        Haha, thanks mate. Don't worry, I'll cope. It's not like these chive points can be cashed in at the end of our lives… Is it?!?!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #13 Awesome

    • Urethra Franklin

      Id vote for him…for Anything!

    • emm

      I'm a girl and I agree with this.

      • Ride

        We know this to be true but yet we are so damn stupid, we'll just hand them our hearts and hope for the best!
        kind of like letting a heroin addict hold on to your life savings….

  • mikey

    He is smart and funny……….. Because he is from Boston. Thumbs up me if you agree

    • ColaChiver

      You get a thumbs down for fishing for upvotes. Get a life.

      • Anon

        Also gets a thumbs down for being from Boston and thinking that's a good thing.

        • fatmanhammer

          Holy fuck I almost spat my cereal all over the screen except of course Im not eating cereal And I have no screen

    • Holy Shit WTF.

      Fuck the patriot's, the bruins, the red sox, and your shitty baked beans.

      • DaddyD

        I agree about the baked beans.

    • fits

      How many thumbs can fit up you? They need to have a middle finger button.

    • Scott

      He's not funny because he's from Boston, he's funny in spite of it.

    • mikey

      haha all you silly nitwits….. jealousy looks yucky on you.

    • Jawbone

      Still a faggot, huh, Mikey?

  • KO617

    #11 is even funnier with audio.

  • Sarcastic Name

    I fucking love this guy!

  • Larry

    #5 his daughter is funnier then he is.

    • troof


      • Larry

        Thanks for that. Haha

    • @MeanzRock

      Idiot, not "Larry".

      • Larry

        Why the "" marks?

        • DaddyD

          His * is broken.

  • theduke311

    Great post! More Louis!

  • NIXem

    #14 FTW , don't be a facebook zombie

    • Guest

      Does anyone even still have a facebook account!?? This isn't 2006… Delete it losers. Your life will be SO much better!!

      • Willie

        That's a great quote. I am stealing it for facebook.

    • JESSE

      What is this site about? IRONIC CHIVE

    • who cares

      I know just the place to share this!

    • Myspace

      what's facebook?

    • zrock

      …from Louis C.K.'s twitter…

  • boobman

    He's the best!!!

  • TAD

    My favorite website paying tribute to my favorite comedian, life is good today

    #4 still one of my roommates favorite quotes

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      You need to get a life then…..

  • Danno Maurer
  • Michael Hendrix

    How about a new Chive shirt. Louis 'Fucking' C.K.


    • Kodos

      already claimed for Bill.

      How about Louis Goddamn C.K.?

      • big otis

        how ' bout louis assbag c.k.

    • ryan

      Yes, Yes, and YES.

  • Alex

    Truth, all of it. Great post.

  • Tim

    Don't forget to leave #KCCO at the end!

  • Brent Misfeldt



    new season on FX starts this week. Top 3 show.

  • Dirttyoldman

    Is it just me or did you read all of them in his voice?

    • Craigery

      I read them in the voice of Professor Frink from Futurama.

  • Chanted

    One of your best posts! Love Louie! Thanks Chive!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    It's hard to believe this is the quiet cop on Parks and Recreation.

    • figurefour

      Whoa… this just blew my mind a little. Never made that connection.

  • BRAD

    he's funny but the show is jus depressing

    • DDD

      Suck a bag of Dicks!!!!!!!

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