The brilliantly irreverent Louis C.K. (14 Photos)

Louis is widely known for pleasantly harassing his Twitter followers. I propose asking Louis the most absurd question possible on his Twitter Machine.

He'll probably be majorly inconvenienced by a flash mob of questions, but who cares? Let's see if millions of Chivers can evoke some sort of bizarre response.

Louis' US tour dates recently went live on his website. - That's not a paid plug, but if you've never seen Louis live, you should.

Louis’ Twitter Machine.

  • Drew

    One of the greatest posts on Chive.

  • abakala

    #10 You left out the last bit where he goes: "Who fucking cares about your shitty kid, he's probably a faggot anyway."

  • PubicJones

    This guy is a fucking tool. Hopefully he and his entire ugly ass family dies tragically. Car wreck maybe. Or hit by a train. Or a fire! Fire would be good.

    • @McBeastie666

      I hope you're on the train that hits him and it derails and you don't die, you're just a torso like the Metallica One video and then Louis and his family make an incredible recovery and he does a stand up show to raise money to have you sent to adult bookstores all over the world so perverted weirdos can use you like a human fleshlight and you catch every non-lethal STD there ever was and you live a long, miserable existence pissing fire and getting rammed up the ass by fat, sweaty truckers.

      • PubicJones

        Your comment is too long and I don't care what you have to say about anything. It was boring by the way. You are simple.

        • willypguts

          Nah it was pretty good.

          • PubicJones

            Black people hate you.

        • @McBeastie666

          here's the cliff notes version: "fuck you"

          • PubicJones

            Blacks hate you too.

            • @McBeastie666

              ok….the world hates you though. even your mom said so….when she didn't have her mouth full.

              • PubicJones

                That's fine if the world hates me because I hate all of it too. 666? There isn't anything bad about you. You're a saint sweetheart. I do love your mother though. That cunt is a nasty filth whore and a squirter. We are in love and I'm going to be your daddy. She eats my shit and I promised to eat hers too. Yes, I will eat your mom's shit. It will be beautiful. I hope that Beastie Boy fuckin suffered.

  • M4jestic

    #4 badass

  • Jen

    #11 I like to call these "first world problems"

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 speak the truth

  • Dennis

    Louis C.K. is the fucking best. just the best. done

  • SadeShadz

    #11 xD

  • Scott

    This is awesome. The two things that really helped me through my divorce were listening to Louis C.K. and TheChive.

  • Bob

    This guy is funny because he hates white people,Americans, and Christians. I love his "You either agree with me or FUCK YOU!"


    #4 awesome #8 amazing

  • Bob

    #14 Said the guy with a Twitter account.

    • Chris

      The guy who only posts on twitter to promote occasionally, answer HUNDREDS of questions from his fans, and follows nobody.

  • Milty

    and #14 is why Louis CK is my hero. I deleted my FB a few weeks ago for this very reason, and I had no idea he made this quote. 🙂

  • Nathan Detharidge

    YouTube his bit about how people complain about cell phones, you'll never respond the same when someone gripes ablut their phone…
    "my phone is so slooww….motherfucker it's going to space and back! Fucking SPACE. Can you give it just an extra SECOND?? And for what? So you can download a fucking picture of Axel Rose falling? Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit."

  • ladderzombie

    #8 this is so fucking true. When I´m bored, I just lean back and enjoy doing nothing.

  • Jeremy DeAnda

    Really, can I just see the video instead of reading the whole fucking thing??

  • alleykay

    #10 LMAO

  • mrmostlymittens

    Louie is a wise, funny, and crazy man…you can't help but love him.

  • Craigery

    #14 tl;dr

  • Harry Longbahls Jr

    You idiots realize #4 was a skit, right?

  • Jose

    #4 it's funny what she said after he said that
    "I hope you do"

  • Still_MisGuided

    #11 lol fukin first world problems are hilarious

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #10 lmao..

  • skidmarq

    Get to see him live in October! Can't wait!

  • smokeymcbear

    interesting, they totally stole this from cavemancircus.

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