• A BiPolar Guy

    Although it's an amazing display of flexibility and motion, as dancing I don't think it's very good. A choreographer might be able to do wonders with him. Just like a great singer needs a good songwriter.

  • njkcco

    Yeah he is getting laid after this.

  • Johnny

    Napolean Dynamite with confetti. Epic

  • guest

    I really wish I wasn't white

  • Dude

    Is this guy not a comedian? I swear I saw him on another post trying out for a music video? Maybe a different dude.

  • Charliefreak

    The mating dance of the suburban glitter brd. (Extinct)

  • Alonso

    i go to school with this man he is a hero and has never danced to a crowd haha!

  • Average John

    All I could think of was Napoleon Dynamite…….

  • misschris

    I'm not quite high enough for this yet.

  • PubicJones

    Stupid. Not funny. Not cute. Everyone acting like that was "awesome" is a passive little bitch. Get off the chive dick pussies.

    • dasDaName

      The reason why everybody was cheering him was because he showed balls like no other person would in that manner. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have done that.

  • http://twitter.com/M0dern_Male @M0dern_Male

    And 3 days later he was no longer a virgin

  • Nick

    Ladies… control your orgasms

  • hi mom

    i can wait

  • Brae

    Haha!!! Puts you in a good mood!

  • Jesse

    real life Napoleon Dynamite

  • Yessirr


  • Andy

    So this was Jon Heder's competition for the movie. Okay, it all makes sense now.

  • Jezdezpez

    He can't dance.. napolean dynamite is better

  • https://www.facebook.com/Chelsinicole83 Chelsi Reynolds

    So freaking amazing!!!ol

  • Magicman


  • cuicui

    It's an homage to Napoleon Dynamite. Can't be anything else but.

  • CPM

    Is this that new Magic Mike movie everyone's talking about?

  • Dennis

    I want my 2:35 back. If I wanted to see someone dance like that I'd stand in front of a mirror. Still a better love story than Twilight though

    • ben

      and yet you watched it until the end…

  • Kendrick

    That was the worst dancing I have ever seen. WTF???? Ppl actually think that was good?

  • meeeee

    f*ckin' hipsters…

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