Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • Kenai

    i miss paula… #55 made me think of her

    • Lance


    • spucifer

      paula makes me think of aids

      • Paula_

        AIDS can eventually be cured.

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula is the reason why I wake up every morning and am free to dump my waste of last night mozzarella sticks in peace..PAULA GALLERY PLEASE – StupidityAlwaysWins"

    • Barf

      Looks like her picture

    • Gabe

      How can anyone miss Paula? I hate that stupid troll.

    • Dr_Zoidberrg

      #22 she defiantly just farted and is thinking "i hope the photographer didn't hear that"

    • Greg

      Holy shit I didn't even realize she was gone!!!

    • Paula_

      Me too!

      – Wut?

  • zoom

    #16, #54

    Boom went the dynamite.

    • @JJrrake

      Good choices.

      Id go with beil and the blak bikini tho. Why?

      Cuz she got a FAT ass

      Bust a nut just lookin at it ha

      • @JJrrake

        And #38

    • allergy

      #16 Claire Abbott

    • Rich

      In my pants!

  • Nishtai

    #26 Is that… Pizza the Hut?

    • Guest

      Only 1 more sleep til Canada Day!! 😀

  • JustSuper77

    #43 fake boobs. But i doubt anyone cares.

    • WithAK

      Boobs are boobs in my book.

    • Stacey

      Rest of the pic looks shopped to me, though – upper body to about the shoulders looks all in OK proportions, then it's too freakishly thin.

      • chicksmaaaan

        Even if the name was blank, i coulda told you a girl made that comment.

    • Jay21

      Who is she, anyone know?

    • biggles

      If you can touch em, they are real enough

      • Poke4Life

        then wax fruit is real fruit. teddy bears are real bears. barbie dolls are real women. seems legit.

    • Orcslayer

      christine martin

    • JustSuper77

      I have nothing against fake boobs, but if you get them done, get them done right.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        Don't call them fake. Call them enhanced. I can see them and touch them. That
        Ales them more real than god in my book

        • S. Freud

          Breast Anatomy

          1. Chest wall
          2. Pectoralis muscles
          3. Lobules
          4. Nipple
          5. Areola
          6. Milk duct
          7. Fatty tissue
          8. Skin

          *Notice the lack of any silicone or saline

        • reley?

          so a nerf gun must be a real or "enchanced gun" because it's bigger and you can touch and see it. lol

        • DrGarnicus

          They're just not genuine. Not original parts.

    • Kaysup

      false. real beat fake every time.

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      #43 Very pretty face, nasty-ass tits. They probably looked a hellofalot better before she decided to fake it up. Too bad, silly girl. Everyone knows your an insecure faker. Bahahahaha!

  • berp

    #38 i would eat that ass like a peach

    • Troy Druckenmiller

      My man!

      • Your Man

        not now Troy, i'm still sore from last night

    • PHappy

      I'd lick the bits off the pit

  • LdS

    #9 hot
    #16 She hot also.
    #54 Could be the hottest of them all

  • babyfartmagizax

    #32 Baby Vegan Booty does it for me, such a babe. Great gallery!!

    • spucifer

      you're still a douche

      • PunishingYulBrynner


        • Poke4Life


      • Truth

        Too bad she ruined her body with those lame ass tattoos.


      Uses fisheye on her booty shots either that or shop!

      • Matthew Hall

        Who cares, as far as I can tell right now. I want to be all over that thing.

    • beefeater

      I would like to slap her with a chunk of raw beef… fucking vegantards

    • nespid

      Tattoos = wild
      Tattoos and purple hair = wild and crazy
      Tattoos and purple hair and eyebrows = crazy

      Otherwise, awesome donker!

    • Colio

      I want to eat bacon off that booty

      • Barney Stinson

        i want all you dumbasses to die from clogged arteries and diabetes so i don't have to listen to you rub one out to bacon anymore.

    • Chuck Norris

      give it up Babyfart. everyone already knows you're gay.

  • adonisallan

    #22 #25 #32

    I don't mind having these humps in my week. Looking forward to more humps in my week next week!

    • trex88

      What a butt!

  • Gruntface

    #29 Bruce F***ing Campbell!

    • Daniel McGrath

      I'll say it again, I would buy a t-shirt of that! You know, support theChive and all.

    • fed

      the guy next to him looks like a balding david duchovny…

    • JenBur

      I really need a Bruce Campbell shirt!

  • Project mayhem

    I kept trying to move to the next pic…it took me three tries after going back to stare for an additional minute. Thankfully I pulled through those tough times cuz otherwise I would have missed

  • Shiftycap1

    #50 Looks like the VHS cover for Heavyweights 2: Back to Camp.

    • mike

      so sad when the dudes have bigger tits than the chicks in the pic.

