You missed it, didn’t you? (27 Photos)

  • IGGY

    A man is trapped in a room with only two possible exits: two doors. Through the first door, there is a room constructed from magnifying glass. The blazing sun instantly fries anyone or anything that enters. Through the second door, there is a fire breathing dragon. How does the man escape?

    • Nightjak

      He wakes up and vows to stop eating Chocolate BLTs before going to bed.

      • Pants Pudding

        Maybe he should eat MORE chocolate BLTs. Sometimes it's hard to find the proper balance.

    • Matt r

      At night

    • Chris Borga

      Wait till night

      • BigWoodee

        yes, at night the dragon should be asleep

        • thedude325


        • Ned_Ryerson

          hilarious!! i want to give you more thumbs up.

    • DBig

      Maybe the dragon is a night "person" and the day doesn't agree with him. That's for the previous posts.

      As for the magnifying glass and all it's blazing glory…it's not around at night.. I did not ready about a door though so…Then again, we ARE talking about a dragon and everyone knows they went extinct like 4 or 5 years ago.

      • TheHypnotizer

        Through your mother's closet sized vagina.

      • Spelling Police

        "I did not ready about a door though so" Huh?! WTF?

    • Stevovs

      How did he get in the room.

      • ...

        the little guy on a tricycle put him in there for past wrongs

    • Crazy J

      Why escape? Is the dragon trying ot get him? OK I see it now, open the door with e dragion and then open the other door. Poof! all burned up.

    • Carolyn

      Through the 1st door….leave at night!!!!!!

  • patrick907


  • Freddie Jones

    Smoove shit

  • RealZoo

    #4 …Dat ass.

    • DaddyD

      It's not an ass. It's a zebra. Don't you know anything?!

  • Panda

    Ke$ha? Is that you?

    • etcrr

      I'll do it!

  • Newt


    Theodore Buckland, Esq

  • Panda


    So you could say that cat is looking a bit cock-eyed.

    • Moony


    • joe

      Bah Dum Tssss!

  • Matt

    #6 Communism is still alive and well, eh?

    • PeZ

      Communism? Huh? Dude, that's the Nazi salute.. >_>

      • Matt

        Actually, it's the fascism salute. Darn those "isms", always get them mixed up.

        • PRf

          Oh so you truly just "mixed up" communism and fascism. Happens all the time

          • DaddyD

            More similarities that either would like to admit.

            • PRf

              I'm talking about the actual terms not their meanings. But you're right their similar

              • Vyle_Kidovich

                *they're similar

                • You

                  Fuck you

        • ColaChiver

          @Matt – Communism is alive anyways you fucking twat waffle.

          • Daith_Lee

            twat waffle, huh? Urban Dictionary, here I come….

            • MonkeyMadness

              lol …and when I say lol, I am actually laughing out loud! "fucking twat waffle" made me bust out laughing!

              • Daith_Lee

                LOL…I don't even know who those two can REMOTELY come together and then when done, be negative. first thing I did was in my head I said, "okay..a twat. Hmmm…vagina, okay…got it…a waffle?, Yeah.. uh huh." Okay, how is this bad? I like 'em both. At the same time? why not?"

                • Jason Rogers

                  Google Blue Waffle. That'll help you out.

                  • Daith_Lee

                    Thank You…I just threw up my whole life…

    • Dude

      What does communism have anything to do with it?

      • The_Dood

        What the fuck does anything have to do with Vietnam?!

        • 6_Crack_rocks

          The Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint!!

    • Htt

      Haha I like how pez is so genuinely shocked. Huh? Wha? Commu-? Huhh? No dude nooo, it's fascism. I know this stuff, my mom sucks my dick.

      • Patches

        "I know this stuff, my mom sucks my dick" – just made me laugh harder than any comment has in a long time. Kudos.

      • Woop

        He's shocked because the level of ignorance is just that off putting. Htt you are the reason why people think its uncool to learn and Merica is Merica. Get back to making dick jokes and grinding out your walmart job.

        • Htt

          Wal-mart job? That's clever, degrade middle class enployment as you try to support national progression. stop fabricating a tone of some superior knowledge as you sit behind a computer screen and pretend you know the catalysts of individual perspectives of learning in America.

