Get dirty in the WRX STi (30 HQ Photos)

  • mobalized

    Love my hawkeye sti, miss taking her off road though 😦

  • BajanChiver

    #12 22B!!!!

  • Ass Man

    Do I need to be under 5'5" and wear white sunglasses ala a gay man from 1990 to look at this sequence of pictures?

    • nick

      To each there own bro…

      You'd shit your drooping pants if I took you for a rip in mine…

      que comment "Im from the south and have a *Big block V8 something* that does they 1/4 mile in 10 seconds BRO"

      Well bring it, cause my little 2.5L does too….and then some…

      Oh, and I'm 6" 225. Not gay but id bend you over and make a man out of you.

      • This is Me

        Not all of us who live in the south are pickup driving morons.

      • Ass Man

        No one who says "bro" that much has ever been a worry to me. And if size matters, i'm 6'2" 245 and do not have to compensate for a small weenie with idle threats and subooboo envy

  • Scott McGill

    #27 I co-drive for 555 Rally Sport, and our car is a tribute to the almighty McRae. It was used by McRae as his WRC recce car. Check out 555 Rally Sport on the book of faces…

  • ljjjjjjjj

    now this is a car, not those porsche or lamborghini shi*
    the only thing is: i'm poor -.-

  • bman12688

    Hey Chive, can you help Rick out and let people know what's going on? Seems to me too many dumb people can't figure it out. This trolling is getting out of hand. No one understands he runs The Throttle too. and won't take the time to check out the reasoning on the fbook page. cheers

  • bigtitsplease

    This should be the dream car post! Subaru for life!!!

  • ScoobiesnBoobies


  • Ralph

    This post has made my day pure gold. Altho it hurts my sole for I can't afford an sti (not to be confused with a sexually transmetted disease) and have wanted one for years!

  • deprydation

    Love these cars with a passion. Personally used to have a 2003 Bug Eye running 550AWHP from the EJ20 block. Loved it and regret selling it…alot.

    Personally I think the 2012 STi is bringing back the 06-07 look with a new twist and it's amazing. I so badly want to trade in my car and my bike and get one.

  • rando

    As an evo owner…can I request an evo post next? =)……still love Subies tho. Hope to try out an sti as my next dd.

    • wdh

      Yea sti's are much more forgiving as a DD. Bigger gas tank, trunk space. If you could have both, you should.

      • rando

        yeah thats exactly what I have heard from every owner I have talked to of both the evo and the sti. I hardly ever actually use my evo the way it was meant to used (track, strip, etc.). Don't get me wrong I have a lot of fun with the car but you are very limited on public roadways from a safety standpoint haha. Really want to try out the sti as a daily and experience the difference.

    • To mama

      Evo thread would be cool, (from a Wrx owner)

  • Beard

    Not an STI
    #12 #19 #26 #27
    Just sayin…

  • scoobysubie

    just went from a sti to a brz. subaru ftw

  • Don keedick

    What's with the god damn dating ads blocking every page!!??

  • chiver

    love my 06 legacy gt, no sti still great

  • A Jesse Divine


  • GallowayGordon

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  • Kevin

    Subaru WRK STi… best car on the road!!! Perfect time for X-Games!!!

  • Todd

    y no pictures of girls inbetween!!

  • Stapes

    #6 not an STi but as a WRX owner…this post ROCKS!

  • Jeffery

    Great post!! Subie owners unite….385HP WRX Bug Eye here…..

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  • tinyonwirk


  • Lindsey Loo

    BEST POST EVER!! Proud owner of a 2006 STi and 2010 Legacy GT! CHIVE ON! =)

  • the dark star

    HAHAHA!!! AWESOME TIMING.. I just got my Subie out of the paint shop!! sweet..

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