Construcion for the brain deficient (30 Photos)

  • frantic

    I wanna skate #21

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    Right, now we just lift it into position……

  • misschris

    #26 What kind of assholery is this?? How do I get to my delicious treats?

    • SimonPhoenix

      Through my zipper?

    • Ricco

      assholery? LOL that word made me laugh. Thank you LOL

  • Henti

    #27 is designed like this to filter people out quicker in the even of fire.

  • Brennan

    Number 9 is funny, but it's a service room for the networking for that floor at royal university hospital In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I worked in there for 2 years, the best part was when you scared ppl when you came out of the room and there was someone taking the stairs lol

    • HelpfulTips

      Quote the image so people know which one you're referring to without having to scroll all the way back up: #9

  • NHale

    I once had a girlfriend get mad at me for "being selfish" because I refused to rent a basement apartment she liked, just because the ceilings were 5'10" high (I'm 6'4"). Oh and there was a giant air vent over the bed which made it about 4' high above the bed.

  • Steve

    I hope no one believes #30. If they do, they probably built some of these themselves… :^)

  • Brittany

    This should be named Aggie construction 🙂

  • GernBlansten

    #21 #23 Because fuck you handicapped people

  • justin

    #22 is actually correct. it is for storage if wrestling mats and there is a track system that allows for the mats to be brought down

  • lavmdmv

    #23 some guy out there in a wheelchair is now pissed off

  • ScottTTU

    #2: Is this Mexico or New Orleans?

  • insaneyoda

    #5 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Free the turtles!!!!

  • NCA

    Can we please retire the F-word? You know, starts with an F, ends with an L, widely used by unoriginal Internet trolls.

  • New guy

    #25 looks like Kandahar Afghanistan

  • Cassandra

    #7 seems like a good idea. There's a few kids that should be put in a cage/hole

  • lfsg


  • OffDaWall


    Mechanical room above the gym; only access to get the equipment in. Not a fail. See this in rural schools all the time.

  • E-Rock

    Doesn't anyone else see that 30 isn't a real photo!??!!

  • Rubes27

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  • Hannibal

    Damn dreams within dreams… inception architect is a difficult job…

  • Angela Nelson

    #17 could be a fun way to get down stairs

  • zyckel

    #12 BRILLIANT!!

  • Matt

    #29 This reminds me of lemmings, when I fucked up a staircase and had to try again!

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