When did this become a thing? (23 Photos)

It's called a corset piercing

  • Buck Jones

    Oddly enough i find this sexy

  • Gnole

    I consider a 10 something that actually affects people….Bash me if you will but please look at the top few comments and tell me that they are not pathetically narrow minded.

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  • Merejsoft

    #11, #16 are pretty sweet

  • Mike

    No thanks.

  • Xtina

    Most, if not all, of the people posting negative comments here don't know anything about what these are. They are simple surface piercings that have been around for a very long time. These are done for events or photoshoots, and are never kept in for more than a few days. None of these are infected, just red from irritation because they aren't meant to be healed. By no means, would something like this have anything to do with "daddy issues". The amount of negative judgement here is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Drunk Guy

    Drunk guy says " If I trip and fall near one of these chicks, I know the first thing I am going to reach out for to break my fall"

  • guest

    Hot hot hot sexy piercings. Not for guys though.

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