• douche baggins

    Very inspiring!

  • TaYo

    Im inspired! My name is awesome-o… Ooh are you a pleasure model? Hahaha

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    i love it! we are indeed a beautiful race with lots we can acquire!
    i feel we alone can make a difference, seize the opportunity..

    i shall now proceed to get of the internet and do something productive…. after the chive

  • Don Rickles

    douche baggins. any relation to dildo baggins?

    • White Wizard

      He's cousins with brodo faggins

  • rucknmaul

    As humans we (especially those of us in the developed world) have so much unrealized potential. I think if more of us asked the question "How can I be a better person today than yesterday?" as individuals and a species we could progress forward a lot quicker.

    Still the future looks bright and life is good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.macias Tyler Macias

    Imma go fight a bear.

    • Tyrone

      Hahahaha I just busted out laughing

  • TheCewb

    Why wasn't Chive mentioned in the end?

  • Pants

    More inspirational feel good bullshit for today's mentally inept children.

    • Smiles at you

      You know you're a reason the world feels and seems like shit. This video was made as a rebuttal for your burned out dumbass.

      • Michael Marantz

        Thank you Thank You THANK YOU

  • Video Fail

    Video doesn't start to play.

    • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

      You have to click the play button first… 😉

  • Count Fukov

    Vomit inducing american-centric capitalist shite.

    • Derp

      If it weren't for this American capitalist shite, you're sad little words would only be heard by your mom in her basement, not thousands of people browsing this site. What does Your country bring to the table? Kcco bro

      • Simon

        Although I don't agree with the original statement, my country bought the phrase that KCCO was based on to the table. And the artwork.

        Granted, I didn't do it personally, but then very few people are actually instrumental in history.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leemalonetv Lee Malikibob Malone

    Definitely need more motivational stuff.

    Yo Chive, how do we submit links to videos? I only see a button for pics.

  • Jacob

    Lets go ask Derrick Jensen what he thinks of the future.

    Or is realism not allowed here?

  • Nasa

    Looking for the future, since NASA has practically ceased, how can we progress?

    • http://www.facebook.com/brian.herbert.35 Brian Herbert

      That is the true question. How are we supposed to explore when they shut down space exploration?

      • imbizzle

        The huble telescope can do more, and see further than people drifting around in space for no apparent reason. We've done as much as we need to do. We can learn more from ocean exploration.

        • Smiles at you

          Space, the final frontier. How is the ocean going to solve any of the world's problems? I'm all for exploring the ocean further but you sound ignorant, maybe naive. Space is the future. I suppose when the earth's resources are nearly used up you'd say, well it's time for another war/plague to decimate the human population so that those left can have a little more time? No, not an answer. An asteroid could wipe us out. We literally have all our eggs in one basket, that is, humans are all on one rock. Once we figure out a new energy and drive source humans can spread out in space. We can and will make this happen whether or not people of your viewpoint understand the logic/reasoning. You all might just make it take longer than necessary.

          • Mr. Fusion

            I see your viewpoint but i more reason on the side of why spend billions of dollars on exploring the vastness of space trying to figure out a way to leave earth which has everything to sustain life meanwhile we cant even firgure out how to keep millions of children from dying of starvation, just to name one example..Lets figure out our problems down here before we start spreading them across the galaxy. And if an asteroid barrels towards the earth we still got bruce willis

            • Smiles at you

              Of course, Bruce will save the day 1 time out of ten. He dies, then what? When the next asteroid, super volcano, or outbreak occurs then what? Spread these eggs out you know?
              You kind of validated my point further, I think anyway. When we figure out how to feed astronauts in space reliably or colonists on other planets I think our food problems here will cease. Also, the population is increasing and resources to make new food are running thin. Wouldn't spreading out in the galaxy, giving us more resources to grow more food be a good thing?
              Also, jobs are a major problem right now. Jobs don't exist for everyone. Therefore income doesn't exist. We need a big source of new jobs and I think the space programs can do that. That doesn't mean just more white collar, logic jobs but also blue collar manual force jobs. We'll need people to design, build, implement and maintain the ships, stations and colonies.
              What do you think?

    • SocialLubricant

      For better or worse, the future of space exploration is in privately and pubilcly held companies, not government funded entities. While the greed and exploitation of some of these uber-rich companies is a bit off-putting, the fact is that many of them are far more efficient financially and in productivity than a government could ever hope to be. The development of programs for mining meteors for various metals is already under way. If a solid profit can be made from improving space travel and exploration, the space shuttle will look like a Model-T Ford sooner than later.

      • thedude325

        Well said. Who knows, maybe the end of NASA is the greatest thing that ever happend to space exploration. Moving from the public sector to the private sector, where creativity and ingenuity really exist.

      • Tony

        I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't freaking WAIT to see what comes after the space Model-T.

  • DDD

    Anytime hear Neil Degrasse Tyson talk it gets me pumped, the mans voice is inspiring….

  • Vince


  • imbizzle

    2 year old hearing for the first time, meh its cute. 29 year old hearing for the first time with appreciation, dodge ball to the face.

  • SouthernRebel18B

    The future is why I re-enlisted – not for me, but for those that are oppressed. I may only be one, but I will spend my life trying to make a difference.

  • JDB85

    Great video, and optimism is all fine and everything, but the simple fact of the matter is, if we don't change our ways as a species then scientists/biologists are giving it a 50/50 chance of the Human Race even surviving to the end of the next century….

    • Danny

      which scientists/biologists?

      • JDB85

        Frank Fenner for one. Several at the Rio convention that just happened. Can't remember that article I read a while ago or I'd post a link. You can google it most likely.

  • Benjamin

    Never stop with videos like these!

  • none

    ….I wonder if we have created a world our fathers and mothers would have wanted for us…..

  • https://www.facebook.com/dan.baker.372 Dan Baker

    The future is ours and advancement is possible as long as we do away with religion.

  • Scotty

    Technology alone is not going to solve any of our real problems, people.

  • waty

    Why do we hear Obama's voice in this video when it's about creating a better world…

  • Redgem

    Because that's Obama's goal–to create a better world.

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