      • Corn-fat

        Ya, and no one else is "down to fuck"

    • gma

      God have some more donuts you trailer trash pigs

    • JustSayin'

      Yeah, this looks like the shittiest part ever.

    • Tyler

      I'm embarassed just because I live in the same state as them..Holy Crap.

      • Jawbone

        I'm embarrassed because they managed to spell better than you.

    • Reed Tarded

      And not a single salad was eaten all day….

    • clay

      Ah, gotta love Tahlequah!

  • dylan

    We need Bruce fucking campbell shirts! The ONLY man, man enough to reload a shotgun with a chainsaw!

    • Jon

      correction…The only man on the same playing field as Bill Fucking Murray.

      oh and #39 Forever alone Moobs

    • @JJrrake

      But samuel L is the guns of the navarone! Evrytime he touch brain hes superfly tnt.
      Sry hbo always shows that n i always watch

      • DaddyD

        Definitely need a shirt with all 3: BFM, BFC, and SLFJ.

  • Wind O. Change

    #16 #22 #43 #38 Please Chivers find these women!

    • Wind O. Change

      Oh and let me add #47 A girl with glasses and what looks like a grey gameboy color suit. Man, what a woman…

    • Henree Arriola de Garcia

      I'm here for the updates… anyone?

    • sp923

      #38 Priscila Escobar

      • 0439

        oprah winfrey.

    • Wind O. Change

      Guys if #16 is Claire Abbott like some of you say, I have bad news for you. The only Claire Abbott I found who looks mildly like her is into music and she says she's 14. Pedobear is confused…

  • JerseyGuy

    FIND #16, for the love of Chive!

    • @theterryburke

      i keep thinking she's topless!!

    • effleukemia

      Claire Abbott. I might have some extra letters in there, but that's her name.

  • johnnystyle

    #47 Game on!

    • Uhh


  • Dave

    #38 and #54 simply… amazing.

  • NavyBoyTate

    #38 find her and moar please!!

    • Thank MeLater

      Brazilian Goddess, Priscila Escobar.

  • Matt r

    #50 this is disgusting.

    • Lisa

      And exactly how big are your balls there Matt? Have you submitted anything that was posted??

      These folks did and it looks like they had a hell of a good time. Their bodies may not fit your idea of attractive, but so what? It looks to me like they had fun. I'm willing to bet that's more than you've done lately.

      All's well though…have a beer and weekend on. 😉

      • gma

        All he said was it's disgusting. It's a truthful statement. Glad you're not bitter.

        • jmartintx

          No, it's an opinion and it's shallow and needlessly rude.

      • clay

        It's 100+ degrees here in the desert and I sure wish I was at the Illinois river with the Tahlequah folks! Thanks for posting and sorry some douche bags need to make shitty commenst about their fellow chivers who were nice enough to post. You guys rock!

      • Sad Lisa

        They posted it because it's funny that his shirt says "down to fuck" because nobody is thinking that when they look at them.

    • r00s7a

      Shit, I'd party with them! Looks like fun to me!

      • Angela Nelson

        Me too gotta love being with people who don't care what others think

        • Kristen

          Typical ugly person statement.

        • Jawbone

          Said the woman who has a FaceBook tag on her profile. I imagine you NEVER post your daily goings-on for approval and attention, do you Angela?

    • 0439

      agreed. disgusting fatties.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 Having a mountain bike means… oh, never mind. You're doing it wrong.

    • Mark Palm

      I almost thought that was Chuck Norris, but Chuck would probably wall ride that cliff.

      • MonkeyMadness

        lol you're right!

      • Chuck Norris

        i wack a few inches off your gigantic forehead, Prince William.

  • Adam

    #29 I agree a Bruce Cambell shirts needs to be made no other man could pull off a chainsaw hand like him.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      He looks like Morrisey in this picture

  • River

    #50 FLBP

    • clay

      ok….that was was funny. crap.

  • Memo

    #16 and #38 find them pleaseeeeeeee

    • alex

      ask /b/

  • Deck

    #38 Find her and I shall present you with my first-born child.

    • Orcslayer

      priscila escobar

      • Henree Arriola de Garcia

        @Deck… please give Orcslayer you kid.

  • Moar plz

    MOAR of these perfect ladies!!!

    • Moar!

      I want #16 in a hand bra!!!

  • LaKangaRue


    • Martin_McFly

      That would be Black Milk Clothing, my dear. They've discontinued this one.. but there are several other awesome ones out there, and you never know.. they've been teasing to bring this one back for some time.

      Of course… now that I look at it.. your Profile Pic looks like you're wearing the BM Red Circuit Board.. and your name being La"KangaRue" leads me to believe you're an Aussie… so I'm going to assume you already know about BMC…

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