Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (38 Photos)

  • glitched

    #27 bruce cambell shirt needs to happen

  • http://twitter.com/Bainbro2 @Bainbro2

    Can we start doing some "Find him"? Starting with the guy in 10

  • Mike

    #33 Hyatt in Maui ?

  • Macro

    #35 That's gotta be Canada … looks just like home.

  • crrsureal

    isnt this just a big building?

  • Matt

    #22 $5 says that is one rabid bastard to let you be that close. But KCCO buddy!

  • craypold

    #22 happiest fox ever!

  • bstone9928

    #38 chive… you know what to do. she needs her own shoot

  • Jack

    Wow, I must be gay. I'm sitting here wondering what that chiver is doing with a retired F-117a.

    God Bless Ben Rich and Kelly Johnson. What an amazing piece of machinery.

  • WhatTha

    #28 It is now. #38 Holy shit.

  • http://twitter.com/BSimmzy @BSimmzy

    #6 #20 #30 #34 Will you go out with me?

  • http://twitter.com/BSimmzy @BSimmzy

    #25 NOT # 30 She's pretty you fly planes and are a dude!

  • mike

    #24 MORE!!!

  • amanda

    #19 made me tear up

  • https://www.facebook.com/curtis.evans.718 Curtis Evans

    #19 Such a great picture. Thank you Chive for posting it and thank you to every soldier out there keeping me safe.

  • dennieyo

    #30 #38, Oh MY! Oh MY ! uv just caught ma attention! ♥.♥

  • nouu

    #31 well at least there not fat white chicks like usual.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Frankystein123 Frank Li

    #9, awwwww yeaaaaaah.

    #22, that's ridiculously adorable.

  • cruggacruggz

    #27 When is the "Bruce Fucking Campbell" T-shirt coming?

  • James

    #34 Kristen bell!!! Moar!!!

  • Shiftycap1

    #21 Makes me wish I lived in Boston.

  • My bad...

    #1 Am I the only one who doesnt know what #1 is???

  • Rob

    #8 #9 fuck yeah that's an awesome birthday present on my birthday now all I need is a BFM to go with it 🙂 kcco you guys make my days thanks

  • LogiJ

    theCHIVE's turning me into a fan of the orients. #24, hot damn.

  • bajiboy

    i want a black kcco..how do i get one? help

    • chivette

      only jedi masters and ninjas get black kcco

      • JSJ

        ask number 38.

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