Get dirty in the WRX STi (30 HQ Photos)

  • Cut

    I bought my '04 Subie STi nearly 9 years ago, and still look at her with awe almost every time I go to drive. Thanks for the post!!!

    I still miss my first 2.5 rs, #12

  • Blaine

    Once you've owned a Subaru, it's damn near impossible to buy any other type of car.

  • D-Wiz

    kinda misleading post for those that don't know much about the car. these aren't all wrx's.. subaru didn't even start making that line in NA until '02 #12 is a '90's style body with left side drive so its clearly not a wrx. funny when geeky computer guys start pretending they know something about cars.. love seeing all the subaru fans on here though!

  • Rubes27

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  • shawn

    Evo is better!

  • AL_Turtle

    I wish I never sold mine 😦

  • tseuq

    my dream car

  • Anonymous

    @D-Wiz that 90s body style you speak of is a 1998 Subaru STI 22B. Yes it is a left hand drive car but this STI was made for their rally team. There were only 200 of them ever made(all sold out before they ever hit the production line : /). The 22b was the first gen STI. And yes it still is the most bad ass.

  • Lia Varnalis

    finally! a whole dedication to one of the most awesome cars out there! honda lovers can SUUUUCK IT. I own a 2005 WRX pushing over 300 HP AND 20 LBS of boost. high five to the subie lovers!

  • Bugeye8_0_8

    #21 BUGEYES FTW!!!

  • North

    Love this post! Almost as much as I love my STi

  • Torden

    Hell of a ride, can't wait for Subaru to return to WRC!! #4

  • patC

    no love for the 08- newer?

  • Subarufamily

    I can vouch for subaru!

  • Jammers

    #12 BEST

  • Nate Birkas-Schatz

    Hot hot hot. I know this belongs in TheThrottle, but the Subaru WRX STI can go where it pleases!

  • Dee Tuttle

    LUV THIS GALLERY! Subie are the hottest car out there.

  • Guest :)

    I can hear the sound of it just looking at it!!


  • Yo mama

    A tuned STI WILLL beat a vette whith ease!!

  • John Hertzog

    Oh subaru. Ill never get tired of you. By the way Chive, Rick did fine in posting this, some of my favorite cars thrown in with everything else i love can only be good to me.

  • KIvan

    RIP Colin McRae and Richie Burns …..

  • April Atkins

    This is what they call real adventure. When will I have the opportunity to drive this thing? I want to experience driving free like this.

  • MIKE

    so many subie haters…wrx sti turbo ftw bitches

  • Makster87

    and this is why i love my STi 🙂

  • Pete

    The right post at the right time… getting ready for New England Forest Rally!!!

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