          • Idius

            Middle class employment? Maybe if you are in management there. I'm pretty sure minimum wage is around so that poor isn't dirt poor, not so that the "middle" class can scrap by while charging a bunch of shit they don't need on their credit cards… It's quite disappointing that you tell one to stop fabricating a tone of superior knowledge while you fabricate a tone of superior knowledge. Not because it's wrong to think that your opinion is superior, but because America really is in trouble and pretending that there isn't a problem just drags us along.

            • Htt

              Who's pretending there isn't a problem? You're disappointed by that fabrication? It's really got you down? Get out of here pussy stop distorting my remarks to make half-assed, irrelavent claims. You wasted time

            • Htt

              What the fuck is your point? So wal-mart jobs aren't present in the middle-class, instead they're for the poor, and so that person was right in degrading them? You literally made no distinct argument

    • Sebastian

      Wow someone screen cap this conversation for the next 'Merica post.

  • PeZ

    I knew about half of these to be perfectly honest..

    • Simon

      Could you be slightly imperfectly honest?

      • Haha

        Haha ^

    • sucks2suck

      Round of applause.

    • Aah

      Do you know anything about nazis

  • bob

    #20 only dumb fucking americans would be surprised by this.

    • @Thedude_1620

      I'm French Canadian American get it right

      • likethat?

        thats even worse……

      • Comeon

        Thedude is homosexual. Admit it, come on.

    • Heybob

      Bob you're a faggot

    • MonkeyMadness

      Only ass sucking non-American retards would pretend that they knew this all along just so they can slam Americans. Jealous much?

      • Turbodude

        I hereby salute you sir

    • Ggy

      I wish I had known this the whole time. That way I could have commented on and conveyed that notion. But I'm American…

    • Vyle_Kidovich

      Our country won the revolutionary war. Boom, roasted

      • Pete

        You had a direct, personal impact in that war?

        Well done you.

      • dub

        Most countries that exist today won their revolutionary wars at some point in history. That's how they gained sovereignty. I hope you're joking.

        Or are you the guy that asks foreigners if they celebrate the 4th of July? It seems to me that most Americans think the world exists for them.

        • Vyle_Kidovich

          When's the surgery? It must hurt to have your head so far up your own ass.

          • dub

            Oh wow. That was good. It appears I underestimated you. Wankwank

            • Vyle_Kidovich

              Typical Brit with a terrible sense of humor and a superiority complex.

              • dub

                American, actually. Just speculating. But thanks for taking it personal. 🙂

            • Sean

              Is that some kinda weird wink or did his comment urge you to rub one out?

              • dub

                Yes. thanks.

    • Ethix

      The USA: Back to Back World War Champions!!!!

      • glenco

        and then they lost the tiny little vietnam war. you must have been sick that day huh?

    • me sucka

      Yeah, or we just don't give a shit

    • dork

      He didn't do his voice Gilbert godfried did

  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    #20 or if you're British you knew this anyway. Jeremy Irons is Scar as well. Let's all go nuts!

    • Youtoo

      Jordan, you too; you're a faggot too.

    • timmytooth

      Since when does the country that someone resides in determine their knowledge on The Lion King?

    • Jordan is a tool

      Lmao, Jordan you're a tool. Just because your british doesn't mean shit. Im 100% positive not every single person in Great Britian knew that. For example me, but then again I had a life as a kid ….

    • Superman

      Here's the thing: British or American Mr. Bean hardly EVER says a word. When he does it is disguised to the point that Zazu and Mr. Bean wouldn't sound anything alike.

      • Colin Twigg

        ever thought of looking at the end credits…
        You know, the bit where it says which actor voiced which character…?

        Just saying…

    • Tyler Daigle

      Who the fuck is jeremy irons?


      I am 100% American and I knew both, so suck on it.

    • BOOM!

      Fuck your queen and gay prince!

      • BritLAD

        How about fuck you! You ill manored swine

        • Tuy

          Wouldn't it be how about fuck you'?' ? Fuck you.

