Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • hater

    #30. Pug life.

    • tapsnapornap

      I thought that was a fucking tattoo at first o_O

      • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

        Thought the exact same thing

        • 3MC

          Thought the same exact thing.

          • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

            Thought the thing same exact.

            • Notknowing

              Thought the exact same thing. Pug life…well said. lol

          • Ander

            For one horrifying moment I thought it was his body hair shaved to look like that.

    • Trav1121

      Ain't no Hater-ation in this dancery! *shuts off MJB mp3* Excellent first post! 🙂

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Ha! try not drinking too much at chive gatherings!

      – no sig because mobile

      • under review

        Hiya Paila, *no sig as it's too hard to type with hooves and a mobile phone more like 🙂

      • hater 171p

        how else am I supposed to find you attractive, Paula?

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Very well played

    • JimmyB

      There is a better version of this photo: http://imgur.com/gallery/15Vqn
      Gotta love the photoshoppers

    • Ranger Dan

      Out of the park!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno

    One does not simply say no to that kind of proposal! #5
    You just have to keep in mind #36
    Congrats to the happy couple and Chive On.

    • Lonnnnnng

      Unintentionally obnoxious comment is unintentionally obnoxious…

    • http://www.facebook.com/reginald.vonfinkerschnitzel Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

      saw this a week ago on 9gag…

      • rockstar_323

        That would mean it was on reddit last week, so what's your point?

    • true story

      Luckily, my wife is not a bitch.

      • Your Neighbors

        That's because she's too busy being a whore.

        • homerpimpson

          I'm sorry…but i LOL'd.

    • Hooaaah

      Look closer. She is adding a red check mark to the YES box.

  • myself

    #23 Awesome chair.
    #35 Forever alone.

    • Andy Valentine

      Spot the guy most likely to become a billionaire playboy

    • trollface.jpg

      #36 #36 #36 #36 #36 #36

      • trollface.jpg

        #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 are my favs

  • http://www.facebook.com/cody.lintz Cody Lintz

    #5 I feel sorry for the guy loving Amy.

    • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

      I like that if she would have said no, it would have been on a billboard for everyone to see

      • Jules

        Man's got balls!

    • Evan

      I bet every other Amy that saw that sign was PISSED.

      • P-Zo

        What if a different Amy thought that was for her and she climbed all the way up there to paint the yes check mark? Hate to be the boyfriend explaining it wasn't him.

        • true story

          Eh… I'd just take credit and spend the rest of my life in an unwanted marriage just to avoid the awkward conversation.

          • BType13X2

            yeah some fights aren't worth having.

  • Rod

    #8 That's a nice Irish summer right there

    • danny

      pity we dont have pirannas over here

      • Tara

        We do…they're called protestants.

        • Hibb83

          Great way to bring sectarianism to the chive tara. Idiot

          • why me

            ..she should have said; is we do….they're called the government

          • Tara

            It's my island.

            • Gareth

              Yeah? Your island? So therefore you can bring sectarianism into it? It's my island too, difference between me and you? I'm not an arsehole : )

    • COYBIG

      Cork's looking well

    • markie_ni

      Good ol' Northern Irish weather never lets us down!

  • 858

    #25 dont be hanging on that rim now.. go and break the downstem. gonna have a bad time.

    • Tokeahontas

      pizza when you're supposed to french fry… you're gonna have a bad time.

      • http://twitter.com/JJrrake @JJrrake

        Hahhahaha not relavant great line tho

        Kareem abdul jabong

        • http://twitter.com/JJrrake @JJrrake

          O hahahahhahag iget the reference now. Even funnier

    • Knockout_Ned

      The name's Bong, James Bong.

    • Wesley Pipes

      I also own a ROOR! An 18 inch rhasta one.


      Why are there so many weed haters out there? Weed is good. Shouldn't be considered a "drug" in my opinion.

  • Vic

    #23 is pretty cool…

  • Luke S.

    #34. No. That can't be true. That's impossible!!

    • 3MC

      I bet those cats purposefully switched the doors and drive around just to trip people out. Or it's just shopped…

      • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

        Actually the on the front doesn't look like the right color. It's pretty close though

        • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W


        • tapsnapornap

          I dunno man, I think it's a good 'shop or a good joke.

          • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

            We need an HD version

            • Kristen

              You're a goofy lookin' fuck, Bryan. Stop commenting.

              • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

                I take that as a compliment. And, no.

                • Kristen

                  "Goofy" is latin for "fat and retarded."

        • MacNCheesePro

          Wait, wait, wait….so the doors being switched around was the big whoop about the picture? I noticed that right away and scrolled away real fast in fear of it being one of those gifs that pops up a scary face when you're concentrating on the pic……meh, the pic was useful.

