Chiver arrives at theCHIVE offices for an AXE® Hair makeover (video)

A few weeks ago we placed a callout on theCHIVE asking for Chivers who might be willing to donate their locks to charity and help us shoot an AXE® Hair makeover here at theCHIVE offices. Steve is not an actor, the former Brown football player was a great sport. Enjoy his spot…

  • 13rit_tiny

    Yum yum! MOARRRRR

  • MIKE Z

    "I'd fuck me"

  • JEN

    <img src="; border="0" alt="schlick smiley Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

  • kevguy

    that guy was probably a model, sorry, but clearly he makes money off of his looks.

  • Sarah Dawn Shade

    Holy Faack this man is beautiful, I think there would be many many greatful women Chivers if we got to see MOAR of him please!!!!

    • Are you blonde


  • katiechristmas


  • @charlesjhey

    Whoaaa babe'n!

  • Ouboet

    That's some of the funniest shit I've ever seen on Chive. Omg so so best.

  • Jennie Krueger

    I'd hit it!

  • jessica

    who is he? super hot, great smile!

  • TITO


  • sdeezychivette

    Oh wow, can I have him?? That is one good looking chiver, long hair or not. Seriously think I've seen this man in my dreams. WAAAANT

  • CarzyB


  • chivette!

    holy shit he's attractive

  • Ali

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  • Lili

    o my gah he was my substitute teacher

  • Chris

    Hes a substitute teacher at my school PHS no joke

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