  • Fexley

    People born during the 90s take note.

  • Fexley

    ^^ #27

    • Who Dat

      I thought everyone knew this?

      • Pants Pudding

        If he's positioned further to the right, his hand misses yet he still hits the block. Anybody care to take a shot like this to see if the crown of his head makes contact or if there's a thin line of blue in between?

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 There's a remedie for this… Stop teabagging your cat when it's sunbathing.

    • This one

      The least funny comment I've seen.

      • NoSir

        Least funny? I thought it was cracker of a joke

    • dirtysteve99

      I like your old-timey spelling of 'remedie'

      • 13Aliens

        I like when people say "old-timey"….

  • whats up

    #13 you are an idiot we all knew that

    • Nope

      No we didn't

    • Thud

      Yeah, me neither, but only since I didn't see the top movie. What is it?

      • Jay

        The top clip is from one of their digital shorts. Not sure which film it was released with, one of their earlier ones, maybe even Toy Story 1, not sure.

        But I'm with "whats up," I thought that was pretty common knowledge. Pixar does this stuff all the time, every one of their videos has hidden images from both past films and future films in the works.

        • Phil

          Bug's Life I believe

      • Si1entStatic

        it's from one of the Pixar shorts that they show before or after their main films. I just can't remember which film this one is with…

        • Anonymous

          Gollum vs. Smeagol

  • @Thedude_1620

    #27 my whole life I never knew

    • CaptainInsano

      I feel like my childhood might have been different knowing this.

  • Mikeg01sf

    Excuse me while i pick up the pieces of my mind. Because it has just been BLOWN!!!! KCCO

  • @PaulSkoney

    Guy in the brown jacket: "Well at least my kid is good at something."

    • Heypaul

      You're not funny paul.

      • @PaulSkoney

        It'll happen some day.

    • @KylePunton

      Guy in the Brown Jacket is my Pops. I' the kid getting yaked on…all grown up.

  • @MeanzRock

    Google Chrome was invented by the game Simon.

    • Thankssomuch

      Thanks for clearing that up

  • Dan Conrad's gay

    Mario is fantastic

    • Pants Pudding

      Is Dan Conrad hot? Will he date me?

      • Dan Conrad

        No and no

        • Pants Pudding


  • joe_63640

    …and not a single shit was given.

    • Joe sucks

      People don't like what you said, joe.

  • Tom

    A talentless hack who overstayed her 15 minutes of fame…
    Or the Godess Penelope…
    Tough choice?

    • The Irish Chiver

      The look alot like!.. Which is the point, not who's talented. They look unbelievably alike. Scary!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #22 That dude has a nice ass.

    • Surely

      "he must workout"

  • Sarangali

    #13 who is that on the first picture?

    • m.c.

      The guy from Toy Story 2. What are you American?

      • imbizzle

        what are you 6? i kinda feel sorry that you do know that. Probably time to stop watching childrens cartoons you pedafile. I didnt know it either, but hey im just a real man that busts his ass working outside 12 hours a day.

        • Frank

          What in the hell does that have to do with anything? m.c. is an idiot, but you aren't any better. I guess that sun is a little to intense for you.

        • Fuckyou

          I work outside 8 hours a day busting my ass as well and I cried during Toy Story 3. And I'm probably as much of a man as you if not more. Douchebag.

          • Yeah

            Dude, you cried?

        • Pants Pudding

          What the fuck is a pedafile? Is it a pedophile roladex?

        • The_Dood

          What's a pederast Walter?

    • Holmespump

      He's from a Pixar Short called "Geri's Game" that I didn't even know existed until I just Googled that picture.

      Here's the whole thing:

    • Guest

      I think he's wondering if he's in another movie or why "minds would be blown". Does he look like someone else or is this picture pointless?

  • George_jiji

    I dont get it :/

    • Kevin Fields

      the n64 looks like a koala face

    • PubicJones

      That's because you're stupid.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Who hasn't ever wanted to hit a koala in the face with a N64? I know I do!

      • Pants Pudding

        Let's not get carried away here. Anything past a Sega Genesis is considered cruel.

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