      • Bob

        Anyone else notice the flying saucer??

      • S W E D E N

        I've seen a few pixels… and this one is really bad.

    • mcsailor

      Way cool! Can't be the same door tho. Front F-series is pre '92, and Rear F-series is post '93. Different doors, although they look simular

      • Kristen

        Jesus, you're a retarded cunt.

        • Adam

          why must you attack everything and everyone?

          • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

            Because she's probably 35 and living with her parents while she sits in a chair all day eating cheez-its and cheetos. She's probably scratching herself right now

  • 858

    #1 NOW KISS.. oh wait.. k thx

    • tapsnapornap

      *Now kiss again

      • Trav1121

        **Now you two! #3 Excellent! Come on, Snowballl Effect… Now, the next pair…? 😀

      • Bob

        Now scissor!!

  • http://twitter.com/krisskross1605 @krisskross1605

    #36 So true. But worth it. Why? Because sex.

    • ick

      they forgot Pizza

      • http://twitter.com/JJrrake @JJrrake

        And getting nutted

    • Meep

      They forgot to put "Make Sandwich"

      • oops

        they forgot about football

    • Daniel Tosh

      I rather pay a hooker $60 instead of going through her shit.

    • Lisa

      I disagree with the chick side. At least in my life here's all I need from my guy. No other woman thinking he's hers, intelligence, great sex, employed, no drugs, good at hunting/fishing, doesn't mind that I'm a taxidermist and if he's a Dad, be a good one.

      Simple. Boom. Done. 🙂

      • BType13X2

        If it fly's, fucks or floats rent it.

    • Mal

      Not true!!!
      you will find out that once YOU say "I do" THEY wont.
      IT'S A TRAP.

  • 3MC

    #27 I don't know if I could let go of the rope. That shit's insane.

    • john v.

      he nailed it too.

    • VaderWRX

      Google "Mike Wilson rope swing" for the full video. He does this about 10 times in a row.

    • Kristen


  • tapsnapornap

    #21 Watch out, we do in fact have a badass over here! #34 Those guys have to know each other and have a sense of humour, otherwise, what are the odds?!? Overall, early DMA is A.

    • Notknowing

      YEAH, Steve destroying his bosses set.

      • 0CanadianBacon0

        …that's his show… says so in the corner and on the wall

    • jeff donuts

      steve wilkos is a fucking fag and has no qualifications to tell anyone what to do with there lives

      • tapsnapornap

        I have no idea who he is, but he did just throw a chair at a wall and it stuck in, and that is pretty fuckin' badass!!

  • Rollout25

    #16 I wish those were my pillows

    • Doughy

      You want her high heels and purse too?

    • Notknowing

      Yup, he's doing it right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/princess.kabar Amera Kabar

      omg thats pretty awesome!!!!

      • Kristen

        It's funny because you're a whore.

    • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

      freakin lucky! nice dreams!

  • dragon2777

    #8 all I can think of is Gob saying "I've made a terrible mistake Michael"

    • tapsnapornap

      Gob does do a song about jumping in a lake called "Soda". I don't think it's about cops though.

  • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W

    #21 Drunk version of darts.

    • Foster

      So…darts then.

    • Brad

      that guy is a total idiot
      knows nothing about chive on

    • http://facebook.com/cre8ivdzine Bryan_W
  • Brad

    #24 Those goddamn pieces always come at the worst time

  • https://www.facebook.com/georgeriveraiscool12 George Rivera

    16# Boobs are amazing pillows.

    • tapsnapornap

      #16 ? Yeah those look fantastic!

    • Sanchez

      lol at 16 pound boobs making amazing pillows

      • Kristen

        That's just dirty, Sanchez.

  • Panda

    #25 Talk about catching fire NBA Jam style

    • tee

      and now we play a little game called basketbong

  • Andrew Johnson

    #36 haha so funny

  • Michael

    <img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/hotels/glad.jpg>#16 What a soft chest, I have a little sleep feeling<img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/aquarius/cbfive.jpg>

    • mick

      Mamery foam pillows

  • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

    #3 Is that college Mac?

    • Bob

      And does he still have that Oliver and Company poster?

  • Michael J Holmes



    If I could choose my death….

    THAT is how I would choose to die.

  • SUPer4Life

    #11 Bob, sitting front row at the Orca exhibit, is seconds away from his destiny….

  • vodkamartini

    #16 have some rest, SWEET DREAMS

    • shakennotstirred

      are made of these. #1 #3

      • tralfaz

        Who am I to disagree?

  • Chiver#238976

    New York Off The Wagon
    See, I remembered the caps!

    • 2398

      no one gives a shit.

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